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Famous Footwear

Discount brand-name shoes & accessories

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TWENTY NINTH STREET, 1600 28th St #1204, Boulder, CO, 80301, United States
Closed · Opens at 10 AM


10 AM - 8 PM
10 AM - 8 PM
10 AM - 8 PM
10 AM - 8 PM
11 AM - 6 PM
10 AM - 8 PM
10 AM - 8 PM


73 reviews


"Friendly service, ok selection, and great deals."

"I attempted to return the boots and the store manager would not make the return."

"Good options, helpful staff and decent prices."

Happy Dogs · almost 5 years ago

Something for every one and almost any event. Loved the huge selection of sandalds. Sadly none of the ones I really wanted were available in my size. Found a wonderful pair of tennis shoes. Loved the vast selection of kids shoes. The Crocs are super cute. The sales lady was very sweet and helpful.

Helfie Bean · 1 year ago

Good deals on shoe. My only issue is I had asked for a bag before checking out. Instead the lady ignored me to ask about socks. After processing my card I had asked again for a bag. She said that’ll be .10c. It’s your job to ask the customer before checking out if they want a bag! I had to walk home carrying it awkwardly.

Antonia Green · 2 years ago

I walked in today to buy a pair of nike sandals that went in sale last week... Today is the worst experience I've had in retail in my whole life. We walked in and automatically the store clerk called for another associate, they then stood at the front door like we were going to run away with the sandals. I asked why they stood there when we, black women, walked in and there was already white customers, he then said it's because if homeless people... Insinuating that he was worried about us, I told him to hold my shoes so he wouldn't think I was trying to run out of the site with them. When that happened, both associates walked away like they were not worried anymore. Mind you, 3 other white customers walked in and the associates didn't call for back up then. I will NEVER come back to this famous footwear store, NEVER. I SHOULDN'T HAVE SPENT MY $20 BUCKS ON THE LITTLE SANDALS AND WENT TO ANOTHER STORE. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

Christopher Taylor · 2 years ago

Here we are mothers day weekend, and the store says open at 10am on a Saturday! Well I have stood here for an hour it's now 10:56 and still not open... Literally at least 50 people have come and gone. Whoever is running this store must not like selling shoes or making money because you totally missed out!

English Advantage · 1 year ago

Every time I come here it’s closed during normal business hours. Don’t you want to sell shoes?

Larisa Hnizdo · more than 2 years ago

I've done my fair share of retail shopping and retail work in life, but I've never been as shocked by a manager's behavior as I was regarding a friend's recent shopping experience at the 29th St Mall location. My friend, a city employee and mother of two, was recently racially profiled at this location by the store manager. She, her children, and husband were actually about to purchase items from the store when the manager directly accused them of stealing (something that is a hard no as a business practice). The manager immediately escalated the situation to calling the police, despite the presence of her family, and continued to berate and harass my friend and her family while they were waiting. After a police search and several minutes of questioning, my friend was found to be completely innocent of any theft--however, the store manager insisted to the police that my friend and her family must have stolen from the store. Although the actual police report clearly shows nothing was taken, this manager refused to admit any wrongdoing on her part. I caution anyone from supporting this business in the future, as it is clear that one's racial background is obviously cause for accusations and police intervention at this location. Even in the face of facts presented by law enforcement, the store's manager was more inclined to continue insisting that items were stolen, rather than apologize to the customer and move forward. Embarrassing and disgraceful behavior.

L P · 2 years ago

They keep closing hours early and simply posting a piece of paper on the window. Would be nice if they notified their customers on their website. Made two trips to get our order before leaving town and both times they were closed. Disappointing and frustrating!!!!

Manoj Nair · 7 years ago

Decent selections for kids footwear. Prices are reasonable and the staff is helpful

Chris Sansone · 5 years ago

Buyer beware the corporate return policy. Within a few days of making a purchase the debit card are used was stolen. I attempted to return the boots and the store manager would not make the return. I understand the debit is same as cash. Corporate policy says otherwise. They would not refund the money to me.

Josh Hicks · 5 years ago

We were greeted and helped by Abby who I believe is the assistant manager who was very helpful. I walked in not expecting to purchase any shoes, but ended up leaving with a nice pair for extremely cheap. Great deals and great customer service!



Chain store offering a wide variety of brand-name shoes at discounted prices.

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