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Walmart Pharmacy

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920 47th Ave, Greeley, CO, 80634, United States
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21 reviews


"The people there are so nice and so helpful and they get to know you."

"They had no issue pulling the prescription back and applying the discount."

"Pharmacists were very helpful."

Poly Preferably · more than 9 months ago

Every single time I come here one of my prescriptions is messed up. They have left me on hold for nearly an hour before for the line to cut out and when I called back they acted me on hold. I told them please don't I waited an hour and the pharmacist argued that they hadn't been open that long (50 minutes) then today I come in for one of the most COMMON PRESCRIPTIONS after I was notified that the script was ready and surprise surprise they don't have in stocks and won't for several days. Would not recommend this place to anyone you're less you're desperate also they mess up the fees for my scripts often and medications that should be free have had to be paid out of pocket on multiple occasions

Chanise · almost 11 months ago

I use to love this pharmacy all of the lady's have been very nice to me they all have gotten to know me and been very friendly but there is one gentleman that is always rude even when I call his Name is Jay he always wants to argue with me instead of doing his job he told me to contact Medicaid instead of him doing that The only time I should be contacting somebody is my doctor if they can't get ahold of them for the prior authorizatissue.

pamela kersten · 1 year ago

Staff is always friendly they always are prompt and fill your prescriptions on time. Ive gine here for years with no complaints. Great job guys.

Hayley Nondorf · 2 years ago

I had a 1030 appointment for a vaccine. I was a little early and Stood here for over 20 minutes with no acknowledgment. Didn't get me checked in until almost 1050. I could see they're busy but a little bit of acknowledgment would've made me a lot less anxious and would've made me leave a better review because the gal that checked me in was super sweet and the pharmacist was very gentle with the vaccine.

Christopher Hayes · more than 2 years ago

I transferred my prescriptions over to this walmart as it was closer to me now than the 980 on 23rd. All my experiences this month or so have been horrible. I'm a type one diabetic and they forgot a whole third of my insulin prescription when I picked it up and I had to drive back and get the third when I almost ran out due to disorganization! They then today tried charging me full price for my freestyle libre monitor and despite me telling them repeatedly to apply the good rx coupon on file they instead tried to get me into another long line for the pharmacist with no explanation why. I then called 23rd and the coupon low and behold was right there on file and was transferred with the prescription. They had no issue pulling the prescription back and applying the discount. In the end this isn't even a walmart issue, this is just an issue with the pharmacy staff at their location on 10th street and 47th avenue entirely

A C · almost 5 years ago

Was given a prescription for 180pills (90day supply) was only given 179 pills. I know it sounds petty and I wouldn’t have counted them if the bottles weren’t different sizes with the same qty on both bottles. (Odd) but if they’re doing this to hundreds of people they’re making thousands of dollars depending on medication cost. Not cool. When I called to complain, I was put on hold for 15 minutes and was told they’ll put an extra pill in my next order. So that’s nice... but they should be double checking all bottle counts especially because some people are so ill and can’t get back to the store for corrections.

Marilyn Anderson · almost 2 years ago

This pharmacy has been accurate, curtious, professional as well as timely! I intend to stay with them - they even remind me when my rxs are running out - sweet.

Linda Stilwell · 4 years ago

The pharmacy staff was very helpful today in transferring a prescription from King Soopers, for a drug King Soopers didn't have, which they had to order. And King Soopers had no idea if/when they would receive it. How do you run a pharmacy that way?? Walmart had the drug and handled the transfer easily and quickly for me, so I didn't have to be without the medication any longer. Very nice staff.

Kristi Harsh · 4 years ago

I think the pharmacy at Greeley on 47th Ave. is great. The people there are so nice and so helpful and they get to know you. I pick up prescriptions for myself and my sister and they know our names. I believe the lines are long because they have a lot to do. They are working hard to get what you need as soon as possible.

Tina A · 3 years ago

Fast and easy to call in prescription. Employees are very friendly and helpful which makes waiting in line not all that bad


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