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2800 Pearl St, Boulder, CO, 80301, United States
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190 reviews


"I would give 5 stars for the customer service from the staff."

"Need to bubble it up to CVS corporate how poor the service is at this location."

"Kyle answered and put me on hold to wait for the pharmacist."

Karli Carston · 10 months ago

My insurance is making me shift to this pharmacy from the King Soopers on Table Mesa, and boy am I bummed. The people who work at CVS have no ownership over the process. They seem like robots who are just repeating lines they have been taught, so when the inevitable problems arise, they can't help solve them. The communication between the app and the pharmacy is dismal. I refilled a prescription via the app and was told it was "in progress" for three days. Finally I went in person and they said they could fill it in 15 minutes, with no explanation for the previous delay. I tried to switch to mail order to make it more convenient, but received a 10 day supply when the system thought I received a 90 day supply. Just got off a 45 minute call with the customer service agent to get that sorted out. CVS, get your stuff together! This is pathetic!

Michael Soguero · more than 10 months ago

I would give 5 stars for the customer service from the staff. Significant contrast to my experience with the Longmont CVS. I had an issue with prescription being sent to wrong pharmacy and Boulder CVS handled it quickly and had my prescription within the hour. The less than 5 star review is more due to CVS pharmacies in general - they encourage you to use the app but when I did and my prescription was at the wrong location, I could not get the problem resolved. I made 4 calls to help desks and they each gave me 4 different directions for what to do. And, calling any pharmacy was a lesson in futility. No one picks up the phone.

Ryan Kramer · almost 1 year ago

Everything about CVS is just awful. They’re critically understaffed and freely admit to deliberately not answering the phone. So to fill a prescription, I have to go in, wait in line, ask for the refill, then wait or come back once it’s filled. The app doesn’t work, it is extremely buggy and most of the time requires a lengthy phone call. Routinely it says “ready by 2:30pm, and when I show up hours later they still haven’t filled it. Do yourself a favor and find another pharmacy.

Brenden Bus · 1 year ago

Rarely is this a smooth process. Either backed up with long lines or low on stock. Most employees are nice, so I feel bad leaving a bad review, but the pharmacy overall is a headache to deal with. When you call you have to sit through 5 minutes of covid information. Most times I feel bad for the employees, they’re trying, but it seems like it’s out of their control. Finding a new pharmacy. The CVS in Target in Glendale is amazing, so maybe it’s an unfair comparison, but I always dread getting prescriptions filled here.

Sybil Engleby · almost 11 months ago

Wish I’d read the reviews before trying to fill my prescription here. I needed to transfer my prescription after moving to town so I stopped by and filled out a form. They said it should take 2 days— a week passed with no word, so I called to check and they had lost the form I filled out. Not a good look, especially when you’re dealing with peoples medications and health.

Kira Simone (Kira) · 10 months ago

The most chaotic, unreliable pharmacy that I've ever been to. I've used CVS for years, but now that I moved to Boulder, I'm going to switch to King Soopers. There has been a problem of some kind or another every. time. I've tried to get scripts filled here. Today, couldn't get my cough syrup for pneumonia filled on time and now I have to get through the night without it. AVOID this place and save yourself many headaches.

patrick kelley · 1 year ago

Target CVS is the worst pharmacy. One star is generous. Impossible to connect by phone to check on prescription pick up or even if it’s in stock. Customers have to wait in long lines to find out that their prescription is not ready or not available. Tonight there were 40 people in line behind me when CVS closed and pulled down cage. CVS knows their staffing levels and prescription filling capacity. If they cannot support demand, don’t accept the prescription so customers know to go somewhere else. Nobody would wait an hour or longer in line for any other service to be disappointed. My family will never go back.

Holly Bowers · 1 year ago

Save yourself the trouble and go literally anywhere else. I've had them forget to fill prescriptions, lose a prescription between texting that it was filled and me arriving at the store, and lose entire records of a prescription in their system. There's always a long line and they don't answer the phones. I understand being short-staffed, but this is just ridiculous.

Isabel Lopez · 1 year ago

Horrible pharmacy. They never answer their phone lines, so I always go in person to check the status of my prescriptions. However, when I go in person I am always met with someone who’s rude and short with me. They have never once been helpful and have been the reason i’m almost always late on my med refills. I always try to be kind to them because I understand that they are understaffed, but no matter how nice I try to be they are ALWAYS rude. Avoid this place at all costs!

Andi Abode · 1 year ago

really terrible customer service. Was speaking to a pharm tech who was clearly not understanding what I was requesting, I asked to speak to the actual pharmacist and he told me to call another pharmacy to get my prescription refilled and hung up. Should have taken into consideration the 1.7 stars this pharmacy already had before giving them a chance.


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