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    82 reviews


    "Totally great service and a great car experience."

    "The staff at the front desk has also been very helpful over the years."

    "She was knowledgeable about the options and helped us make a great selection."

    m egbert · 1 year ago

    Travel services are virtually non-existent. I was trying to book trip to Europe. They don't book international flights if you don't buy one of their packages. Apparently, they don't book ground and they don't book most hotels. Prices are inflated. "Premier" membership is worthless. Another thing... I don't know why they sell insurance. I would never trust my insurance needs to them. AAA, and this office, used to be much, much better.

    Chris CMU · 1 year ago

    They had a pop up TSA truck here last week and the process was super convenient, thanks AAA!

    CEC · 1 year ago

    Delvin helped us with our flat on the busy hwy...and transported us and the car to the repair shop. Delvin was truly amazing and we cannot say enough wonderful things about him. I hope AAA East Metro knows how lucky they are to have him. Thank you Delvin for being so friendly...just fantastic!!!!

    Keith Brakebill · 1 year ago

    Very helpful and quick. Had my International drivers permit in under 20 minutes.

    Andrew Nicholas · almost 2 years ago

    I'm not a member. My friend, who is of 85 years of age, is a member. He's done business with AAA for years now. Today at around 10AM, on his way back from his morning routine, his car tells him battery's dead. He calls 3 different customer Representatives, in a span of 3 hours, all telling him that someone would be out there to assist with 30-40 minutes. He has sunburn that is very clear on his arm from sitting in that car. His kin is very sensitive so it's more then obvious something happened. 3 hours he had to wait in that hot car. And to top it off, he still had to pay 200 and some odd dollars for the battery. What's won't there. Someone needs to keep your reps in check. 3 different people 3 hours in the heat.

    Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

    Hi Andrew, we are sorry to hear about your recent experience and would like the opportunity to address your concerns. At your convenience, please email us at [email protected] so we can reach out securely. Thank you.

    Boyd Allen · 2 years ago

    Worked with Hilaria Davis. She said she would do some research for an upcoming trip and get back to me. She never did, and when I emailed her to see what she had found, auto-email said she was out of the office for the next three weeks. Her email redirected me to a Grand Junction agent who is obviously too far away to meet. She directed me to another agent who is also out of the office for weeks. As a member, I have received nothing but a runaround and 0 service.

    Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

    Hi Boyd, we are sorry to hear about your recent experience and would like the opportunity to address your concerns. At your convenience, please email us at [email protected] so we can reach out securely. Thank you.

    Vibun Sor · 2 years ago

    They always give you a hard time when I need a tow. Both times, the tow truck drivers had an attitude for a service that Ive already paid for. They need better tow truck drivers that are more professional and empathetic especially when a customer is broken down on the side of the road.

    Owner's response · 2 years ago

    Hi, we are sorry to hear about your recent experience and would like the opportunity to address your concerns. At your convenience, please email us at [email protected] so we can reach out securely. Thank you.

    Josh Tait · 5 years ago

    My wife has an RV membership which works fair but I bought and paid for a membership which I won’t be doing again. Only covered 10 miles and non emergency was low priority so it would take a few hours to pick up the vehicle while you wait. I had a similar experience on my last tow when my fuel pump has gone out twice in 90 days. The driver took about 1:45 longer than the estimated time. His attitude wasn’t very friendly or helpful when he arrived. This is the second time the driver seemed less than friendly. It didn’t make me want to get in the car with them for a ride home. If they were BBB listed I would have written a review there instead. I won’t be trying car insurance with them after my auto club membership and towing experience.

    Owner's response · 5 years ago

    Hi, Josh - Sorry you're not happy with your experience. We'll have a Roadside Assistance supervisor follow-up with you.

    M E · almost 3 years ago

    In the past, I've had good experiences at this office. But something has changed. Today, I went in to book a trip (in US). I was told that, due to COVID, I can't see somebody without an appointment. The desk person said it's been that way ever since COVID started. In fact, I didn't need an appointment when I went in to book another trip a month ago. So today, COVID was just an excuse (and a lie). At the time, there were no other customers. I needed to book my trip today, so I could book some shows we want to see. The shows are rapidly filling up because, of course, lots of people are traveling. Just a month ago, I upgraded my AAA membership. If they don't provide services, even when they're 'open', I don't see the value.

    Owner's response · almost 3 years ago

    Hi, M E - Sorry about your experience. If you send us your Member number and phone number, we'll have the store manager follow up with you. social at colorado dot aaa dot com ============================================================ 7/16/21 - Hi, ME - We checked with the store manager. The travel agent on duty that day was on the phone, booking a trip for another member. We moved all of our booking process to phone calls during COVID, but we are now happy to schedule in-person appointments with agents. We try to sit members with an agent when they walk in, but that's not always possible. You have the agent's business card. Please give her a call or visit to schedule a face-to-face meeting with her.

    Kay Dirling - CDPHE · 6 years ago

    I haven't asked for any booking services from their agents, but this is a nice, spacious, clean location with all kinds of stuff for your travel. I got my international driver's license here and my passport photos - which were rejected, due to the glare from my glasses (? looked okay to me) but they guarantee the photos so they re-took them for free. They sell luggage and I'm going to stop in for a guidebook for my upcoming trip to Paris.

    Owner's response · 6 years ago

    Hi, Kay - Thanks for the kudos, and thanks for being a Member! Please come see us again soon.


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