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CVS Pharmacy

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1725 Rocky Mountain Ave, Loveland, CO, 80538, United States
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32 reviews


"The staff and pharmacists have treated me extremely well !"

"Check around before you put down hard earned money at CVS."

"Dont waste your time."

Kyle Harpole · 1 year ago

These guys are always great. Used to go to Walgreens because of my mom but transferred here because it was way more convenient since I moved out here. The staff are exceptional, I never take longer than 5 minutes to get my prescriptions, they’re always filled when I get there and the staff is always so nice. Had a specific situation today that was weird but the employee I worked with, Maydy, was exceedingly helpful and a joy to work with. Highly recommend despite the Karens posted below.

Erich Wendel · 10 months ago

My prescription was not available for a month at this location. The person said she could not check other locations for stock and recommended I blindly call them all myself. The first other CVS I called had it thankfully, but the person did not understand why the Loveland location could not check the stock of other locations. She was even taken back by the level of Loveland CVS customer service and apologized on their behalf.

Jarrod Thomas · almost 11 months ago

Tried transferring to this one and they lost my information and I was out of meds for days. They also told insurance I collected medication when I never did and complicated pick up from the next pharmacy. Terrible.

D P · 1 year ago

Very slow to pick up the phone most times we call there is a 10-15 minute wait. Comparing prescription prices, CVS drug prices are 6 times higher in price than other pharmacy prices. Check around before you put down hard earned money at CVS.

Sarah Page · 1 year ago

Amazing staff onsite from pharmacist and pharmacy techs. I had a little bit of a difficult situation and the entire staff was kind and patient with me. Including me having to return a couple of times for help. I ended moving my prescription to this pharmacy because the others I encountered (Walgreens, Safeway, and unfortunantly UC Health) were not as nice or patient. Wish I could thank this team more than just a comment here, and esp on extremely helpful pharmacist. I cannot spell her name for the life of me, so I will spare everyone.

Morgan Matson · almost 2 years ago

They deserve more stars. Come on people, they’re humans not machines. It’s clear they work hard and are slammed most times I go in, but still manage to treat me with respect which is lovely. When I’ve caught a mistake here or there on a prescription, they correct it immediately with no questioning my validity which is appreciated. :). Don’t listen to these ornery reviews, clearly they’re from the types of people that probably complain about little things daily 🙄

Sarah Plankis · more than 1 year ago

If I could give less stars I would. Waited in line for my infant daughters Precautions that were sent in 4 hour before I went to pick them up and still not ready. This is the 3rd time this has happened here with her stuff and one we an EpiPen. Will never go bad! Dont waste your time.

Marie M · almost 2 years ago

One of the reasons standalone CVS pharmacies do well is because it is a quick in and out. Putting these inside of a massive target where you have to park two blocks away and walk for six minutes once you’re already in the store is completely counterproductive.

Denise Morgan · 2 years ago

I was nervous coming to get the vaccine. They immediately put me at ease with a table set up by customer service when you enter the store. The girl working gave me information and checked me in. Then went back to the fitting rooms for the shot. A little weird but very clean and private. Administration of the shot was painless and quick. I was also given information and asked if I had any more questions. Now waiting my 15 minutes before I can go. The whole process is smooth with little waiting and friendly/knowledgeable staff.

Shelby Ingle · more than 2 years ago

I went to go get my COVID booster and had a terrible experience. I chose CVS because I could get an appointment within the week, but upon my arrival I checked in and waited for an hour. I was overlooked and there was no apology or any sort of quality customer service. Go any other place for your vaccine!


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