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CVS Pharmacy

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14200 E Ellsworth Ave, Aurora, CO, 80012, United States
Closed · Opens at 9 AM
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63 reviews


"Pharmacist and staff always went above and beyond in service."

"Knowledgeable, caring, and patient pharmacists work at this location."

"The Doctor at the desk did not bother to apologize!"

Chic Vintage Vixen Gypsy Couture Vintage · almost 11 months ago

Was seen by a doctor called in a prescription at 11:48 AM. When I called to see when the prescription would be ready I was told 3:10 PM which I think is more than adequate time to put together a prescription. When I got there, they told me that the woman was working on it, and it would be another 10 to 15 minutes. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting and they said again that the person was working on it. 35 minutes go by and someone from the back came up and asked my name. Even indicated that he would be filling my prescription for me. A long story short I waited for 45 minutes past the time they said my prescription would be done. Obviously, the first person who told me twice that a woman was working on. It did not tell the truth. I don’t think he even let them know that I was there waiting for my prescription that was supposed to be ready when I had arrived. My CVS pharmacy and Florida was outstanding. The one here in Aurora Colorado is not up to par. There were more people behind the counter than I’ve ever seen and I’ve been before, and they still didn’t seem to get things right. I switched all my other prescriptions over to another pharmacy, but was in such pain. I didn’t want to have to drive further and wait. I ended up waiting anyway. Need to get robots to help out because it’s obvious that they have become extremely busy. They’re just has to be a better system than what they’re doing now; I wasn’t the only Person description that was supposed to be ready.

Peter MacArthur · almost 1 year ago

The pharmacist and her staff really went the extra mile for me today. They checked and rechecked multiple prescription options for me to try to limit my copay. I was extremely impressed with their willingness to go the extra mile for their patients! Highly recommend!

Zane L · 11 months ago

I switched to CVS from Walgreen's due to stock issues which put me a month behind on my medications over six months amd have had no issues from CVS. Here I have not had any issue and feel like they would help me find a location that had it as opposed to Walgreen's. Plus the pharmacist and employees are polite and prompt

Brittany Reese · more than 1 year ago

The service is unacceptable. They don't want to work. Lines are 30+ min wait. I was advised one of my prescriptions was still being filled but the 1 of 2 were ready. They told me to come back in 30 min for the other. I Left and came back and waited in line for another 25+ min, as they are taking their sweet time chatting in the back. When I got to the front they told me they never received another item in the order. And I spoke with the same associate! I said it’s amoxicillin for my son. He then proceeded to laugh at me and told me good luck finding amoxicillin. This was for my 6 year old. Very unprofessional and infuriating! I will never go back. I have called several times as well prior and they never answer the line. I switched pharmacies same day and had my order within 30 min with FRIENDLY staff at another non CVS location. This CVS is a joke.

Craig Casner · 1 year ago

Avoid this store at all costs. Staff are incompetent and do the bare minimum in retards to getting patients taken care of. I'm not sure why Target corporate has yet to do anything. You submit a request hoping that your medicine will be filled only to have another CVS take care of you. Maybe filling a complaint with DORA will make a difference.

Jenny K · 1 year ago

This is probably the best cvs pharmacy I've been too. Also not out of stock of my medication. Very quick and great service

Sandra Rodarte · more than 1 year ago

I had the worst experience. If I could give this pharmacy a zero I would. I was helped by a Caucasian male. Spiky hair with glasses. He had the worst attitude. It looked like he hated his job. He rolled his eyes at me honestly looked so annoyed by my existence. He should definitely look for a new job if being a pharmacist is not what he wants to do.

Michelle Rodenbeck · 1 year ago

Pharmacy closed on Sunday now. Would have been nice to know! Should let your customers know! What if I needed a prescription today! Super fustrating.

Michael Maughan · almost 2 years ago

My experience was fantastic! Knowledgeable, caring, and patient pharmacists work at this location. More than once they have contacted my doctors to make sure the medications I get are correct. If I could give ten stars I would!

Kristi Rodriguez · almost 1 year ago

Have had great experiences at this cvs. Pharmacists and techs have been great.


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