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Micah's Custom Trailer Works

    3390 Malaga Rd, Malaga, WA, 98828, United States
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    "Thank you for the excellent product and service!"

    "Well ok I understand that but WHY KEEP LYING TO A PAYING CUSTOMER."

    "I highly recommend him for all trailer and fabrication needs!"

    Blue Sky · 6 years ago

    Our rafting companies 16 foot Flatbed Trailer had a bad axle, and was replaced very quickly. They walked me through what they had done, and I was happy with their professionalism. The cost was less than I expected and I will be taking all my trailers here in the future.

    Pet Stop of Eastern Washington · almost 5 years ago

    After looking around online and in person at different options for a hitch carrier, I was not convinced that any of them would last. I presented some dimensions and explained what I needed to Micah and he went to work with his crew and created a masterpiece. This is exactly what I need for hauling my dog fence trencher. It does exactly what I need for it to do and I have no doubt that the hitch carrier will last many lifetimes. Thank you for the excellent product and service!

    Brad Wagner · 5 years ago

    I have used Micah for all my trailer needs, I have had him build raft trailers and fix larger trailers and do welding and fab work for me several times. Always honest, punctual, and fair. I highly recommend him for all trailer and fabrication needs!

    Terry Becker · almost 8 years ago

    One of the worst experiences professionally I have ever had. I brought my boat and trailer in a few months ago to get the axle on the trailer repaired as it is bent and wearing out the inside 2" of both my tires. Micah looked at it and gave me a price of $350.00 to straighten it out and told me to come back when it was warmer. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I called to schedule the repair and he had no recollection of our face to face discussion and gave me a totally different professional opinion of the repair needed. He told me to bring it in the next Tuesday and he would do the repair, so I did and he told me it would be done by Thursday. I called Thursday and he said they didn't get to it but that Friday it would be done for sure and to just come get it later in the day. I called Friday noonish and guess what....nothing done again. He said "do you really need it today, I can get it done Monday", so despite wanting to have it for the hot weekend I just told him I would wait. Well he took my number again and said he would call me...but guess call on Monday either. Tuesday noonish I called him and he said they didn't get to it yet but Wednesday they would have time and again he would call me to come get it, but guess call. Thursday came and I called again around noon and GUESS WHAT......yep, no repairs done but hey there is Friday again tomorrow and we can do it. I explained to him over the phone how I just cannot understand why he keeps telling me it will be done but it never does!!!!! How can you just keep doing that over and over!!!!! he just said we have a deadline on a couple trailers. Well ok I understand that but WHY KEEP LYING TO A PAYING CUSTOMER. So after I hung up it just ate at me how a business can stay in business and treat their customers like this. I decided to go after I got home from work at 6pm and get my boat back from this place that does not deserve a penny of my hard earned cash. I will spread my story to anyone who will listen in hopes it takes money out of this guys pocket for treating people this way. I absolutely would give this business a negative 10 if I could.

    gregory bower · 2 years ago
    Leanne Miller · 3 years ago
    Shaughn Jackson · almost 4 years ago



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