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CVS Pharmacy

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14451 Orchard Pkwy, Westminster, CO, 80023, United States
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"My only gripe is the medication is more expensive but it’s a small price to pay."

"They gossip about people ( customers) right behind the counter after they leave."

"In the 30 seconds since being ordered?"

Jer Sterling · more than 1 year ago

Horrible service! Extremely rude, unprofessional and disrespectful. If our insurance didn’t require us to use CVS we would move to another company entirely. Initially calling in we were on hold for over 30 Minutes then hung up on. When we went in, the man gave us wrong information and we had to go back the next day. Voiced my concerns to women the next day and she was just as rude. Corporate needs to definitely work with the employees at this location. Kindness, courtesy and being more respectful. Ultimately in the end we are the customer and our insurance companies are supporting their facilities.

Dan Hintz · 10 months ago

I like going here to get my vaccines because it's convenient. However, today I scheduled a covid vaccine over lunchtime, only to find out after I'm at the store and checked-in that they no longer carry the covid vaccine. Why offer scheduling of a vaccine that you do not have? What a waste of time and my lunch hour! CVS also offers no way online to submit feedback, so I'm posting my annoyance here. Get it together, CVS, and update your vaccine scheduling application so people don't waste they're time, energy, and gasoline!

Phoenix Schroeder · 10 months ago

The employees here will discriminate against you if you are autistic. I am autistic and have ADHD. I went to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy earlier and asked whether or not they would be able to fill my Adderall prescription my provider had recently sent over. I know there is an Adderall shortage, which is why I asked. The employee told me that they would not be able to fill it because I had not filled my Adderall there before. I get that, okay. She's being rude throughout this, but whatever. I figure she's just having a bad day, since I'd watched her be rude to other people in line before me. My provider will only let me transfer my prescription to another pharmacy once, so I started stressing about that. I was already overwhelmed before this and started shutting down. I was struggling to be able to talk and function. So I didn't talk. I struggled through signing for my prescription and was starting to shake while I tried to pay while she was being increasingly rude. I continued to not say anything. The employee took this poorly. She asked me if I had a problem with her and she threatened to call security on me because she said the way I was looking at her was threatening. I tried explaining that I'm autistic and I was just trying to avoid having a full shutdown or meltdown like I had in my car after this experience. After I told her I'm autistic, she said she felt threatened because the way I was looking at her was "all crazy". I guess I'm sorry that being autistic makes me crazy to CVS. I just wasn't masking and was on the verge of an autistic shutdown. I was still able to get my prescription, but ended up starting to shut down in the middle of Target because some ignorant person decided my autism made me a threat. They are terrible "care" providers. Go anywhere else.

Teresa Rodriguez · 9 months ago

Doesn’t take discount cards but their own. Don’t fill here, can get them cheaper elsewhere. Also never have prescriptions ready or filled wrong or not billed to insurance, taking forever to check out!

Jennifer Chavez · 1 year ago

Had to switch my prescriptions over to CVS, which I'm not happy about but due to insurance I have to. Can someone tell me why the pharmacy employees are ALL so rude? Attitude like no other, seemed bothered when I said I had coupon for my medications. I just don't understand, if you don't like customer service then why work face to face to people.

Karan Kacala · 1 year ago

I had to switch to CVS after King Soopers stopped taking my insurance. I’ve been so impressed so far. The service is excellent. They turn around my prescriptions quickly and there’s never a line. My only gripe is the medication is more expensive but it’s a small price to pay.

Brandon Cleverley · 1 year ago

I went to the Orchard Town Center CVS Pharmacy. I waited in line to be told that my prescription had been moved to a different location. When I asked when they called to notify me that they moved my medication they said that they didn’t and acted like it was my fault that I didn’t know. They didn’t care that I drove across town to get to their store. They only cared that my medicine was an inconvenience for them. The person at the front was extremely dismissive and uncaring of my experience and eventually just walked away. I wish my insurance covered a different pharmacy so that I would never have to deal with this store again.

Taylor Honeysette · more than 1 year ago

They gave me the wrong medication once. They sent me with 90 thyroid meds and I needed 30 blood pressure meds. The name, medication, quantity and dosage were correct on my bottle but the actual pills inside were completely different. We’ve had several issues with getting prescriptions here and one worker in particular has raised her voice at my husband twice now when calling to ask about a prescription issue. Do not send your scripts here.

Sarah N. · more than 1 year ago

They said that I got an email/text cancelling my vaccine appointment because CVS "rejected" my insurance for the covid booster but we could pay $50 for the flu shot and she insisted that I was contacted about my appointment cancellation, I don't delete messages, it was never cancelled on my end or on their little paper. The only messages I got were confirming our appointments and asking me to check in. I checked in while I was in the store and everything seemed fine so it really feels like they just didn't want to do our appointments. The employee with tattoos on her face has quite the attitude for someone who's only qualified to work retail.

Christine Anderson · 2 years ago

We used to go to the CVS in Brighton and they were great. We moved to Dacono and so transferred our prescriptions here and it’s been a nightmare. EVERY single trip to the pharmacy takes an hour plus. They’re slow, SO rude, and clearly don’t know how to verify benefits. This last time took my insurance company calling them directly to fill a simple prescription because they claimed we didn’t have coverage. Unbelievable.


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