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CVS Pharmacy

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4400 Centerplace Dr, Greeley, CO, 80634, United States
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28 reviews


"Pleasant staff answered my question will use as my pharmacy"

", I had serious doubts my scrips would be ready in the 2nd half hour wait."

"I called my doctor's office and had it taken care of myself."

Veronica Gallant · 1 year ago

Absolutely terrible customer service and take no accountability for not doing their job! The excuse of being understaffed is inexcusable when people put their medications in your hands and you feel the need to make it difficult at every step of the way! If I could get my medication elsewhere I would without a doubt!

Jon & Danielle E (Jon) · more than 1 year ago

I have used the pharmacy for 10 months now. My insurance required switching to and using CVS or I would not get anywhere near this place. Good luck having anyone EVER answer the phone. The prescription pickup line is asinine. I have always had to wait at least 15 minutes in line. If you go in to get antibiotics or something sent from the doctor that day, good luck. They do not fill scripts till you get there and get to the font of the ridiculous pickup line because "we don't know when you will be coming in and we have people waiting." They are antibiotics, am I not going to get them? And if you try to call to let them know you are coming, you can't talk to anyone because they are so understaffed or lazy that, as previously noted, they don't answer the phone. They need more or better trained staff. If your insurance let's you, go anywhere else!

Gerald Fitzgibbons · more than 1 year ago

Pharmacy was closed Friday, August 5, and Saturday due to computer malfunction. Can't reach them today (Sunday) by phone. Can not find any status reports on line. I generally get good service, but closing without giving any updates is unprofessional.

Melinda · almost 2 years ago

the staff is so pleasant and helpful. Very helpful with transferring without any issues my husband's prescription to save us a six hour trip as we're working out of town. thank you, cvs staff!

Kelsey Osthoff · almost 3 years ago

I am being forced to use this pharmacy by my insurance. I called two weeks before I needed a prescription refill to give them time to refill it. I even checked back in with them twice. Well, now I need my prescription tomorrow, so I called them and the person I spoke to attempted to blame my doctor's office. The pharmacy I have been using for the last three years never had trouble getting a refill from my doctor's office. And the person I spoke to was unprofessional and keep getting an attitude saying "Well we've done our part." I am beyond disappointed I am being forced to use this terrible pharmacy by my insurance. I called my doctor's office and had it taken care of myself.

James Weinbender · 7 months ago

Absolutely the worst customer service and rude staff

Marcia Hutton · 2 years ago

I got here at 1:00 on a Friday to pick up 2 prescriptions that I need immediately. Been here 15 minutes and the line of 9 people ahead of me has barely moved. What an absolute joke. Also have a bad knee so standing is painfil and difficult. Thanks CVS.

Joe Lesko · 2 years ago

Was told my wife’s prescriptions were ready for pickup on Sat, 10-16. Went to pick them up on Sunday and there was only 1 person working in that Dept. Was told the scrips were not ready ( after being told they were ready on Saturday) and that it would take half an hour. There were lines of people waiting to get their prescriptions and when I got back to the counter, was told they were still not ready and that it would be another half hour. After driving to Target/CVS, waiting for 40 plus minutes after being told they day before the prescriptions were ready for pickup, I’ll be darned if I was going to lollygag in the store any more waiting and with only 1 person working in the Dept, I had serious doubts my scrips would be ready in the 2nd half hour wait. It’s a disgrace to your store in having only 1 person working on a busy Sunday having people wait so long for products we were told were ready the day before for pickup.

Rich Westagard · 1 year ago

Medications not ready when scheduled. Short staffed most of the time. CVS use to have the best service but it has fallen to levels that are just not acceptable anymore.

David Price · more than 1 year ago

This is the best pharmacy I have worked with. The techs and pharmacists actually care about you and do everything they can to help you get what you need. I also find this better than the Loveland and Fort Collins CVS Pharmacies.


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