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Safeway Pharmacy

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9229 Lincoln Ave, Lone Tree, CO, 80124, United States
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9 AM - 1:30 PM
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9 AM - 1:30 PM
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9 AM - 1:30 PM
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31 reviews


"Staff is either understaffed or lots of work in their plate."

"Patient care is poor, unprofessional and concerning at this location."

"The pharmacists and pharmacy staff here are top notch!"

Devina Smith · 10 months ago

OK, so anyone who tries to talk bad about this pharmacy it’s just one of those people who likes to be angry and mean for no reason. Every single time I go in here every single one of the staff members is so helpful and so kind I switched over from Walgreens to Safeway pharmacy about a year ago and never have. I had an issue with them when I’ve had countless with other pharmacies we need to be a lot nicer to the people who work jobs like this and appreciate what they do, and taking care of us. They’re really the best.

M · 1 year ago

Patient care is poor, unprofessional and concerning at this location. They're clearly understaffed and overworked, but it doesn't excuse their behavior towards patients. Staff repeatedly do not answer the phone, are unpleasant, and lack initiative. I personally experienced staff getting upset and snarky with patients and me for picking up our prescriptions 20-15 min prior to closing time. They failed to refill a prescription claiming that they didn't have my health insurance on record despite me going to this pharmacy for the past 2 years, but didn't take any initiative to communicate that. When I followed-up with them about my refill a week later, they ended up having my insurance all along and completed it then. I would rather drive the extra few miles to the previous Safeway Pharmacy location that I was using for many years than return here.

mirandawhite22 · 1 year ago

I've only been to this location twice but they have extremely terrible service . I understand everyone is understaffed my job is too , but the way you get treated is unacceptable. As I stood in line for 40 minutes I saw patient after patient get frustrated because the staff was incredibly rude . The pharmacist is very rude and literally was cold to each patient she talked to . I also stood in line for 40 minutes to be told they don't take my insurance , I have never had an issue with uhc at any other location in the past .

holly alvarez · more than 1 year ago

Absolutely horrible pharmacy. There was an issue with my daughters medication but we never received a call. It was until my daughter went to pick up her meds that they told her. This is the only pharmacy that doesn’t reach out if there’s an issue. Unfortunately my daughter had to wait another 24 hours for her antibiotic as neither is or the Doctor were advised of the issue until after the Dr office was closed. I had tried to call multiple time to see if it was ready but they never answered the phone. This is normal for them. Today I moved everything to King Soopers in Highland Ranch. Save yourself the trouble and don’t go here.

Rohit Jain · more than 1 year ago

This is the worst experience with Safeway pharmacy. I have been filling up from Other Safeway location but this have been out of the blue. Staff is either understaffed or lots of work in their plate. No smile and not so gracious. You won’t be able to know or reach out to them to know if your prescription is filled up. Good luck :(

Doug Voughn · almost 9 months ago

Very under staffed. On average 5,7 people waiting in line with maybe 1 person working the counter, 30 - 40 min wait just standing.

Russell Reeves · 2 years ago

I've watched as this Pharmacy has steadily declined over the last 18 month. I'm sure the COVID vaccines have had a lot to do with it. With that said being a Pharmacy you'd think they would prioritize what they primarily do...fill prescriptions. I have a few recurring medication and it's gone from taking hours later to days later. They are both meds that help daily function, so being out is not an option. Anyway, just hoping someone comes up with a solution that that prioritizes what they do, and stops taking a back seat to experimental vaccines

madison conrad · 1 year ago

The team here always goes above and beyond for whatever I need. When I had a complicated prescription coupon they took the time to figure it out, and they always make sure I get the best deal. Consistently great service

Addison Logan · more than 2 years ago

Absolute worst pharmacy staff in all of Colorado I don’t think I’ve ever had to deal with as much disrespect and rudeness as I have had to deal with here. The talller woman with the black hair needs to change her attitude ir if she doesn’t like her job then quit. But to take it out on patients is absolutely absurd and unprofessional

Nevan Castaneda · 2 years ago

This pharmacy is the worst!! I go to pick up prescriptions for my older family members and they never can track anything accurately and the delivery is a joke. They don’t arrive and they have no way of tracking the delivery if it doesn’t show up. Don’t waste your time trying to get efficient and accurate prescriptions here. Very scary!


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