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900 reviews


"Great service, friendly associates and quality product at a fair price!"

"Luv these guys, excellent work and prices, but the people are just Amazing!"

"*RESPONSE TO OWNERS RESPONSE* You still couldnt manage an apology!"

Cheryl Puckett · 1 year ago

5.2.2023 update Picked up a screw in one of my rear duals. Popped in, told them I was losing air, they checked all 6 tires and adjusted the pressures and located a screw in the one tire, removed it, repaired the tire and got me right back on the road! Super fast and friendly service again!! I bought 6 tires there for my dually in February 2022 and 4 tires for my husband's Jeep today. These guys are professional, polite, and the 3 year warranty program they have is outstanding! I've been super happy with my Big O tires on my truck and that made us repeat customers!

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hi Cheryl! We appreciate the review and kind words! We are so glad we are able to help you out!

Jeremy Reneau · almost 1 year ago

Folks were friendly and helpful. I didn’t have an appointment, but they worked me in no problem. Got new wheels and tires mounted/balanced plus an alignment. The alignment sadly isn’t great. While driving straight the steering wheel is offset center to right. As a former technician of ten years I’m probably a little harsher on this than most. Anyway they took great care of my wheels no scratches or damage. Even aired up and loaded my old set. Nice folks appreciate the work they did. Edit: called them up 6/27 set a appointment for the following day. Dropped the truck of for my set time of 10am. They got it all taken care of. Truck is driving nice and straight now. Thank you guys for the follow up. Will return in the future.

Owner's response · almost 1 year ago

Thank you for your review, Jeremy Reneau, we offer a thirty day guarantee on our alignments. Please call (970) 541-1965 and we will get you taken care of. Follow Up: Thank you for your edited review, Jeremy, we are pleased you called and we were able to get your alignment taken care of to your satisfaction.

Taylor James · 1 year ago

Spent almost four grand there they didn't grease the parts they installed, they left rubber booties off of parts that needed protection, took the clamps that held them on and just left them off. I brought it back there to be fixed and they put zip ties on it and told me it was a permanent fix, I thought that it was quick cuz I'm smart enough to know that in order to get the clamps on that they left off they would have had to totally undo the work that they just did to put the clamp on right, instead of doing that they zip tied it, then when I called them out on it the owner there Tony told me that zip ties weren't acceptable permanent fix. I'm now in talks with their corporate office to have another shop fix the problem that they started because they obviously can't be trusted to do the right thing at Loveland big o. I will be on the radio with Tom Martino within the week. and hey Troy if you don't like hearing a few cuss words maybe you should do things right the first time or maybe even the second. I was very reasonable and understanding when I first had to send it back even though I was livid that I just spent that amount of money and that's how my truck came back. At this point I have every right to use a few superlatives to explain to you what a hack job I received going to your shop. F*cker

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Zip ties come with the kit and its standard process. When we discussed this over the phone and we asked you to not curse so much, you said you’d handle the conversation in a different way. We thought this meant stopping by the store to discuss with us instead of leaving a Google review. We wish you and the next shop you go to the best of luck.

Sherry Stewart · 10 months ago

Raymond was SO pleasant, knowledgeable, and efficient! I had a blown tire, and he went out of his way to advise whether I needed to replace the one tire or buy 4 new ones. In the end, I bought only one, which saved a lot of money. There was NO pressure to buy 4 tires (which I'm sure I could have been convinced to). His honesty and advise was greatly appreciated!!

Owner's response · 10 months ago

Thank you for the excellent review, Sherry, we appreciate your business and are pleased that we provided excellent customer service while saving you some money.

jake barnett · 10 months ago

Great service, very friendly. We got an alignment, tires, brakes and all very fast done the same day. Everything feels great 👍. Chris helped a ton, he fixed a different problem while the car was there that I couldn't for the life of me figure out. Very happy overall.

Owner's response · 10 months ago

Thank you for the exceptional review, Jake Barnett, we are thrilled we provided you with full-service automotive care quickly and efficiently. We appreciate your business.

jason knox · more than 10 months ago

Great customer service. Raymond is my go to for keeping our fleet of vehicles up and running! They even some how find room to work on our trailers/lifting rigs when no body else will! Recently moved shop and still bring our vehicles to BIG O. Customer Service the way it used to be! And should be! Thanks Jason Knox Concrete Lifting Solutions

Owner's response · more than 10 months ago

Thank you for the five-star review, Jason Knox. We love taking care of fleet vehicles and look forward to servicing your trailers/lift rigs quickly and efficiently while providing excellent customer service in the future!

S Johnson · 9 months ago

For anyone that doesn’t know; THIS SHOP IS A FULL SERVICE AUTO SHOP THAT IS OPEN ON SATURDAYS. That’s hard to find in Loveland. Been here a few times and always a fast and professional experience. Last time they had to clean up another shop’s sloppy work. Your boy Ray at the front took care of me. Quick, easy and friendly dudes. Thank you!

Owner's response · 9 months ago

Thank you for the excellent review, S. Johnson, we appreciate your loyal business and hearty recommendation.

Aurora Knapp · 11 months ago

Such a disappointing experience. I had high hopes when I spoke to Ray and he took care of me so well, and genuinely went above and beyond to help me out. The negative remarks come from feeling ignored and disrespected. When a customer asks you for specific things, such as checking their tires for a certain issue, it would be nice for it to be done. I had a whole conversation with two gentleman about my issues at a previous auto shop. I told them what I was told were some issues and had asked them to check for me. I explained that I needed this information for a reason. I was ensured that this would be done and they would look into what I had asked. When it came time to pay and leave they gave me a bill, asked for payment, and went to send me on my way. I asked the gentleman about the issues I brought up and he gave me a deer in the headlights look. He said “well I don’t see any notes so there must be nothing.” There should have been notes because they needed to inspect my tire for cupping which should have been reported. I had the man ask the techs in the garage if anything was noticed and nobody seemed to have any clue as to what I was talking about. Very clear that my message was not relayed to the team and I took a hit for it. Someone from the store reached out to me, and when I addressed my concern I received zero response. Not even an acknowledgment. So thank you Troy, for making me feel so small.

Owner's response · almost 11 months ago

Aurora Knapp, I hope that when Ray contacted you he was able to resolve the issue, if he was not, please call the store at (970) 541-1965 and we will work to provide the service you deserve.

Alan Thomas · 9 months ago

Do not go to Big O Tires in Loveland, CO! I took in a tire that needed to be repaired. The tire had a slow leak due to a screw being stuck in it. They did not charge me for the repair, but the aluminum wheel was gouged badly from the technician not knowing how to dismount and mount the tire on the wheel. The replacement wheel cost me $338. Half their staff appears to be kids "learning" to do auto repairs. I watched one of them "loosening" a brake rotor with a sledgehammer. I will not go back and I recommend you avoid them too.

Owner's response · 9 months ago

Alan, we have attempted to call and offered to replace your wheel if we damaged it. Your phone number on file does not work, we also emailed you. Please call the store at (970) 541-1965.

John Santiago · almost 10 months ago

Just left today with four new tires and an alignment. 4 miles down the road and my tire starts wobbling all over because the lug nuts were loose. Lug nuts are pretty essential to a tire business, right? Update: moving from 1 to 3 stores. The manager offered cash back, redid the alignment and spoke with the tech.

Owner's response · almost 10 months ago

Thank you for the updated review, John, we appreciate you speaking with our store manager and appreciate your business.


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