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Costco Pharmacy

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5195 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO, 80002, United States
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25 reviews


"Very good service and often the best prices on medications."

"Slow as molasses, poor communication, not much cheaper than CVS."

"I love the pharmacy and staff at the 92nd street in Arvada."

Sophie Shain · 1 year ago

Prices can’t be beat but they are slow and seemingly disorganized. I DREAD every time I need to pick up an prescription. I’ll get a text saying my prescription is ready. Only defined they don’t have it or it’s not ready… Every time I go my good RX or insurance card is inputted incorrect- then I have to wait longer! They don’t let you know if they’re out of a prescription. They don’t hold a prescription or notify if they’re putting it back. I don’t know why I’ve had so many issues with them.

JoJoBaby · more than 1 year ago

It is always a headache to get prescriptions filled here. I get a text from their system saying it is ready, and then I go stand in line and wait 20 minutes to pick it up only to be told that they don't have any prescriptions for me. What? YOU texted ME Costco. And so then it takes more time to get it filled, and I am off my meds for a few days which is dangerous for my blood pressure, and never get notified that it is ready. So I call them and speak to someone directly and then they tell me that yes, it has been sitting there waiting for me. So I tell them I will be there the next day. I go the next day, and they have cancelled my prescription and put it back into stock, but they can refill it if I wait for 20 minutes more. Then this turns into an hour wait. REALLY? It is hard to believe that the communication is that bad. And it took me giving them my insurance information 4 times before they put it in the system. I was paying for prescriptions that I thought my insurance had been applied to, and come to find out I was being charged full price. It took forever to get that straightened out. I'm going to find another Pharmacy because even if it is more expensive it would be worth it. My time is more precious than all this wasted effort it takes to get a simple script filled.

Courtney Gray · almost 2 years ago

I’m giving this one star, because I can’t give them zero stars. The pharmacy received my prescription 6 days ago and upon calling I was informed they can’t fill my prescription because the claim their supplier is out. They couldn’t tell me when they would have it and refused my request to call the supplier to find out when they would have the medication. When I asked what a solution could be, I was interrupted and told there’s nothing she could do. The “care” in healthcare is missing from this healthcare organization. By refusing to find solutions, they are placing myself and others health at risk. Shame on you.

Gabriele Zimmerman · 1 year ago

Have been getting my prescriptions here for years. They really do their best to accommodate any of my Rx changes & reach out to the prescribing physicians quickly if there's any questions.

Ar Tun · almost 1 year ago

Really rude and unhelpful. Not at Costco standards at all. Ive transferred away today after months of dealing with rude employees at this location.

Wynell Martens · more than 1 year ago

Been using this pharmacy for years and only positive experiences thus far. They have been friendly and accommodating. Thanks Costco!

Jeremy Nguyen · almost 2 years ago

You get told via the app that your prescription is ready. You wait 20-45 minutes to get to the counter because there's only one person. You get told you must come back in 10-15 minutes so that they could fill the prescription. So you go meander and come back, wait in line for 20-45 minutes. And then your prescription might be ready. It's always an hour or two hour long process.

Eric Wollard · almost 3 years ago

Slow as molasses, poor communication, not much cheaper than CVS. I love Costco and have tried the pharmacy a couple times while here anyway for pet meds then today for a Rx I really needed ASAP. Took 45 minutes to say they didn't have it. Stick to CVS.

Nathan Kirkland · 2 years ago

I love Costco (how could I not with my last name). I rave about the store and the employees and convince people to join the Costco family. This pharmacy is a disgrace and can only be described as complete incompetence at all levels. Stay away

Cheri Emerson · 6 years ago

No problems with service or accuracy but the pharmacy at Costco isn’t good about helping the customer save money. My scrip was for a 90 day supply but my insurance wouldn’t pay for more than 30 - the pharmacy didn’t bring this up with me and simply filled #90 and just charged me full $price instead of the much lower copay.


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