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2820 North Ave, Grand Junction, CO, 81501, United States
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1044 reviews


"Music praising Jesus Christ was ringing and rocking in the service area."

"Helpfull staff and best prices in town."

"Discount Tire is a great company with fair prices and hard working employees."

Carol T · 1 year ago

Fast, friendly and very helpful. Thank you to Brayden and Cole for their superior service. Both were so helpful and friendly. Did not feel rushed and they had my new tires installed in less than an hour. Ha. I also noticed they have some Bird scooters stationed in front… just in case.

Isaac Hess · almost 1 year ago

I was surprised that they could not rotate my truck tires. Bought and paid for at this store. I told Cory (manager) you guys promised you would rotate for free. Now that was ten years ago and these tires had little wear. I can't he said, and I replied you promised. So what did he do. Put on new tires for free. Can you believe it?

Steve Bobrick · 1 year ago

Update: from 5 star to 2 Star. What happened? I made an appointment on line. Seemed easy enough. I made it for 1:30 in the afternoon on a weekday. I get there and I’m told it will be a half hour to 45 minute wait. Not happy. The manager there could care less. I have 4 tires on wheels and want to put on my summer 4 tires with wheels. Not a hard thing to do if you have the lifts and tools. The attitude he had was basically tough they are like a doctors office and “things happen”. Things happened before I got there, he could have told me. So I called Corporate and believe it or not a slight apology. Nothing to brag about. This is the 2nd year in a row this has happened. The corporate guy said they are putting in a new system so this doesn’t happen. Sadly for them I bought tires there, they are stuck with me. This is a great store! Great staff. If the make a mistake they fix it. The tiresi have gotten are super. Update: Winter tire change over. These guys are hard workers! Friendly and take car of the job! Thank you!

Samantha Hoogland · 10 months ago

My husband and I have been at this Discount Tire three times and I've been blown away by the customer service every time. The employees seem very happy and treated well and they're always so kind and honest. If you want tires from someone trustworthy who will take care of you, go to Discount Tire on North Ave!

Esme Garcia · 10 months ago

Hunter took care of me with a couple of his co-worker I did not get the chance to get names of. He was very kind and helpful with replacing the tire on my genesis. It was nice to have the comfort of knowing my car was being well taken of. Thank you for getting me in and out quick !

Aimee Griffith · more than 1 year ago

My truck tire that my husband and I bought at Discount Tires only a year ago had a blow out while traveling down I-70 Business Loop. They started in on saying that we needed to BUY a new tire. My husband informed them it’s under WARRANTY and we’re not paying for a new tire. Then, they told us oh it is under warranty. After that, they said it blew because it being low tread. We had them look at it and sure enough, the tread was good and the technician told us the tire was like new except for the blow out. It took them 3 HOURS to finally get it done. We have a small, locally owned business and because it took so long, my husband had to call our customers to let them know he’d have to reschedule. When talking to the manager, he was FULL of excuses and a bit rude. Being concerned of why a tire would do that, we took pictures of it. My husband spoke to the technician about it and he mentioned that we should register the tires if there’s any recalls and gave us the registration card. Why didn’t we receive that when we first bought the tires??? Once we’re free from Discount Tires claws due to tires being under warranty, we will be checking out RNR Tires. They are locally owned and I hear great things about them.

John Elliott · almost 1 year ago

Discount tire is fantastic. I really appreciate how helpful and responsive their employees are. They have topped off my tires on multiple occasions which is a free service provided by them and keeps me coming back as a repeat customer when buying tires for any of my vehicles. They always do a great job, they stand by their warranty and they know their stuff.

stefanie van der kar · 10 months ago

Peter was amazing. There’s nothing worse than getting flat tire and then not getting good customer service. Peter was helpful, nice, experienced, and offered all the avenues to help me get back on the road. I’m so glad I made the stop here over anywhere else!

Brenda Bowman · almost 1 year ago

They were great and were honest. Showed me all the prices but agreed I didn't need the most expensive. They said it would be like an hour and a half. I am not sure I was even there an hour and the place was busy. When traveling through Grand Junction I might just stop in and say hi! Seriously, they were great

Karly Daniel · 1 year ago

Generally speaking I love this location and the services they provide. That being said we've had a few issues over the last couple of days. I just want to say to anyone taking their tires here to double check all the work before you leave just to make sure, as it seems like there's some training or something going on. We have had the worse time finding solutions for our old 4wheeler. We were ecstatic to find that discount would be able to help us in some capacity when other places had said they just couldn't do anything for us. That being said, they ordered tubes for our tires since they couldn't get the originals to seal and replacements couldn't be found. They said they would be there overnight and ready sometime late the next morning. We called around 11am to check on their status, and were told the truck had just got there so they were going to start. Two hours go by and we were in the area so we went to check on them to find out they hadn't even been started on yet. We went home and called a couple more hours later to see if they were done and they said they were. My husband went and picked them up and got them home to find none of them had valve stem caps and both the front directional tires were on in the same direction. So we went back for the fourth time in two days to get that fixed. One of the wheels also looks like it was dropped because it has a severe bend in it now. At this point I'm done dealing with it because it works and all but it would have been nice to have the same great service we usually get for free things like flats on this paid service. Quite disappointed in these events but we'll still use them. We'll just double check everything more thoroughly in the future so we don't waste time and gas going back and forth.


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