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Walmart Pharmacy

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7455 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood, CO, 80214, United States
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22 reviews


"Good prices, reliable service, all my prescriptions are filled here."

"Nothing is ever stocked; day, night, don't matter when it's not stocked."

"My diabetes meds are 4$."

Luke White · 1 year ago

Editing my review because I HATE the new automated voice system to refill prescriptions. 5 stars to 3 stars. It might seem like a nonfactor but its important to me. Bring back the old one. I still stand by the original review comments here though : They can be a bit busy sometimes, but the pharmacy techs always go above and beyond to help me. They take the extra time to switch my name brand scripts to generic and save me hundreds of dollars a month. Whenever I run out of my anti-convilsant, they are able to get me an emergency supply until my full script comes in. These guys do an amazing job and I'm so appreciative of them.

Maria Inez Ramirez · 9 years ago

Bad experience every time. I went to pick up my rx, they said I was out of refills. I went to the doctor to get a new one and asked to have it filled at another pharmacy. When I went to pick it up I was told it couldn't be filled. Guess what? Walmart filled it. Such frustration, I told them to reverse it, no apologies, nothing. I will never go back or suggest them, clearly they don't know what they're doing. Obviously nothing has changed for 6 years because I had a similar experience consistently as the Google user describes below.

Sarah Thomas · almost 7 years ago

The pharmacy techs are really up on their insurance billing! My son's insurance billing situation is complicated. The techs here know their stuff so well that when the computer system wanted to charge me $900 for prescriptions, they fixed the billing so that I paid $0.

Alex Drawbaugh · more than 3 years ago

Worst Walmart in the history of Walmart’s. And that my Friends is saying something as the bar is set very low. Don’t waste your time. Deffiently don’t go at closing time when one cashier is forced to check out 80 customers solo.

BROMOSAPIEN · almost 4 years ago

So is open till 12 p.m. but you guys are closing at 10. Try to get that fixed so you don't waste people's time.

Aa Aa · 5 years ago

Kept me waiting for an hour just to tell me they don't have what I needed after asking three times. They had a generic but I wasn't eligible for it. Now I have to do the leg work to have another pharmacy call them and have the prescription transferred. Total headache, won't be using them again.

N A · more than 3 years ago

Just made it into town, needing supplies. Drove all the way here, for the doors be locked and employees walking around inside. Time, energy and gas wasted.

CJB Noland · 9 years ago

I've had enough of this Wal-Mart. Nothing is ever stocked; day, night, don't matter when it's not stocked. Now when they have an empty spot on the shelves from something they haven't gotten in they've started putting like the next size/quantity there instead to fill the holes. Between the bums, the filth, the crime, and NEVER having half what i went in there for I AM SOOOO DONE WITH THIS CRAPPY STORE!!!

Valerie Stoddard · more than 6 years ago

Jacob and Anna are the absolute best. Never have an issue when dealing with them. We'll miss them when we move!

Heather Travis · more than 3 years ago

Good prices, reliable service, all my prescriptions are filled here.


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