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CVS Pharmacy Specialty Services

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2101 N Ursula St Unit 35, Aurora, CO, 80045, United States
Closed · Opens at 8 AM Mon
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28 reviews


"No restrooms for customers other wise great and friendly staff"

"Pharmacist who answered the phone refused to help me."

"This is the most incompetent company that I've ever run into."

Tina Nga · 11 months ago

I’ve never encountered a concern with CVS staff or locations with the exception of this one on Ursula. I am a local resident of the area and the handful of times that I’ve come inside to purchase an over the counter item over the course of the last 3 years the staff here is extremely rude and lack any care in providing reasonable let alone good Customer service or acknowledge a customer’s existence when you enter. I was completely appalled, literally standing in front of 4 gentlemen last week that were behind the counter looking at me and not one acknowledged me when I asked for help. I have yet to encounter a courteous team member at this location which is extremely disappointing given the convenience it would provide for residents and alike here.

Therese Poncy · more than 10 months ago

If I could give less than one star I would. Worst pharmacy ever. I went to Colorado and spent weeks prior to leaving making sure I had my prescriptions for my Kidney anti-rejection meds set up. Not only did they reassure me twice that they had my prescriptions and they would deliver them to me (I have records of all my calls to them) they never called me and they never filled the prescriptions so I ended up in the ED on a Friday night before the weekend out of my medication and frightened I would lose my kidney. My doctors office tried talking with them but they just lied and said they didn’t get it just like they lied to me about getting my meds last week. The didn’t even care that I could lose my kidney.

Natalie Welch · 1 year ago

Ordering your medication through CVS specialty is impossible. I am unable to order online due to having a co-pay assistance card on file. For some reason their systems can't recognize that unless you call. It takes about 20-30 minutes each month to get an order scheduled. This month the rep I was speaking with kept hocking a lougie in my ear and it took roughly 25 minutes to get something scheduled. I don't want to spend this much time ON THE PHONE getting a medication I need on a monthly basis. They NEED TO MAKE IT EASIER!

Alicia “Nickie” Flores · 1 year ago

This is the most incompetent company that I've ever run into. They have obsessively screwed up my medications and when they are supposed to be sent out. They are now trying to refuse to send me my medication unless I talk to their after I already paid for my medication with my insurance and my copay. I will be notifying my insurance company about how horrible this company is and to please find another company that is better. I have an autoimmune disorder that this company has been screwing with since day one. Thank you so much for making my autoimmune worse.

Raul Galvan · 1 year ago

Pharmacist who answered the phone refused to help me. He lied to me and said that Costco does not call other pharmacies, despite the other pharmacy telling me to call Costco and have them initiate the transfer. The pharmacist was clearly lying and simply did not want to help me.

Leonard Reynolds · 1 year ago

I have been using this pharmacy since they were Care Plus and mostly they send my meds via ups because I live over 100 miles away and have not had any problems.

Casey Nelson · 3 years ago

I was never notified of the status of my prescription. After waiting two weeks, I called and they informed me that they did not carry the medication that my doctor prescribed. They did not even send the prescription back to my doctor (or notify the doctors office) so he could send it to another pharmacy. Thankfully it wasn’t an emergency but still very disappointed in the lack of communication.

Zena Gordon · 4 years ago

Went to get my Husband prescription filled . They were able to fill one of his eye 👁 drop prescription. But did not have the other eye drop he needed at their location , so they called to see if it was available at another CVS pharmacy. They found that another CVS had the other eye drop he needed there. They said they had it sent to that CVS .But they sent over the eye 👁 drop prescription that They already had filled at their store instead of the other one they were not able to fill. I went to the CVS that had the other prescription that they claim had transferred over. But when I got to the other CVS they informed me that the other eye drop I needed did not get transferred to them and they were not able to see the prescription. But the other one that they had already been filled they could see. My husband needed these eye drops and we were not able to them due to this CVS extremely incompetent workers. Granted they are only open until 6pm Mon thru Friday land closed on the weekends . We have to wait until Monday 1/20/20 to get my husband eye drops filled .My Husband has Glaucoma which he extremely needed his eye 👁 drops medication to keep the pressure down in his eyes . Because my husband is almost blind in his left eye. The people at this pharmacy is so extremely incompetent!!!!! Don’t get your prescription filled here especially if it medicine you really need. Very Pathetic!!!!!

Erin Woodruff · 1 year ago

I just want to order my daughter’s prescription but the pharmacy can’t figure out how to accept a prescription co pay assistance card. It’s my only option or I would go elsewhere.

Stonecreek HOA Manager - Tanya Nurkiewicz · 5 years ago

If you are looking for a specialty RX quick in the Denver area, go here. I've never felt the need to rave about a pharmacy before but there's a first for everything. After many monumental f*&%-ups at U C HEALTH ATRIUM PHARMACY, I found myself needing a prescription for a speciality drug within hours because I was leaving the country. A very competent pharmacist personally spoke with my husband, then we headed over. Next, a tech had to spend over an hour on the phone with my incompetent insurance company. I seriously wanted to hug, applaud, and buy her a beer. Several other people came in while I was there and I noticed how extremely kind the lady attending them (another pharmacist) was. I cannot thank these people enough for helping me get this handled at such short notice before I went out the country for 3 months. I was seriously on the verge of breakdown after dealing with mishap after mishap. I'm still mad at my dumb AF insurance company, but THANK YOU staff at CVS 5/11 around 5:00, y'all are lifesavers.


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