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Costco Pharmacy

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6400 W 92nd Ave, Westminster, CO, 80031, United States
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24 reviews


"Our son is diabetic and Costco communicated with us like professionals should."

"The staff is very kind and helpful"

"Appreciate the hard work of these folks"

Juliet Osinga-Schlei · more than 8 months ago

the pharmacy tech Erin C was super helpful. after not having my script for over a month because of a national backorder, and nothing but problems at other pharmacies, i’ve been rather distressed. they no longer accepted the good rx discount cards for this prescription, and i was feeling at a lost for a moment. she said she took care of it (the cost) and her act of kindness doesn’t go unnoticed! truly

Clover Block · almost 1 year ago

I give this place one star because the staff that you interact with when picking up your order have always been kind to me. However, when you call in and have questions about your prescription or are following up on a refill or need it moved from one store to another, they are SOOOOO rude. On top of that they say they are going to do something and they don't. I learned that the hard way. Guy said he would take care of transferring a prescription and he didn't, so showed up and prescription was not ready. Now I call ahead, get treated like I am bothering them and make sure that they have done their job, since clearly I can't trust them to do it the first time. And you know what about 50%+ of the time they haven't done it and I get to explain it all over again and hope they do it right this time. And yes I am thinking of trying another pharmacy, its just this is an easy place to pick up since I'm in Costco 1-2 times a week. I'd say pass on this place don't get yourself set up with them only to have to so someplace else after dealing with their incompetence and rudeness.

Christina Komonce · more than 10 months ago

Very disrespectful on the phone, they cut you off when you're talking. I put my RX request in on a Sunday through the app for my dog, called on a Monday and they said it would be ready in an hour. Never got the update that it was filled that day and the app said still processing. Called on Tuesday and they said it would be ready in 30 minutes then proceeded to tell me they didn't get the request until the day before (when I have proof in the app that I did it Sunday). Weird interaction - basically telling you you're wrong/cutting you off when it's clearly their system not working properly.

Aaron Siva · more than 10 months ago

Super uncomfortable last few times. I recently switched pharmacies to a local King Soopers and they treat me so much better then these people. Costco was treating me like I was a criminal or something for my meds I've been taking for 5 years. I got into King Soopers and they are like leaps better all the way around.

T N · more than 1 year ago

I normally love this Costco, and the pharmacy is usually great, but unfortunately I CAN NOT RECOMMEND SCHEDULING IMMUNIZATIONS HERE. They lost my record, so when I got there I had to fill out all my information again, then get in line behind all the people who were there before me (even though I showed them the confirmation email for my appointment). I ended up not being seen until 50 minutes after my appointment time. I know they can't control how busy they are, but the whole reason I scheduled an appointment was to avoid that.

Aaron W. · 1 year ago

Super uncomfortable experience. Felt disrespectful to be treated this way. Used to be great but there's just been too many times. It's just been off, enough for me to leave this review. They've messed up my refills many times. 1 being out or they forgot to fill. Where I've had to wait 30+ minutes. Even if I call in the day before to make sure it's in. They have made me outright feel uncomfortable to be there. I can only speculate about why. Even so, I don't deserve to be treated like that.

Carol Ann Secord - DOR · almost 2 years ago

This has been my Costco since it opened. The staff are beyond wonderful and as always sad when someone you really like retires or moves. The pharmacy, pharmacists and staff , are lovely and so helpful. They always great me with a smile and recognition and I appreciate them very much. My Costco simply rocks!!!!

D · more than 1 year ago

No need to make an appointment. They don't honor them. People checking in front of me asked if they could get a covid shot. I had an appointment. They all went before me. Me explanation from staff. First come first serve? So why make an appointment. Better yet, I'll get my flu shot elsewhere fr now on.

Michael Henschel · almost 2 years ago

We couldn't be happier with Costco Pharmacy they are very helpful and caring staff. When we moved here a year ago we had major problems with others in Westminster area, not letting us know they couldn't fill the order for weeks. Our son is diabetic and Costco communicated with us like professionals should.

Deidre White · more than 1 year ago

We made appointments for our Covid and flu vaccines for 530 and 545. At 545 we asked what the delay was the Pharmacist said he decided to combine us for the later time even tho we checked in at 520. We finally got our shots at 555. What a waste of time. Why do appointments?


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