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Costco Pharmacy

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18414 Cottonwood Dr, Parker, CO, 80138, United States
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"Good people, fairly quick, cheapest in town, and you don't need a membership!"

"I said my doctor is my care provider so he refused to give me my medication."

"Very inconsistent with inventory and customer service."

Yeti Police · 10 months ago

When picking up a prescription you have to talk to the pharmacist. He asks why you are on the medication. Sometimes it’s at a window. But the last 2 times he asked me while I was in line with people behind me. I have never had to explain my medical history to a pharmacist before. The last time he would not fill my prescription because he didn’t think I should be on 2 similar medications. He refused to fill the quantity I was prescribed and questioned why I needed it. He asked several times what are you prescribed this for. He actually wanted to specifically know what I’m being treated for. Stating I’m obligated to ask everyone. I said my doctor is my care provider so he refused to give me my medication. This is the first time I’ve ever had a pharmacist ask questions about my health condition and refuse to fill the quantity of pills.

William Baker · 1 year ago

Switched over because their store and vision center are good. Pharmacy...not so much. Very inconsistent with inventory and customer service. A couple of ladies at front counter don't even act as though they want to be there. Have gotten text that script was ready only to go in there to find out it's not. Today when I called to check on two scripts that were being filled the gentlman on the phone said he would check to make sure they were there. Came back online and said they would both be ready within the hour. Wife goes down to pick them up and is told that one had to be ordered and won't be in until tomorrow. Yet again, a wasted trip in. Now I have to waste more time and fuel to go pick one of them up tomorrow. Not convenient or fiscal at all.

Ivan Baas · 1 year ago

The medical staff (Pharmacist decision) disregarded Dr. RX's prescribed amount of medication, claiming they are unable to provide the full amount and did not offer brake it apart as a partial refill (3-months refill). Their attitude suggests a lack of concern, even though my health heavily relies on this medication. Take what we have and thats all for 3 months and its been like that for a last year or so - supply issues they say. Why not get rest of the amount later when you can? a month later? I'm sure you can do that. Biggest issues is that they have a little monopoly on this over the counter drug that you can get in big amounts only by RX, but insurance doesn't cover it so you forced to pay out of pocket and no one else sells 24 pills pack for that price nor volumes. SO I don't have a choice to pick another pharmacy. Ridiculous situation all around. *I pay 2.5k monthly for insurance that doesn't cover chronic condition first line medication because it sells over the counter, but not really because its super limited amounts without RX. For God Sake can someone fix medicare system in the US?

Charles Gaughan · 9 months ago

Have been going here for 4 years. Great pharmacist and hardworking staff.

Sierra Hopp · almost 2 years ago

We love this pharmacy and all the staff. Kandy is hilarious, and Robert is incredible and takes the time to really show that he cares about his patients. We won’t go anywhere else!

P G (Gibby) · more than 1 year ago

Take off the website and your pharmacy that you welcome walkins for vaccinations when you don't. If you are that understaffed put on the site and at the desk appointments only. Don't waste people's time.

Stephanie P · 3 years ago

I have filled prescriptions here twice. Both times they have made errors and I have had to go back to have them corrected. This time I asked the pharmacist if my rx had been run through good rx he told me it had. This was a lie. I was overcharged by $90 because they didn't run it through good rx. The pharmacist then spent the whole time he was fixing it explaining to me why it was my fault.

Kristin Erfman · 5 years ago

Not only were my son's EpiPens much much cheaper here, but they put a hold on them for me, since it was the last box and 5 other pharmacies were back ordered. Also, I asked them to print an extra prescription label and they happily complied and labeled each one individually, rather than just handing me the label. Both people who helped me were extremely helpful and friendly.

Cynthia Medina · more than 1 year ago

Steady service throughout the pandemic while so many other pharmacies struggled with staffing! Plus, the pharmacist is super nice.

Veronica Werner · 2 years ago

This pharmacy is a joke. We swapped over for convenience but the same prescription that without insurance was $120 a month ago at Walmart was $210 here WITH insurance. What kind of sense does that make!?!?


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