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Walmart Pharmacy

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6675 Business Center Dr, Highlands Ranch, CO, 80130, United States
Closed · Opens at 9 AM Tue
10 AM - 6 PM
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20 reviews


"Constantly adjusts inventory and services based on customer's purchasing trends."

"Everyone here is super friendly and I never wait more than 5 minutes."

"She sounded like a doctor deciding if the rx was refillable."

McKenna McElhiney · more than 1 year ago

For a wide corporation company I would think they would look at the store numbers with horrible reviews. My prescription was not at the store the day I was told to expect. When I called today at 11:45 a very rude tech answered and talked to me as if I was stupid. I would not have been mad to have found out my medication would be ready by tomorrow instead of monday if she was nice. Instead she talked to me as if i was a five year old. absolutely not okay what so ever. so many other people have made complaints publicly. horrible customer service.

Sonia rosenstein · more than 1 year ago

Never had a single less than satisfying experience here. I've received flu shots, COVID vaccines, and refill prescriptions over the years here. Every pharmacist, pharm-tech, and the folk tending the registers has always been courteous, professional, and going out of their ways to help you! Thank you all for consistently reliable services.

Angela jensen · almost 3 years ago

I have never enjoyed this pharmacy. 1) your employees can’t call those of us who are waiting on prescriptions. 2) I got the excuse “oh.. someone probably hasn’t called you because a prescription you need is out of stock” ISNT THAT EVEN MORE OF A REASON TO CALL YOUR GUEST?!? Always out of stock, and the only time you hear from the pharmacy is when it’s a damn text message.

Daisy r · 3 years ago

Waiting in the pharmacy I was horrified to hear Hui drilling a patient. She was dropping off prescriptions for her mother with stage 4 cancer. Hui wanted to know where the cancer is, when she got, why she takes certain other drugs (not one she was filling). Her tone was not friendly. She sounded like a doctor deciding if the rx was refillable. Hui- your job is to follow the doctors orders. If you think the rx is bad, call the doctor. To make this lady publicly detail her mothers battle is cruel and unnecessary.

S W · 5 years ago

I went here and Joan that is always in the front is so friendly and today she made our families life much better! We were financially not sure on a certain drug how we were going to afford it and she gave me several ideas of how to get the cost lower . It blessed us so not only that I was their a good 30 mins figuring out our rx insurance and she was so patient and kind to help me every step of the way! Great customer service Joan!! Thank you!

Hannah · 1 year ago

Used to use Walgreens which was always literally ALWAYS a nightmare. Everyone here is super friendly and I never wait more than 5 minutes.

Nicole Huntsman Abrams · 4 years ago

So grateful for dr. HUI. She helped me tremendously being someone out of state and not having insurance at all. Great lady!!

Ritu A. · almost 3 years ago

Absolutely the best pharmacy team ever! Everyone is so incredibly friendly and their service is excellent.

Katie Meyers · almost 2 years ago

Professional and responsive. Hopefully they get paid well because they will go out of their way to get you what you need.

Rob Martinez · 7 years ago

Quick service and helpful staff. Nice to make one trip and get a couple errands done". Very clean store and restrooms.


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