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King Soopers Pharmacy

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2325 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO, 80525, United States
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34 reviews


"Great service from all that work here!!"

"Rudest manager/staff I’ve ever encountered at a pharmacy."

"Good selection and prices"

Shannon Gray · 1 year ago

I never in my life have been treated so poorly by a pharmacy tech. Judy is an absolute nightmare dealing with. She is constantly trying to hold medications that are due to be filled and refusing to fill them. She is not the doctor and acts like she has the overall say on when u need your meds. Even after I had my doctor call and give the okay to fill them she still refused. When I asked Walgreens to pick them up for me she sent my medications to random Walgreens all over Fort Collins and I almost couldn’t find them. She is the most Condescending unprofessional and downright rude person I have ever had to deal with as far as customer service goes she needs to be terminated and should not be allowed to help the public she’s putting peoples lives in jeopardy when she’s messing with peoples meds she’s a reminder she’s not the doctor she supposed to do is push these pills out. Get a new technician please king Soopers!!!

Cora Close · 2 years ago

This pharmacy location is a headache just waiting to happen. Nothing is ever ready on time, it's next to impossible to call and get through to anyone to check on the status of prescriptions that are overdue and one of the pharmacy techs is the most rude and condescending women I've ever met in my life. She will place you on hold and forget about you for extended periods of time and sometimes instead of placing you on hold she just hangs up on you before you even get a chance to speak. I've never had so many issues with a pharmacy before and I've never met anyone as rude and condescending as Judy. She also lied to me about a prescription and now I have to get it transferred out in order to even get it filled. It's nothing but hassle after hassle with this location. But if you like being talked down to, lied to, hung up on and never have anything ready when needed then this is the place for you.

Nicholas Garrison · 3 years ago

The people have all been nice, the service is terribly slow and provided wait times are regularly very inaccurate. A few months ago I dropped of a paper script and was told 45 minutes for my rx, I returned in terrible pain an hour later and still waited another 40 minutes. Then today, Dr called it on and said 30 minutes, I called an hour later and was told about an hour, so I call an hour and fifteen minutes later still not ready. Hey Kings how about proper staffing and more higher energy employees!

Andrea Branco · almost 4 years ago

I have used this pharmacy for years and while they often seem a bit stressed and maybe understaffed, I've never been treated badly as many reviews say. I have found the staff to be helpful and courteous. The wait times have gotten a bit longer but nothing out of the ordinary. I like the pharmacy and staff overall.

Brandon Lowry · more than 1 year ago

Absent-minded customer service coupled with disrespectful attitudes equates to medicines being forgotten and health deteriorating.Their repeated negligence should be investigated as criminal mistreatment of patients. You don’t say one thing and do another, Keith.

Erin Hulse · 4 years ago

100 % the worst system and customer service I have EVER seen. This place is so unorganized and rude when THEY mess up! I was told 5 days in a row that my prescription was not processed yet and they appoligize. They would do it then. I was told this every time, then explained that it was the same thing they said yesterday. The last girl was a manager and was probably the most unprofessional. I explained to her that I recently found out I was pregnant and the medication I needed was essential to avoid a miscarriage. She then raised her voice to me while I had tears in my eyes with a shakey voice. She than began to speak negatively about me as I walked away. The manager has no sence of customer service, professionalism, how to do her job, or the ability to admit when she is wrong. She even was defensive, and said "If you have a problem with our service, then you should bring your business else where." I then explained to her that it had nothing to do with that. It was the simple fact that a prescription should not take that long to fill, with that many phone calls, and attempted pick ups... After being told it would be ready by noon, 5 days in a row.

H Copeland · almost 3 years ago

Not sure why all the reviews are bad, but I like these guys. Usually friendly and good hours. They send texts when your prescription is ready if you sign up. The worst part is that it’s in and old King Soopers and there is nowhere to sit and wait :)

Xander Low · 4 years ago

The pharmacist was so incredibly rude, condescending and transphobic. My partner and I were treated with complete disrespect and disregard. Took several minutes for the pharmacy staff to connect us with a manager. The customer service was abhorrent. Do yourself a favor and never go to this pharmacy. I wish I could give negative stars, I have never experienced customer service this bad before.

Sean Verdonck · 5 years ago

I try to avoid this pharmacy like the plague. Judy has been rude and unhelpful they past three times I have been here. I have no idea how she got a job in healthcare because she dosent care. I hope that anyone who goes here doesn't have to suffer through her mean demeanor and poor attitude. I will never go back to this pharmacy again. Shame on you Judy.

Jazmin Carrillo · 3 years ago

I had updated my information with them with my insurance and I've never had to wait soo long (more than two months) to process a prior authorization for a very much needed medication, usually they say it takes a week to process. Then they continued to tell my doctors office that I never gave them my current information for my insurance. This is very concerning if they can't keep my information current and listen to my needs.


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