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Walmart Pharmacy

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10900 E Briarwood Ave, Centennial, CO, 80112, United States
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27 reviews


"Blown away by the amazing customer service at this location!"

"But, the phmacy refused to acknowledge despite our explanation."

"Love the staff, they are so friendly!"

Yong Laialmost 4 years ago

it's a horrible place. They refused to fulfill the prescription for my wife although her doctor faxed in the prescription twice! Their execure? They dispensed enough pills to my wife, onece in June and once in July, to last until much later. The fact was the June one was recalled, and the reason my wife went in and get the July bottle. But, the phmacy refused to acknowledge despite our explanation. Finally, I pleaded that please find a way to give us the medicine as my wife is out of it and needing it even if it means I have to pay the whole amount. So far they still haven't fulfilled it though I was promised. This pharmacy doesn't care patients' need!

Leanne Airy1 year ago

The staff here go above and beyond! I have moved three of our prescriptions over to this Walmart pharmacy because of how helpful and friendly they are! Amanda and Michelle are incredible humans and are so incredibly helpful! Blown away by the amazing customer service at this location! Highly recommend this pharmacy and their awesome friendly and amazing staff!!!! Give them a try! You won鈥檛 be disappointed 馃挏

Andrea Ubert10 months ago

The staff is so helpful and take the time to get the best price for the prescriptions. I really appreciate them!!

Chris Parsonsalmost 2 years ago

Received prompt and courteous service from the professionals staffing this pharmacy. I even found one of them to be particularly charming in their delivery of helpful information. I also saw a guy become irate with them for needing to queue for maaaaaaybe five minutes. This was on October 24. If there is a guy that writes a review saying they鈥檙e inattentive or the wait times are ridiculous, be assured that that guy was an entitled, toxic, and incredibly rude person. Wal-mart has its issues but the person who helped me was great and the pharmacist was attentive. I don鈥檛 mind waiting a little bit for professional services- especially in such a convenient setting. To the other negative reviews - YES it is a pharmacists job to question prescriptions they fill! They鈥檙e part of your care team. If they don鈥檛 have consensus with the physician, it could be because they have a different lens. Don鈥檛 get mad at folks helping you!

Sean Kifformore than 1 year ago

Everyone at this pharmacy is terrific. We love all the employees. They always go above and beyond. My daughter loves visiting them. They always give her a lollipop. 馃グ

axskifreemore than 2 years ago

These guys do a good job. I fill all my scripts here. Never had a single problem, plus the Walmart app makes super easy to request refills, see how many you have left, etc. Edit: Walmart changed the app a few months ago for some reason and removed the pharmacy portion. Why Walmart why? Now I have to call in like it's 1998. (No fault of the pharmacy, just saying).

Tony Olsen3 years ago

Look elsewhere if you want to ensure your medication will be available at this pharmacy every month. I've come to this pharmacy monthly for less than a year and this month they told me that my medication (very common medication) is on back-order and they don't know when they'll have my medication in stock. My refill date was on the 8th/month and my prescription is sent in to the pharmacy to be filled on the 5th/month. The pharmacy didn't care to call me to let me know that my prescription was back-ordered, rather I had to call and question myself. That being said don't trust this pharmacy or any Walmart pharmacy. For as big and profitable they are, especially considering they're allowed to remain open while other businesses suffer; they don't seem to care about the daily medications of their "customers".

Darlis Lambalmost 5 years ago

They change crews periodically. New one just recently. Hope they are better than the last one. Dealing with them was just plain unpleasant due to rudeness, incompetence. If this one is as bad, will look for different one. Insurance says they are "preferred". Time will tell but new pharmacist sounds better, professional. They have also unlocked their cases of products I use in the pharmacy area, so don't have to go through the song & dance of finding someone to unlock.

ramesh hoshyaralmost 5 years ago

Very inefficient and unprofessional! I was told it would take them 45 minutes to fill my precondition. When I returned after 50 minutes, I was told by the technician that it鈥檚 not been filled and she doesn鈥檛 know why and no idea how long will take and asked me to take a seat till she calls me! Then after anther 20 minutes when I looked at her , she told me my prescription is ready and that I needed to get in line!!!!! When I told her no, if it鈥檚 ready, I鈥檒l pick it up, she started giggling (most probably to prove she can even be more unprofessional and useless!) with a customer who was more juvenile than her! All together very disappointing and displaying very low standards!

Anna Plummer8 years ago

The best Wal-mart Pharmacy I've ever been to. They are open later than most, service was quick & friendly, most of all, when you pick up your RX, you pay, then before they put medicine in bag, the Pharmacist has a consult with you, makes sure medicine is correct, then bags it in front of you - this is a very smart way of doing it. All pharmacies should do it this way to prevent errors.


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