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Walmart Pharmacy

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4651 W 121st Ave, Broomfield, CO, 80020, United States
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23 reviews


"Covnenient location is the only thing going for them."

"If possible, I would rate this place less then 1 star....."

"And the pharmacist is extremely rude."

Sam C. · 11 months ago

I've been coming here since this Walmart opened. Everyone there has always been super nice & helpful. If they are ever out of my script, the pharmacist takes the time to call around and find another pharmacy that has it for me. Whenever I get scripts sent over from urgent care, they always try to fill them right away once I checkin. The only downside is that they don't take TriCare, so I have to drive all the way out to the afb to get my dad's scripts. But that is a policy thing that was decided at corporate, not this specific pharmacy.

Kate Christofferson · almost 2 years ago

This is the BEST team of pharmacists I’ve ever had. I have to come in very frequently for a controlled substance and there’s almost always some problem coming from my doctor or insurance. The team always identifies the problem and tells me exactly who to talk to to solve it, and are super polite and understanding the whole way through. Keep up the good work!

ShAnnon Rheubottom · more than 10 months ago

This is the third time meds haven't been ready when they say they will. Also crazy to me that they don't open until 9 on weekdays.

MoonEyed Momma · almost 2 years ago

The pharmacists and AMY are AMAZING but SONIA has no clue what she is doing. Claims there is no rx when it was verified as received over the phone while AT DRS OFFICE and the day before pick up when I called. We arrived to be told they didn't get it... I also am always sent through the speak to pharmacist line any time I deal with Sonia, yes even for refills. Sonia had been nice until she knew what the rx was for then we have had nothing but issues with her, its not just my son but our entire family. She also yold my daughter her insurance was inactive when it was not and was verified with the insurance company online and over the phone(FOR BIRTH CONTROL!) Sonia is transphobic as well as pushing her views on patients by not allowing them access to their prescribed birth control and we will be filing complaints with the board of pharmacy as well as any other organizations needed. GO ELSEWHERE TILL SHE IS FIRED!

Jennifer Lee · more than 1 year ago

Outstanding customer service and super helpful. I’ve been coming here for over a year and never encountered a problem. Love the text alert to check the status of your prescription.

Sarah Brown · 6 years ago

The actual pharmacist (white coats) are always so nice to me, but the techs (blue) generally don’t have a clue what they’re doing. Last night I went in and there was a guy there I had never seen before. He got me 200 dollars in refunds because I’d been told I couldn’t use both insurance and my manufacture coupon. Well I guess I could. I didn’t catch his name but I know his usual store is 90th and grant. He was amazing. I literally almost cried at getting all this money back. I was literally shocked. Fantastic experience

John Woodward · 1 year ago

They are very friendly and helpful here, a refreshing change compared to others in the vicinity.

John Bailey · 7 years ago

If possible, I would rate this place less then 1 star..... Repeatedly dropped off prescriptions knowing they were not covered by our insurance. Let everyone behind the counter know that we knew they were not covered and that we would pay the full price... Showed up multiple times to pick up and pay for the meds only to be told that it hadn't been filled because the insurance didn't cover it... We knew that.... We told you that... So please fill it... Then, Oh we're out of that, we'll have to order it... Come back.... Oh we didn't order it because your insurance doesn't cover it..... Please order it we need it.... Come back again.... Well just because we order it, doesn't mean we're going to get it.... And then you have to practically beg to get your prescription back to go somewhere else, and it will be marked up and almost unreadable. Seriously horrible pharmacy.... Better off going anywhere else. Don't bother trying to complain either.... The complaint line is a phone number that rings endlessly.... No one answers.... Ever.

Claire Sideri · more than 6 years ago

This pharmacy is TERRIBLE - long waits and inaccurate information. On multiple times I've gone to pick up my Rx only to be told it wasn't ready as promised and that there was an issue with my insurance but they didn't tell me that when I called to check on the Rx. Just today they told me my insurance wouldn't cover this particular Rx, when I called my insurance they told me that they just had my birthdate wrong in the system. I've been told repeatedly that I can't get a long-term supply through my insurance, but I'm currently on the phone with them while they transfer my Rx and process just that same request through King Soopers. And it's not just that it's Walmart - the one off Summit Blvd by Flatirons is the complete opposite experience!

Carolyn Work · 5 years ago

I love my pharmacy. I’ve been going here for almost 9 years, they are awesome. I’ve never had a problem with a script or recommendations or even with insurance.


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