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CVS Pharmacy

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2424 Old US Hwy 6 & 50, Grand Junction, CO, 81505, United States
Closed · Opens at 10 AM Thu
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10 AM - 1:30 PM
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2 PM - 6 PM
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48 reviews


"Also, prices are higher then Walmart or City Market for what I need."

"When do most people work?"

"I waited over 10 minutes while 3 employees were moving around back there."

Kimberly Stauffer · almost 2 years ago

The pharmacist there is great. She doesn't argue with me when I get my necessary pain medication filled. They are far better than Walgreens on North Avenue that has a pharmacist who believes he knows more than my doctor.

Colleen Nye · more than 2 years ago

We have been very happy with the CVS Pharmacy at Target in GJ. The staff is always helpful and friendly. We hardly ever have to wait in line. We have been using this pharmacy for a couple of years now and have never had any issues. My only complaint would be the limited hours (wish they were open on the weekends).

Samantha Hoogland · almost 10 months ago

Don't waste your time here. My doctor's office faxed a prescription over and I never received an update that it was in, so I called to make sure they got the fax. The woman on the phone said they did not receive anything. After seeing the poor reviews for this CVS online I asked my doctor to switch to Walmart and it was ready that day. Today, 4 days later, I received a message from CVS telling me I only have 8 days left to pick up my prescription. Customer service was poor and there is no semblance of organization. If you rely on getting your prescriptions in a timely manner, I recommend you use another pharmacy.

Pam Nicholls · 9 months ago

Although cvs is understaffed the ladies behind the counter are helpful, friendly and overworked! I’ve used cvs for 11 years. They always return my calls and always greet me with a smile.

Pamela Zal · 1 year ago

There was exetremely poor customer service and extremely rude!! I waited over 10 minutes while 3 employees were moving around back there. When one finally came she was kurt and rude. She said they had been on the phone. Only one of them was on the phone. If for some weird reason took all thrre of them the currort customer service action is to politely let the customers know there will be a wait. Not ignoring them.

Robert Cribbs · 1 year ago

My friend picked up my prescription for me a few days ago and was treated rudely at the pickup counter. I thought that may have been a rare occurrence. My wife had to pick up a prescription for me yesterday and was treated rudely and was given excuses for the rude treatment. Sorry CVS but your fired!

Kimberley Blosser · almost 2 years ago

I read the reviews about Grand Junction CVS after I read the reviews about Boulder CVS and they pretty much match in what people have to say. My experiences, however, have been terrific. My mom lives in Boulder and has a terrible time between not getting her prescriptions through the mail order system and her doctor having to send prescriptions back to the physical pharmacy. I decided to walk into Grand Junction CVS awhile back to help my mom sort out a problem. Cynthia had worked in the Boulder pharmacy and was able to help get that situation sorted out. After talking to my mom the other night, I found out she had not been receiving her mail order prescriptions for four months and couldn't get anyone on the phone in Boulder. She just needed assistance with getting in touch with the mail order site to figure out why they had stopped sending her prescriptions. Today, I went into the Grand Junction store and explained to the first lady what I needed. She turned to Cynthia to assist me. Cynthia remembered my situation with my mom in Boulder and worked with me for about a half hour figuring out how I could get my mom's insulin so I could get it to her this weekend. She was able to transfer primary pharmacy to Grand Junction so she could fill the prescription for pickup tomorrow. She also very patiently answered all of my other questions on what could be done to make it easier on my mom for her receiving her prescriptions in a timely fashion so she wouldn't be left waiting on prescriptions for four months again, especially when they are critical, like insulin. I highly recommend the CVS pharmacy for the sheer reason that they are so willing to help solve CVS errors like this.

Isaac Redding · 1 year ago

Please don't use Target CVS in GJ Co. And Montrose CO. For your specialty prescriptions! They never let me know it's there. They don't keep track of when it comes in. And they like to pass the buck. Very unprofessional and that's scary when you need a medication like me for my M.S. relapses are not a joke. And my life depends on this medication. Please look to other options instead of using these pharmacies.

Justin RIDPATH · more than 2 years ago

So after chasing my RX all morning only to find it got sent to CVS, tried calling them and the entire store, only to talk to someone in guest services, she tried but has her hands tied on helping me. I want to say that the pharmacy is very poor at taking calls, let alone answering them. I will not be coming back to this place ever again. Sorry if they are short staffed but still doesn’t warrant the neglect of phone calls from customers.

Marvin Trumbo · 1 year ago

Open Monday - Friday 10am to 6pm and closed on weekends... Are you kidding me????? Sorry I will no longer support them on their time frame as my time must not be important to them. I will go somewhere that is open on Saturday or later in the evening.


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