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Walmart Pharmacy

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9901 Grant St, Thornton, CO, 80229, United States
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22 reviews


"Was a bit busy but the staff was very patient and kind and appreciate them."

"Her service keeps my family coming back."

"Great customer service"

Sara Sotelo1 year ago

The male pharmacist and staff are super rude and give you disrespectful looks. Asked for help and they just look at you. You can tell they all hate their jobs. Sara, the pharmacist, is the only really kind worker here. Her service keeps my family coming back.

Alice Tmore than 3 years ago

I give it 3 stars due to a "mixed" experience here. First of all, they have no place for a person who is sick to wait - to sit - and that's just insane. Somebody told me Corporate office demanded that - well, somebody needs to inform Corporate office that people coming to the Pharmacy might just need to sit down! (Somebody also needs to inform Corporate office of the original intentions of Sam Walton, their founder, to help people and not harm them). But beyond that, I had a GOOD experience with two Pharmacists who did their absolute best to help me in a difficult situation where I could not pay for my antibiotics I needed badly, but a friend helped me out. However, there was one Pharmacy Tech (I'm guessing she was a Tech) who was extremely rude and tried to honestly run me off or something. I was in a lot of pain from a bad dental infection that I was getting antibiotics for, and in no mood for that kind of behavior. I told Pharmacy staff to keep her away from me - and either they did or she had good sense not to bother me again. I was very upset by her, but the other two DECENT pharmacy staff did take care of me, and I walked away with the antibiotics I seriously needed - in good order. I do think that rude staff should be reprimanded and then removed if it continues. Many people need jobs and could do a better job than that. Many thanks to the 2 Pharmacists who were a big help to me.

Emmanuel1 year ago

Very rude pharmacy staff all around. If I could give 0 stars I would. April is very rude and so is the male pharmacist.

Justin Fisheralmost 5 years ago

Sara the Pharmacist was exceptional. I had a prescription called in a week ago, it couldn't be filled until Medicaid approves it. In the meantime, while I'm waiting, a piece of my blood clot broke off and went to my lung. Only the medication could help. Sara took the time to find a way to get me a few days supply until it is approved. If you know what it feels like to breathe through a straw and have chest pains on every in breathe, then you know how relieved I am to get on top of the medication.

John Gavina12 years ago

You have to understand that this is a very high volume store and when you are okay with that and it's your turn in line the staff there is very friendly even after customers complain about them not being faster. I like how the staff there can keep their composure. I wouldn't be able to handle one day of what they deal with. I'm fortunate enough to get my pills when most are at work though so it's not so bad for me. But weekends and holidays I stay clear away. If this location wasn't walking distance from my home I would go to any other Wal Mart that has less traffic. Particularly the 120th location or the 128th location by Adams County Fairgrounds. But props to the staff there. Some people DO appreciate you.

Maria Quezadaalmost 1 year ago

Great customer service

D Romeroalmost 3 years ago

Was a bit busy but the staff was very patient and kind and appreciate them.

william Zimmerman music3 years ago

Love this pharmacy sera and Micheal is the best pluse they are really friendly people.

Daniel Ballmore than 4 years ago

Nothing is ever stocked in this store, does anyone even work here! Now I have to go to another store to finish shopping. 馃え

Gregory Tate-Tapiamore than 2 years ago

Why does it open so late. Follow me on Maps, click the follow icon. :)


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