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Walmart Pharmacy

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7101 E 128th Ave, Thornton, CO, 80602, United States
Closed · Opens at 10 AM Sun
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9 AM - 7 PM
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31 reviews


"The pharmacists + staff at this location are awesome!"

"They also processed the refill within an hour."

"Been at this pharmacy for years but feel like service is slipping a little bit."

Christina Sandoval · 1 year ago

Good drive thru option, but I often have to make multiple trips because they won't have all my meds ready altogether.

Alyssa Wagner · 10 months ago

Senior technician Meslissa is the most helpful person Ive ever had the pleasure of speaking with. I appreciate her staying on the phone with me for so long and answering the sea of questions I had. So helpful I greatly appreciate her.

Veronica Nieto · more than 1 year ago

I will honestly say that the staff here are really nice. But they're downfall is that they take long to fill my prescription. My Dr will send it in, in the am and I will give them till the evening or even the next morning. When I call to ask about it they say they will fill it in a couple of hours or so. When I go in, they fill it right there and then. I switched from Walgreens to Walmart because I was told that they are fast and on it. I'm only putting this review because I'm sure I'm not the only one that when my Dr sends in my medication, the next day I'm supposed to take it in the morning. I hope it gets better. Especially for those that get it days later.

Rick Farnsworth · more than 1 year ago

Been at this pharmacy for years but feel like service is slipping a little bit. Prescriptions are not getting filled in a timely manner: my doctor gets it there early and a day later they're still not filled and then filled at the last minute and the other viewer also had this issue. I also get put on hold for a long wait times and a couple different times I'm not picked back up but this is usually by the same tech. Technician Kayla is awesome! Super friendly she constantly picks me up if she knows it's me to try to take care of me because of the volume I do and how often we are coming to pick up prescriptions. She's very caring, kind and concerned and she knows her job very well. I have been trying to get a message to or talk to the regional's regional manager but no luck yet because I'd like to discuss some issues and give positive feedback as well.

L La · more than 8 months ago

I’ve never had an issue. They always answer the phone and are quick with pick ups.

Rebecca Martinez · 1 year ago

This is the worst Pharmacy ever the staff is very rude especially the older lady who has a bad attitude with everyone never smiles and they never have my husband's meds ready the excuses they give us when it's time to refill my husband's pain meds he had lower back spine surgery done and very painful for him this is the 2nd time this has happened to him enough is enough we had to reach out to my husband's Dr. and ask to please use another location needless to say we found another Walmart a little out of our way but at least the staff was very nice to us and had my husband's meds ready within 15 minutes with no problems or excuses

Courtney Keyes · 6 years ago

I like Walmart pharmacies because they are much more affordable than some of the other options, but usually I have to sacrifice on service. At this location, I had an excellent experience. They very quickly (and over the phone) transferred my prescription, corrected a much outdated address, and made it easy to refill my prescription. They also processed the refill within an hour. As usual, the text notification service worked smoothly. When I arrived for pickup, there was no wait and they handled the transaction efficiently.

stephanie · more than 5 years ago

The first and the last experience with this pharmacy, i will never go back. Very disappointing! I used this pharmacy, in spite of already having a home pharmacy 30 minutes away because we just moved to the area. I had 3 sick kids at home and couldnt be gone long, so i used this as an opportunity to see if this place was adequate to move my business to. Needless to say, it is not. I dropped my script off the day before it was due, so they would have time. In spite of getting a nurse on the phone, which should have been adequate, to verify the script, they decided it wasnt enough and they needed to talk to the Dr herself. The Dr left the office early on Friday and even though they had everything they needed and one conversation with my Dr office already, i was expected to pick my medication up 3 days after it was due. It took them 24 hrs to tell me they had gotten as far on filling it as they were the night before. I packed the sick kids in the car, and took the script to my home pharmacy and it was in my hands 15 minutes later. Beware pain patients, do not go to this location unless you dont mind being played with until you give up and go somewhere else. Because that is what they did.

Heather C · almost 6 years ago

The pharmacists + staff at this location are awesome! I have been using them for 5 years now for my prescriptions and also both of my parents prescriptions and they have always been so wonderful and truly helpful with any issues or concerns that I have had. I highly recommend them!

Cassidy Robertson · 1 year ago

Tried to see what happened to my prescription after I transferred it, they hung up while I was talking.


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