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United States Postal Service

    201 Coffman St, Longmont, CO, 80501, United States
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    276 reviews


    "More jobs for everyone, happier/less stressed customers & staff."

    "Friendliest and most knowledgeable people to work at the Post Office ."

    "I have never dealt with a place that was this crappy."

    Enomi Klaffenbock · 1 year ago

    My package was never delivered even though this post office said it was delivered!! I was home all day waiting for the package!! I believe one of the post people stole my package because they liked what I ordered. I now go through other means of having my packages delivered so my stuff doesn't get stolen anymore!!

    Nathan Venzara · more than 10 months ago

    I’ve lived all over the country and have to say this is the best post office I’ve ever experienced. Over the last 2 years I’ve been impressed by the consistently friendly, helpful, and speedy service of everyone who works here. Just another reason I love living in Longmont!

    Ashley Chrisman · 1 year ago

    I had a great experience at the Longmont US Post Office this week. Used this facility to apply for a passport for my children and while waiting for my appointment time I observed several acts of exceptional service. David was one clerk who kindly greeted and carefully educated patrons about their options for mailing items and then closed each interaction with, "My name is David if anything comes up I'm always glad to help." And then Deb, who checked in with me several times that I was in the correct place, who noticed and encouraged an elderly gentleman with poor mobility to use a more direct route to the counter and then patiently helped him sort through a question about a P.O. Box then she, too, kindly reminded him that she managed the P.O. Boxes and was always happy to help if other questions arose. Elaine helped me with the passport situation and found a solution to my oversight, she was thorough and kind, efficient and organized. Finally, another employee was available to act as an interpreter for a Spanish speaking couple who came in, putting everyone at ease and helping with the issue at hand. It can't be easy to work at the post office but these people seemed to take real pride in their work. As I left, David shouted out to a full lobby, "Everyone make way for the cute baby!" as I trudged through with an infant carseat, my five year old, and a handful of passport documents. Is it possible that I left the post office, of all places, feeling truly cared for? Good job Longmont USPS, appreciate you and the work you do to serve our community.

    M K · 1 year ago

    Posting here because there is nowhere to submit feedback on the website. The mail person jammed our package into our mailbox yesterday, despite it being too small. It was crushed in at the sides, and it ripped/crushed further as we pulled it out. The contents were collector's items and some of them are now damaged. Please take more care in the future.

    Moises De Anda · more than 9 months ago

    One of the most stupid staff I’ve ever seen,always leave my mail in someone’s else locker,or send it back because they never fond the lockers 🤦🏽‍♂️ all the damn time.

    Angelina Sepulveda · 1 year ago

    They never answer the phone. You have to go in to get instructions to make a passport appointment. Then, they don't tell you anything you need to bring, like cash or a checkbook for a passport. It all makes sense but I've never done this and if we could all read through the fine print and legal jargon, we wouldn't have to go to the post office anyway and we could just mail out our application ourselves! Going for the third time, and making an appointment somewhere else. It's job security on their end when you have to keep coming back and wasting your time. They don't care. It's worth driving elsewhere.

    Julie Aguilar · more than 1 year ago

    Customer service is bad, Specially the short Lady when she helps with passports. never fully staffed and there's always a long wait. the person that delivers my mail puts it in the neighbors box (often) or he puts my neighbors mail in y box. Like don't this people have training, do they even like their job because they always have a mad face? do they even know what customer service is? I am sure everyone in this world when they go to a place they expect to be treated with respect with dignity and with manners. But some of the employees in that office don't even know what manners or customer service is. (specially the ladies doing the passport applications they are soooooo rude.)

    thea shaw · 2 years ago

    These folks are my favorite. I’m often in mailing priority with extra insurance. They’re always friendly, informative and patient. And they always remember me — checking if I want insurance the handful of times I’ve forgotten. I’ve been in well over 100 times and they’re consistently great. I’ve seen them navigate upset customers patiently, considerately but still productively so folks don’t wait forever on line, particularly during the holidays. I can’t understand why they’d have such a low rating other than customers frustrated by the post office in general. Their manager and entire team have always been reliably exceptional in my experience. They’re even sweet to my service dog when he comes in.

    Taylor Valadez · more than 1 year ago

    My review is only on behalf of their passport staff, not the people working at the front desk helping others. I highly recommend going elsewhere for your passport appointment, literally anywhere else. My husband and I both had to get off of work early to make our appointment for our 6-month old today. It was our own fault that we were 5 minutes late and I understand needing to have people reschedule appointments if they are late. However, she called me back and began taking me back to the office when I let her know my husband was on his way. She said “Oh, not everyone is here? You’re going to have to reschedule”. At that very minute my husband walked in. She told us we would still need to reschedule because at this point we have wasted 8 minutes (even though I was only 5 minutes late, she took an additional 3 minutes to come out and get us). So essentially she was going to take me back no problem until I said my husband wasn’t there and then she changed her mind even though he walked in no more than 10 seconds later. She said we could wait and see if the next appointment was a no-show and we could take that appointment. That appointment time rolls around and she comes out and says she’s going to “give them 5 minutes”. So these people are allowed a 5 minute grace period but we weren’t? 5 minutes go by and the people don’t show so she does take us back. When we get back there she makes a comment about giving people a chance for 5 minutes to show up and then she moves on. Then herself and the other lady sitting in the back start complaining about “how is it not 4:00” and talking about wanting to go home. Super rude and unprofessional while customers are sitting right there. I too worked all day as a special education teacher but to make me feel like I’m inconveniencing her is just not ok. Everyone is fighting their own battles. I understand this job involves working with some tough people but not everyone who walks through the door deserves that kind of treatment.

    GG June · almost 9 months ago

    Worst post office EVER!! The LAZIEST employees , don’t expect any of them to move a finger to help! Staff here are so miserable is quite pathetic!!!


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