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    225 S Lake Ave 3rd floor, Pasadena, CA, 91101, United States
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    22 reviews


    "This is one great company to work with!"

    "I didn’t file since the reception and it finally caught up with me."

    "They took this tax problem off my plate and got us the best possible settlement."

    king Zaga · 2 years ago

    These people are the crypto experts if you have a crypto tax problem as I did. They have a dedicated team of tax attorneys who only deal with cryptocurrency. Thanks to LTG, I've learned a lot over this process. Even though I hadn't reported my crypto for several years, they had me caught up (thousands of transactions each month) in months. Yes, I failed to disclose any of my transactions or make any estimated tax payments. The tax problem was really bad. This firm comes highly recommended since they are extremely informed, competent, kind, and caring. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me.

    Chanel Azad · 5 years ago

    A revenue officer from the irs showed up at my door. Thankfully I was not home. He left his card. After lots of research I found this tax firm in Pasadena. I met them in person and I was sold! So I hired them. They worked very hard for about a year and I’m extremely pleased with the end results. I’m paying only $500 per month on a $200k tax bill. There is a reason they have so many great reviews. I’m one of their very very satisfied clients and I will be using them for life to prepare my future returns.

    Teddy Eldon · more than 6 years ago

    Of ll the agencies that deal with IRS tax attorneys in Pasadena, this is the best. They have helped me countless times already. My tax situation is often unconventional - some may call it challenging. However, this never prevented them from assisting me. This is one great company to work with!

    ariel omidfar · 2 years ago

    Resolved our CDTFA audit and balances like no other tax attorney. These guys have not only knowledge but massive ballzzz!! They really fought the Cdtfa until they agreed to our side of the story. I don’t think any other firm has the experience this team has with the CDTFA. Also the Cdtfa agent worked with my tax attorney at Ltg many times in the past. So the relationship was also helpful!

    Tuan Margarito · more than 6 years ago

    Leading Tax Group is the IRS audit attorney from Pasadena I use on a periodic basis. He has never disappointed me. Not even once. His legal services are just wonderful, so I can only recommend him.

    Kylie Graham · 7 years ago

    I was dealing with an IRS bank levy and there was no way to stop them. They wouldn’t accept any of my offers for a payment plan. They were just being unreasonable and I needed professional help. I was so relieved when the IRS bank levy attorneys at Leading Tax Group, in Pasadena CA told me they could unfreeze my account. I almost had everything repossessed - it was a nightmare. Thanks to Leading Tax Group I have a very manageable payment plan.

    Trent Len · almost 5 years ago

    We used this Pasadena law firm for a number of IRS related auditing concerns last year.. They did such a great job. Will absolutely use them again if we ever face any unexpected tax law issues.,

    James Acosta · almost 5 years ago

    I have an amazon business and was audited by the California department of tax and fee administration or cdtfa last year. I hired Ltg and they took care of all meetings and communication. A year later. We just received a letter yesterday from cdtfa with no change!!!!! Our audit was completed without us owing a dime in sales tax! Thanks to my amazing tax attorneys! Both Elizabeth and James!

    Jason Pajounia · 5 years ago

    The IRS was always in the back of my mind. I finally took action when I received an intent to levy notice from the IRS. I found LTG on yelp. They took care of my case and updated me all the time. Now I have piece of mind knowing I hired to the right tax attorneys. I would highly recommend them to anyone with tax issues. I am finally getting some good night sleep!

    gus newton · more than 6 years ago

    I should help with my taxes after moving to Pasadena, and Leading Tax Group was my best choice. I don't regret retaining their services, as they have done a great job so far. I know that whenever I call, somebody will give me the information I need.



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