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Walmart Pharmacy

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2881 North Ave, Grand Junction, CO, 81501, United States
Closed · Opens at 9 AM
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21 reviews
Ev Murphy · 3 years ago

Do not use this pharmacy. Every time I have gone in at the time they tell you to, my medicine isn’t ready. They can’t run a card manually, so if you’re on a family medical card you’re just screwed. Not even worth the time to stand in line. I just waited an hour to be told they can’t get me my meds. Go literally anywhere else and your pharmacy experience will be more pleasant.

Patrick Andrews · 5 years ago

Horrible explerience. The tech, Norma, was incredibly rude when I went to pick up my medications. She berated me for not using the drop-off window (I had to patiently explain to her that was holding coupons, NOT prescriptions) and then she behaved like an angry child when I tried to pick up my medications. It was a cold experience, and I stopped her halfway through the transaction so that I could just have my prescription sent to Safeway. It'll probably make my doctor and his staff angry (because they will have to re-send the medications to another pharmacy, which makes more work for everyone), but I would rather not perform business with Walmart if they are going to behave like angry children.

Kayla Hogan · more than 2 years ago

Don't have medication sent her based off of their business hours. Cut off a finger and needed medication until surgery the following day, pharmacy hours online said open till 6… got there at 540 to be told by the rude woman working they couldn't help me. What a joke and waste of my time.

Kandy Love · more than 5 years ago

So shout out to Daniel the pharmacist manager who recommended Amlactin lotion for my 18 month old that burns his skin!!! He told me that it's better than Aquaphor which I bought with it because Aquaphor is recommended by doctors for thin baby skin. I will never ask for help by him ever, pharmacists go to school long enough to know whats best for kids/adults but i guess not this guy. I come to you for help not to recommend a lotion that i didnt know is for ADULTS, i told you that his skin is sensitive and has dry spots, and it says to not use it on the face probably because the skin is thinner so why the hell would you recommended it for a baby?? Yes i should have done my mom research but i trusted him and his nonexistent knowledge about products. I will be contacting someone about this!!

Austin Howell · more than 2 years ago

I was told my script would be ready by 3 and they would text me to come pick it up, I didn't receive a text until 10 minutes before they closed for the day.

Panda Vii · more than 6 years ago

Daniel the manager is great and goes out of his way to fix a problem if you have an issue or concern. I appreciate wal mart and everything they have done for me in the past 6 years Iv been filling with them

Jamie Lynn · more than 6 years ago

pharmacist joyce speaking waaaay above conversational tone about people's meds and if they have insurance or not. rude and disrespectful. wont be back

Michael “Illuminasing” Flaherty · more than 2 years ago

One thing you know for sure about the staff at this location watch out for their publics best interest

Nicholas Vezakis · 2 years ago

Messed up my insurance and took me a week to figure it out!

Ken Manzanares · more than 2 years ago

Always helpful.. live better save alot


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