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Safeway Pharmacy

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500 E 120th Ave, Northglenn, CO, 80233, United States
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14 reviews


"They always go above and beyond, I have felt valued at every interaction here!"

"Very personable and lovely folks."

"I'm super happy I switched from Walgreens!"

Angie Rmore than 3 years ago

This is the best Safeway Pharmacy in the Denver Metro Area. They remember your name the medications you are on. It is like a small pharmacy not one big business pharmacy. It's nice.

Michelle Weiner1 year ago

Rude staff at pharmacy. I just transferred from Walgreens and tried to use a good rx coupon and they used a rude tone with me telling me now they were going to have to do a 15-20 min process to back out insurance. I didn't complain but got a very unexpected attitude in response to me showing prior to paying.

Haley Reed1 year ago

Avoid if you can, they're not on your side.The older male pharmacist ended up costing me $300 more than required when he refused to take a goodrx coupon claiming he couldn't use it for the type of medication I was picking up. I later talked to my doctor and verified state regulations, it turns out he absolutely could have taken the coupon but decided not to out of laziness, discrimination, or maybe both. He also made some uncomfortable comments towards me regarding how I could "have him for now" but that eventually he'd have to go home to his wife. I just wanted to pick up my unnecessarily expensive medication which was already two weeks late because they had entered the wrong refill date and then ran out of stock.

Hadassah Barcelonamore than 1 year ago

Worst customer service I've ever had. My son is sick with pneumonia and my doctor called them at one. I went to pick up my baby's medication. He (Dave) was very rude 馃槖 I received 3 texts the last one at 4:30 Saying my son's medication was ready. I got there at 5:10 My sons medication wasn't ready. I was upset. He said I didn't know how to concentrate the medication so I just have to wait for an hour. WTH I asked to speak to his manager, he said his manager is not there he's the night manager and if I really wanted to talk to someone there's a store manager. I went an talked to her and he was saying that If I would stop talking wth.He said he was busy and didn't have time for me,but now I have to wait an additional 15 minutes

Chris Stonemore than 2 years ago

I鈥檓 a couple months into this pharmacy and have a lot of respect for David. This guy remembers his customers, doesn鈥檛 judge and actually understands how to deal with billing issues. The guy is awesome great customer service and I respect that. The rest of the staff they are nice as well but I prefer to only intervene with David.

Josh Dincola2 years ago

The Pharmacist's are the best! The Gentleman always calls me by name. I'm super happy I switched from Walgreens! This pharmacy takes respectful and professional to the next level!

Maddison6 years ago

I cannot say enough for how much I love this pharmacy!!! I drive 20+ miles out of my way to get scripts filled here the service is that excellent!! They always go above and beyond, I have felt valued at every interaction here!

Tiffany Kelleralmost 5 years ago

I couldn't be more thankful for this pharmacy and all who works there. They have gone out of there way many times to make sure I've had all the right meds and that they fill them. Dave and eti have done an amazing job at giving me info on my meds and all. Thanks so much.

Michellina Ehleralmost 2 years ago

I feel like this is hidden gem of a pharmacy! They always remember who you are, treat you so well! They are fast and reliable.

Cheryl Barnesmore than 5 years ago

The store was Albertsons a dirty it zmelled horrinle. Hard to get help. There paharmacy was the worse possible. Wouldnt listen to my drs calls they just made assumtions. I hope things are better now that it's a Safeway.


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