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1301 E South Boulder Rd, Louisville, CO, 80027, United States
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578 reviews


"Chase quickly helped us get a price of trash out of the tire and patched."

"Good work good services (Aaron) at Louisville co location"

"Friendly staff and great prices."

M J · almost 11 months ago

My front tire would not hold in air and Mel and gang at BIG O found a screw which they repaired right away! These guys are so kind and real professionals. It was so reassuring to find a place to take my car where the folks treat their customers so we’ll! I will only be going to BIG O in Louisville for all my cars needs from now on! Thanks so much again!

Owner's response · almost 11 months ago

M J, we were happy to help and hope you won't hesitate to come back and see us in the future. Thank you!

Mike Taylor · 11 months ago

I’ve been a customer for 10 years, with 4 of our vehicles. I’ll never go back. Our last service was so awful that I feel a responsibility to actively tell friends and family to stay away. Here’s what happened: • Radiator on our Jeep Grand Cherokee fails • Big O installs a new radiator + some other related fixes for almost $3,000 • 2 days later, the newly installed radiator fails catastrophically - 100% of the coolant leaks out • I pay to have the Jeep towed to Big O, they try again to fix it • This process repeats 2 more times in less than a week • On the third failure, I have the vehicle towed to the Jeep dealership in Boulder and pay an additional $1,000 to have the dealership repair Big O’s “repair” work • Big O offered no refund and made no effort to make their failed work right

Anton Pavlov · almost 1 year ago

I have lived in Louisville for almost five years and could not imagine that we could have such bad service. I got a screw in the wheel. A very easy task to solve, but instead they began to convince me that it was impossible to repair and that I urgently needed to buy 4 new wheels, because only one tire could not be changed. I said goodbye and 15 minutes later had a repaired wheel from the guys across the street in Louisville Tire & Auto Care.

Owner's response · 11 months ago

Anton, we are sorry to hear about your experience at our store. We follow tire manufacturer safety guidelines when it comes to recommending tire replacements or repairs for our customers. We would be happy to discuss our recommendations, and encourage you to contact us at (303)666-8665 or by email at [email protected]. Thank you.

Shania Geisler · 11 months ago

If I could give 0 I would. My mom doesn’t do her own car work so she brought her car here for new brakes. I bought the car from her and it was making a weird noise so I took off the wheel and brakes to see what it was. They didn’t secure the caliber pin whatsoever just placed it in there. Our brakes could have failed causing injury or death when we confronted the manager he said well it didn’t happen so I’m not doing anything about it, we asked for a refund because they didn’t do it right the first time he got mad when we asked for the return. Terrible service and real snotty manager. The staff is not trained properly. This isn’t the first time they have done something like this but this time was the last straw she will never be going back here again. I advise you do the same.

Jay Uecker · 1 year ago

Something has changed at big o over the years. Check in with them every once in awhile and am always left with a bad taste in my mouth. Recently had check engine light come on after a botched oil change at Walmart in Broomfield (I'm reviewing them next). Was hoping big o could just read it for me. They said I'd have to leave it all day and likely charge me $149 to read code. I understand, they're busy and have to draw boundaries. Fine. But it's a business choice that doesn't leave one with that local-hometown-customer-service sort of feel. I felt like a number caught in a corporate machine. Went down the street to Louisville Tire and they were happy to help.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Jay, we apologize for the delay you experienced at our store. We strive to provide prompt service to all of our customers. Our stores get very busy this time of year, and that can cause unexpected and unavoidable delays. We make every effort to avoid this but it isn't always possible. We would be happy to discuss any of your concerns, and help with anything else you may need in the future. You can reach our store at (303) 666-8665. Thank you.

Lenny Sigwarth · 1 year ago

I stopped at this shop today because my car engine light was on, and the 4wd lights seemed to be locked. I was terrified to drive more than 25 m per hour. This place only takes care of “tires” my problem did not have anything to do with tires. Yet, Aaron from Big O Tires at 1301 S. Boulder Road in Louisville Colorado was so kind to take the time to look at my car’s red lights. He calmly and clearly explained to me the error message these lights referred to. He told me that continuo to drive home should not be a problem and just to take it easy on the speed. This was enough for me to make it at home! He was kind, knowledgeable and considerable. Please be kind to him and everyone else when you stop at this shop!! Thank you, Aaron!

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Lenny, we are happy to see this five star rating and we will always do our best to take care of all your needs. Please come back to see us again.

Soul U-tions · 1 year ago

I am blown away by the awesome customer care and excellent car/tire care received today at this location!!!!! Bri and David, Melanie were so attentive and kind ...thanks to you both. The mechanics were incredibly fast and thorough without me even needing to ask for anything ---they did it all!!!!

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Soul U-tions, we appreciate this glowing review! We aim to always provide 5 star service, and hope you always get that when you visit us. Please let us know if we can do anything else in the future. Thank you.

Kenny Gillis · 3 years ago

DON'T GO HERE!!! Similar to some other reviews here, they damaged a wheel when installing tires and then denied doing so. Once I realized I had pictures and video of the wheels before the tire install, they agreed to have the wheel repaired. I brought the wheel in on a Monday for repair, didn't get it back until 11 days later, with no phone call updates on what was happening. I was originally told it would be a few days for repair. The manager never admitted any wrong doing on their part and claimed his machine was incapable of damaging a wheel. After talking with other tire shops, and friends who had worked in tires shops, I realized he was not being honest. Insane, especially if you look at the pictures of the wheels, you can see pieces of aluminum on the new tires. There was also no apology for any inconvenience at any time during this process. I recommend going somewhere else, but if you have your heart set on this location, then at least take pictures of your wheels before getting tires mounted. I reached out to the owner to see if there was anything he could do to help make up for my experience. He offered to waive the install cost of the tires, which was something, but in my opinion hardly proportional to the experience I had. In the end, the 1-star rating isn't because the wheel got damaged during tire install, I know that happens. The 1-star rating is based the way the manager and owner handled the situation.

Sean Hansen · 1 year ago

I've come to this Big O Tires for car maintenance for around a decade due to their quality, great service, and good prices. They tell me what my car needs fixed and what I can live without, the work is always quality, and I never feel swindled into extra fees or work I don't need. I even moved years back and live ~30 minutes away and still come back here. I'm often helped out by Adam, who gives great customer service and is super reliable. Whenever I see him there I'm glad he'll be handling my car because it will be done correctly and quickly.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Sean, thank you for the trust you've given us all these years! We strive to provide excellent service and hope you get nothing but the best at our store. Thank you.

Matt Smith · 2 years ago

I had a horrible experience at this location in Louisville. Just to be fair I moved from Warrensburg Missouri and the big o tires there was fantastic. After and oil change on Jan 10th I had an oil pan protective plate that came off on the interstate the next morning at 5:00 a.m. it was dangling by two screws and unable to do a thing about it I had to continue to drive to work with a banging underneath my car. I later had to knock it off with a hammer to just be able to get home that day. Nobody seem concerned and no refund was issued to me. They did order the part and put it back on but I was not compensated for my inconvenience at all. Would never go back to this location.

Owner's response · 2 years ago

Matt, we are very sorry to hear this feedback. We aim to provide excellent service, and stand behind our work. If something has gone wrong as a result of our service, we will gladly make things right. We appreciate you coming back to us and allowing us to do that. We would be happy to discuss any additional concerns, and encourage you to contact us at (303) 666-8665, or stop by our store. Thank you.


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