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Safeway Pharmacy

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1200 S Buckley Rd, Aurora, CO, 80017, United States
Closed · Opens at 9 AM


9 AM - 1:30 PM
2 PM - 9 PM
9 AM - 1:30 PM
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9 AM - 1:30 PM
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25 reviews


"Can't beat free mail delivery and drive through is always open."

"My husband's primary care doctor decided he needs this medication to function."

"They always have my meds, there's rarely a wait, and they are very helpful."

Amber · almost 11 months ago

If I could give a zero star review I would. My husband is on pain management. And has prescriptions for his pain. This pharmacy refused to give us the medication because we are self-pay and we don't have insurance. Show the pharmacist think they can practice medicine without medicine is beyond me. That is against the law and a complaint has been made to the Ada. So if you are self-pay and you are needing pain meds. Avoid this pharmacy like the plague they are nothing but rude and do not care if you go into withdraws because of the meds you are on. My husband's primary care doctor decided he needs this medication to function. It is not for the pharmacist to decide whether or not we can have it.

Edith Borrego · 1 year ago

I just want to say that this store is always cleaned and stocked. I want to give a shout out to the floral gal who always does an amazing job with the floral arrangements and especially when you walk through the doors and BAM the Valentines set up was AMAZING! You out did yourself girl! YES!! Good job!

R.A. Hathorn · 1 year ago

I came from CVS and Safeway is much less busy and their delivery program accepts my insurance .They also have a drive-thru, so those are all plusses. However, I wanted to ring up two items with my pharmacy order and was told they only ring up prescriptions. I could understand if someone walked up with more than five items, but I had two. There is also no sign denoting this. I already waited in line for the pharmacy, why should I have to wait in line again to get two items? Crazy, and I can always get the two items elsewhere. Their app is also terrible and doesn't display accurate information so I'm always having to call because my scripts aren't ready when they're supposed to be. If the app worked, it would save both my time and the employee's who wouldn't have to sit there and look it up.

Yamileth Munoz · 1 year ago

I've been going there for years. Christa has always been helpful and very nice to me. I like the staff that has been there for a while. Had a terrible experience with one of the newer male staff. Not willing to switch pharmacies yet. Can't beat free mail delivery and drive through is always open.

Joseph Choi · 1 year ago

Edit: this pharmacy was a nice place while Christa was gone. And now the Darth Vader has returned. And with her, returned her stinky attitude like the world owed her money. Might as well transfer all my existing prescriptions to CVS where I am at least treated like a customer. Here I feel like I'm treated less than a person. The pharmacist Christa or Christine she is always angry with customers as if we owe her money. She is angry when I simply ask her about my prescription information she is angry when I pick up my prescription. I am sure she did go to a pharmacy school where surely she was taught professional behaviors. Maybe years of studying did her more harm than good.

Taqee Muradee · 2 years ago

There are 2 females pharmacist they are always angry specially thier supervisor. Overall, the way they behaved are not right and NO customer service at all. I'm going to change my pharmacy, and i recommend for you guys to change your pharmacy.

Asya Mater · more than 3 years ago

Least helpful people I have ever met. Not only did they make the lady in front of me in line wait over an hour for her prescription to be filled after telling here it’ll be a 20 minute wait, but also couldn’t help me find the vitamin I was in need of. I’m a firm believer if you can provide help to one in need you should, and these pharmacies unfortunately did not do that.

Rodney L · almost 7 years ago

If I could, I would give the Safeway pharmacy zero stars. Worst service ever. No matter when you have a prescription called in, it will never be ready when you get there. I got a call stating that my prescriptions were ready. When I got there, they didn't even start on it yet (was called in yesterday). This happens every time.The drive through buzzer is broke, so they will usually just ignore you knocking on the window. Going to get them transferred to a competent pharmacy.

Lindsey Pekas · more than 1 year ago

They always have my meds, there's rarely a wait, and they are very helpful. The drive thru is great too

Judith Benson · 1 year ago

This pharmacy has always been so amazing. They are so helpful, efficient and Prompt.


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