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Walmart Pharmacy

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7155 Sheridan Boulevard, Westminster, CO, 80003, United States
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21 reviews


"Great service and little or no wait."

"Very bad communication from Kasia the “pharmacist”."

"I switched my pharmacy immediately as well as that of my children."

Luis Lopez · more than 2 years ago

Had my covid shots here and did not took me more than 20 min to go home. Just because they ask me to wait 15 min just to see if I felt good after the shot.

Nm Nm · almost 10 months ago

It should not be this difficult! I have been trying to switch a Rx for three months from Walgreens. The reason I wanted to switch is because it would have saved me a little money. Not worth the headache!! Don’t do it! I switched my Rx over on the app. It never got filled. Set it up over the phone. When I try to pick it up, they don’t have one. That was the end of that. How hard it is it to transfer the entire Rx, Walmart? I have never had so many issues with a Rx that had plenty of refills! I’m going back to Walgreens!

Elisha Gallegos · more than 1 year ago

Service here has been terrible lately and service takes at least 20-30 minutes. The red haired young lady is usually nice even when busy but tonight a dark haired 40-50 year old female tech helped me and she was so rude. Didn’t greet me, only asked if I was there to pick up. Asked my name and date of birth then didn’t say another word to me. I was supposed to sign for my prescription and she didn’t even have me sign for it. Just sent my proscription out. No hello, no thank you. She was also rude to the elderly lady in front of me who was visibly shaking. I understand being busy it you can still give courteous service.

Connie Cortez · more than 1 year ago

Terrible service. Very bad communication from Kasia the “pharmacist”. Instead of telling me that I had to wait until the next for my medication (prednisone) I have COPD and asthma. She proceeded to interrogate me of why I was taking so much steroids and instead of informing me that I had to wait til the next day for my medication. Next thing I know I’m being charged at by the so called “manager“ Tiffany with a cart and mocked and humiliated. Very unprofessional. They are constantly messing my medication and my moms which she has diabetes and cancer. These people need to be fired. I have contacted corporate and I was told I could press charges.

Claudia Schanil · almost 3 years ago

Staff has been in decline over last several months. Not answering the phone, hanging up on people who have been waiting in queue, rude and unpleasant demeanor. But yesterday a pharmacist asked me why I am seeing doctors in another area. I have chronic health conditions and 3 of my providers are in Colorado Springs - including my PCP. It felt awkward to be questioned and have to explain my medical condition in front of other people. She then refused to consult with me about a new medication that I had picked up that day which is 100% illegal, also a hazard to my health as I am not sure best way to dose this medication or side effects it can have. I switched my pharmacy immediately as well as that of my children. The close down suring mid day is also extremely inconvenient.

Janae Hixson · 4 years ago

I called in on a Saturday at 5:50 p.m. because King Soopers was out of amoxicillin, and they close at 6 p.m. on Saturdays. Rob was amazing! He got the Rx transferred from KS before they closed even though he was busy, and got me the medication promptly when I arrived. Thanks so much!

Anon ymous · 3 years ago

Always great service! They have exceptional employees like Michael, who remember who you are and go out of their way to make sure you are taking care of.

Debbie Meade (courthousedeb) · 7 years ago

Never had a problem here. Great service and little or no wait. It's a pharmacy so sometimes you may have to wait, but that's ok.

Sibbie Godeaux · 2 years ago

The grocery store did not have what I needed. Some the shelves needed to be restocked. My visit was on a Saturday.

Eric Ruhl · 1 year ago

Pharmacist is exceptionally unprofessional and rude


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