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Walmart Pharmacy

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850 E 88th Ave, Thornton, CO, 80229, United States
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22 reviews


"Very friendly and always remembers my family's names."

"However-- what made this location great were the two main pharmacists."

"Very good customer service!"

laurie coatman · 10 months ago

Although this walmart can be busy their pharmacy is always quick and the staff are helpful and curtious.

Cheryl Barnes · more than 1 year ago

They think they are Dr's and will refuse to sell or fill prescriptions that your dr prescribes. They actually called my dr and demand he change my medication. They are judgemental and apparently are trained in a new way that they decide what you need. A dying woman but pain meds are not for chronic pain. Keys let someone suffer. My suggestion King soopers pharmacy

Shirley Francisco · almost 5 years ago

This is the worst pharmacy I’ve ever used. My doctor can call in a prescription and I will wait 2-3 hours before I pick it up because they are so slow. When I get there they will tell me the doctor hasn’t called in the prescription yet. It’s like pulling teeth for them to be honest and be accountable for their mistakes. I recently had an issue with my son’s prescription and they keep blaming my doctors office saying the doctor needs to approve something. I call my sons doctors office and the doctor said he did everything on his end. When I called the pharmacy the pharmacist answered and was very short with me. She then puts me on hold and a pharmacy tech answers this time and is rude through our whole conversation. When I raised my voice back at her is when she started to talk like an adult. Ridiculous!! She wanted me to call my doctor’s office again and tell him he didn’t do his part. I asked her if it was possible for her to call them because I’m the middle man getting the same answer on both sides and in the meantime my son is without his medicine. She wasn’t happy and didn’t even say goodbye when she hung up. If the pharmacist is going to have attitude, then her co-workers will follow her actions. Sad! I would have rated a “0”, but that wasn’t an option!

Zachary Christian · 5 years ago

This was once the only pharmacy I would utilize, even if it came at a cost-- either monetarily due to higher cost or time, due to distance. However-- what made this location great were the two main pharmacists. They have since left (at least a couple of years ago) moving on to better things. Sadly, they were replaced by the power-hungry types that now occupy so many other once-pleasant businesses. There is, after all, a reason that a Doctor-- a Physician-- has one role, and the pharmacist another. There was once a time where a pharmacist wouldn't dare raise issue with the advice of a Doctor-- especially when one's insurance has already approved a medication, thus indicating it's need. ...Sadly, those days are gone; many pharmacists are out to be heroes, "educated" and "certified" by acronym-laden plaques (paper certificates) lining the walls in declaration of their completing an 8 hour online CEU course (created, funded, and perpetuated by the pharmaceutical industry masquerading as Educators). One day each and every pharmacist who causes the damage and harm as was caused to my family by this establishment-- WILL find themselves on the other side of the counter. They, or an ill family member, WILL walk into a pharmacy to fill a prescription that is both essential and expensive beyond their means... ...and they will be given an excuse. They will be lied to. They will find themselves in the position of having spent countless hours working with insurance, multiple physicians and specialists-- and then, and only then will all the pain they so carelessly placed into the lives of others finally come back around. They will learn that the very PEER standing across the counter decided-- and acted-- without due diligence; they will learn that carelessness has made the lifesaving or sustaining medication-- on which they or a loved one relies-- now unobtainable despite countless hours, appointments, phone calls, prior authorizations, etc. They will have been judged. They will have had unnessary action taken toward them. They will be forced to go to extremes to handle what should be simple. ...and they may still, in their arrogance, not even see that what goes around comes around. They sowed the seed they now reap. Avoid this place at all costs. Someone very close to me almost died due to the negligence of a pharmacist here that failed to do her job in full.

John Aman · 2 years ago

I’m diabetic and twice now this pharmacy has not filled my prescription and then waited till I was completely out of insulin to tell me there out or discontinued or etc never contacting you to say hey we can’t get this in just lies about how it will be on the next truck if you value your organs avoid this place

Gracer · 4 years ago

I love everyone at this Pharmacy. They are always helpful and have taken care of me in a timely manner every time with my concerns being heard. Very thankful.

Tina Huckabay · almost 1 year ago

Very good customer service!

Janet Bukowski Wisconsin (Janet Bukowski) · 3 years ago

Do not fill your prescription here! Called to see what manufacturer of medication they carry for a particular medicine. They told me they can't give that information over the phone, this tells you the level and quality of the pharmacist that works at this location. It's apparent he/she doesn't understand the current laws and rules in Colorado.

Leilani Mueller · 3 years ago

4 WORDS..."THEY ARE THE GREATEST!" Perfectly AWESOME!! I've moved from the area but I WON'T change my pharmacy!!!!!!!!

Jamey Ayala · more than 2 years ago

Very friendly and always remembers my family's names.


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