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CVS Pharmacy

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551 S Hover St, Longmont, CO, 80501, United States
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164 reviews


"The wait lines are at least 10 people, morning, noon, and night."

"Ordered a refill online for mail delivery, never came."

"Long wait times, inexistent customer service, extremely understaffed."

Rob Phillips · more than 10 months ago

Pharmacy does not communicate well with customers or doctors offices. Techs do not know the prescriptions. Took half a day after surgery and finally just having the doctor call the pharmacy to get the medicines needed. Do not recommend. Horrible service, communication, and efficiency. Will now be driving past this pharmacy to go to others.

Jim Heintzleman · more than 8 months ago

Every single time we talk to someone new, they need help, it’s minimum 40 minutes every time. It’s sad to hear employees say corporate is making people quit, but it is understandable. Our family will be changing pharmacies, and we are posting this as a warning to others. Not a place you go if you depend on medications and regular communication between agencies. Best of luck to the employees stuck there. Please stay away. Clerk literally said they wish they couldn’t take new clients.

K S · more than 8 months ago

Literally the worst. The fact my insurance provider forces me to use CVS and this is the only one nearby is absolutely awful. Let alone, my insurance will tell me they cover a med and I get there and CVS is like "nope" with no warning. Awesome, I just wasted time and effort for nothing. So yeah, I guess I'll just stay depressed until I have better insurance. CVS broke me. On 9/6/23 I went to pick up 90 days of medication. After waiting in the line for 20 minutes, I watched one woman quietly try to explain something to a tech the entire time, while another cried because her medication was too expensive and the tech was condescending about her inability to pay multiple hundreds of dollars out of pocket every month for the privilege of surviving. When it was my turn, they said they had another Rx in the back, but then said "nevermind, I was wrong" and I just grabbed my stuff and left. When I got home I realized: she didn't give me 90 days of my medication but it says she did. She forgot the other 60 days of my medication. They're unlikely to answer the phone anytime soon, and a visit there twice in 24 hours is soul-destroying. And while I was shopping that night, I saw them promptly at 7:00pm just close the shutters while people were still in line. They said "Our system is down for the night." and walked off, not even a sorry. That's a lie, I've worked retail before. They didn't want to stay open to serve those people, including the black couple in the front of the line who were patiently waiting for help. What if someone needed insulin? That is messed up. I hate that my insurance mandates I use CVS. I wouldn't let any of these people poke me for a shot, they're all very passive aggressive.

W. Ravyn Wayne · 9 months ago

Currently standing in line. The first 10 minutes was in the drop off line, only to be told there is only 1 line. Now standing in the pick up line.... is been 40 minutes and still 6 people in front of me. No joke. Pack water and snack as other reviews have suggested. All this just to verify they received my prescription. I sense unrest from my line mates. Coercion to use CVS because of insurance requirements is the running topic. Not a good day if you are in line to announce you work for any insurance company. Or CVS.

Danny Brod · almost 9 months ago

I wish it was possible to give this CVS zero stars. At all times, the line to the register is longer than the entrance to a Taylor Swift concert. The fact that this is the only CVS in the entire town only sweetens the misery. I feel like I should tailgate at the register when the Target opens at 7. Either way, you’re gonna be waiting 2 hours.

C D · 10 months ago

Received text that my prescription was ready. I needed to pick up that day because I had to fly out the next day. My Mom passed away. Got there & was in line behind 1 person 3 min. before they closed for lunch break. The tech said can I help you & the Mgr. interrupted & said we are closed after I had waited & no sign was put out. I kindly asked if they could please help me as I was leaving for out of town & absolutely needed this prescr. The Mgr. was rude & in the wrong. She said come back when they opened. This person was rude & incompetent & had no compassion whatsoever. I had to cancel another appt. to pick up my prescription. Hence I will be changing my pharmacy. By looking at all the other negative reviews, I would think management would step in & fix this problem. I would be embarrassed to say I was an employee at this location. WRONG WRONG WRONG!

Michael Soguero · 10 months ago

Clearly this horrible pharmacy is not motivated by its poor reviews. My prescription had been misdirected to a different store (via app) so I called relevant stores. Neither ever answered multiple calls and one time on hold for one hour. So, I showed up here. Pharmacist rudely said he was not going to make calls to rectify the situation as he had too much work to do. So, my final refill is being filled at a local thousands of miles away and this pharmacy will not assist. Rude, useless and unprofessional.

Jess Jaramillo · almost 11 months ago

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I have to use CVS for a medication refills with my insurance to cover any of it, I have to go to the one closest to my home which is this one. They're extremely understaffed. Extremely frustrated and unable to fill most of my prescriptions on time and or ever. They tell me that they are always out of prescriptions and I can always purchase them for full cost if I go through the non-generic brands because of my insurance, they are unable to fill anything that is generic. They are always happy to feel non-generic brands, name brands specifically with no issues which means out of pocket they are more than willing to take my money. I feel sorry for people who have such things as my mental health and or heart disease due to the fact that the pharmacists and the people who are technicians are very insensitive to health issues, which in my mind, means that they probably shouldn't be in a health care profession. I always lose the fact that I have to go in to pick up my prescriptions and at times wish that I was able to afford a better health care medication company. But due to the fact that I am a single working mother, I have to go through the insurance through my company and the only place that they allow us to use for the medications is CVS. Otherwise it is also out of pocket but I always in unclear of why they are always out of medications and or why they always have brand medications and willing to fill those for out of pocket price. Kind of strange. I wonder if the.y get ki also, this is my experience. I'm sure others have had amazing experiences through the CVS company. Unfortunately, even with asthmatic medications they are unable to fill these medications on time, which makes it hard for somebody who can't for you or feels as though they cannot breathe.

Greg Robbins · more than 1 year ago

Apparently the pharmacy technicians have all quit. As a result, there are incredibly long lines and wait times. We received texts that our prescriptions had been filled and were ready for pick up. The pharmacist said that the texts were incorrect. So, after waiting in line for an hour, I had to wait for the prescription to be filled.

Spencer Lackey · almost 9 months ago

Don't waste your time here. Bad reviews apparently do nothing. I tried calling this place multiple times and waited for hours only to not have them even answer the phone. They do not care. When I arrived there were multiple employees standing behind computers "working" while one person was helping a line 15 people deep. I asked why they didn't answer my calls and they said they were very busy. I guess computer work is more important than answering the phone or helping customers standing in line.


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