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Pavilion Shopping Center, 4372 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO, 80525, United States
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460 reviews


"Great sales and good prices on high quality clothing"

"Great place to get brand new & stylish clothes for a fraction of the price!"

"Good selection of young men's and women 's clothing."

Kadie Ainsworth · more than 8 months ago

My kids like to come here, but it's pretty hit or miss what we will find. As other reviewers stated, they seem to mostly have smaller sizes. (which is in the favor of my skinny teens). We like that it's a broader selection of options than what we would find at a big box store, and the prices are lower, but the selections obviously vary from day to day. I will agree, nobody that works here is really all the helpful or friendly. I have worked retail and I get that it is not always glamorous, but I get the feeling that the people who work here HATE their jobs and it leaves you feeling unwelcome. Selling at any place like these, you can always expect low buy prices. I think they even say up front that they buy things at around 20% of their original retail value. So people who are annoyed they didn't make much money, should not be surprised, but I can't speak to how picky the buys may or may not be.

T!tyla · 7 months ago

Horrible costumers service!!! I got a strong impression they definitely don’t like Latin people! The old lady there with short silver hair was so nasty actitud I tried to ask more about the store policy since Their inventory looks way worse than the price they are presenting. clothing its old with stains! But she was so rude , not interested of helping me! I encourage everyone to not waist your time!

Olivia · almost 8 months ago

I'll never step foot in this location again. The employees have no customer service skills and they will reject quality clothing and just waste your time pretending they're actually going through your items and you'll get the same generic "worn and outdated" response, despite having new tags and gently used articles of clothing. I briefly looked at their clothes they were selling and many were stained and in much worse condition. Do yourself a favor and go to a different location where employees are nice. I agree with several reviewers and truly believe the customer service experience here is underwhelming. This is my first time posting a negative Google review, but feel it's necessary to call them out.

Hayley Pfleeger · more than 8 months ago

Horrible experiences at this Plato’s. Once I tried to return a couple dresses. I had the receipt, as well as the tags but they weren’t attached so they couldn’t take them back. All I got was a “sorry bro” from the girl helping me. (I am unmistakably female). Incredibly rude staff all around. The second time I went in was to try to sell some clothes. I tried to sell said dress that I couldn’t return. They didn’t even take the dress that I bought from them. They said it was due to pilling on the dress, the same condition i bought it in originally. Again the staff was insanely rude during this whole experience. Save yourself some frustration and please don’t shop/sell here. Wish I could give them 0 stars.

Shiloh Jean · almost 9 months ago

I will never be back to this Plato’s. The girls are so beyond rude. They are poorly dressed and poorly educated on brands and proper human etiquette. I was given $14 for Doc Marten’s that were worn twice. They priced them for $75 not even fifteen minutes later. I had a NWT matching set and they did not inform me, that even though they purchased a matching set that wasn’t even the same size the very next day, mine was split up. I didn’t realize until I got home. That was completely on purpose. No one wants to deal with mean girls who just recently moved to the state, and obviously are used to treating other human beings as less than. You cannot spot a millionaire and you cannot value anyone based on monetary value to begin with. The clothes here are stained, smelly and one skirt was completely ripped out in the rear seam, priced for $30 regardless. Walmart, Target and Shein are not items anyone wants to purchase for more than they retailed for. This whole location needs an overhaul, otherwise who are you even marketing to? Because “juniors” don’t want to be treated so poorly for a couple used tops or Freebirds that are hardly less than their original retail price and trashed. Do better, I personally won’t be back and I’ve shopped here for YEARS.

Sydney Fulcher · 1 year ago

For those without time to read a long review, this is a short summary of what to expect of this particular location (based on my own experience and that of other shoppers/sellers/staff): -Unprofessional Staff: not welcoming in general, rude to shoppers and sellers alike, will openly judge how you look and what you've brought to sell, fatshaming (in 2023, somehow??). -Poor Selection: limited sizing, limited styles, outdated clothing, overpriced items, clear wear and tear on clothing and obviously unwashed for some pieces. -Disorganization: lots of staff behind the counter but all the work clearly being pushed on a select few team members, toxic work environment, untrained buyers for the clothing being sold, lack of leadership or management, putting unaccepted items for donation up for sale. I've been shopping at and donating to this location for almost a decade now. I don't know what's changed in the past past couple of years, but I had an extremely negative experience with my last visit. I brought some clothes to donate, and was immediately struck with how the environment has changed. Let me first say that working in retail, or working with the public in general ABSOLUTELY has it's challenges. Especially in the wake of the pandemic, I have no doubt in my mind that retaining and continually training staff is tough. I imagine that has been a struggle here as well. I have the utmost respect and empathy for retail/customer service workers, especially knowing these girls probably aren't making enough money to compensate for the challenges of their job. However, my experience on Saturday with some of the staff members was absolutely unacceptable. I brought in some clothes to donate, then spent some time shopping their selection while they looked through my items. When the store happened to briefly quiet down, I overheard some of the girls behind the counter say "no wonder she needs new clothes, look at what she's wearing!". I immediately took notice, but shrugged it off, because I thought that there's no way they were talking about a customer like that. When my items were ready for pickup, I went to the counter and was informed that they wouldn't be buying anything I brought in. I've seen people complain about the buyers being "picky", but it is what it is. I had no problem with that. What I did have a problem with, however, is what I was told in regards to my clothing. The buyer I spoke with told me my items were being rejected because of general wear and tear... And because they aren't looking to buy clothes *that* big. I was so startled that I didn't really bother to stand up for myself. But I'm still just as confused now as I was then, seeing as nothing I brought in was even plus size. It absolutely breaks my heart to see this is not a unique experience at this store. I see a lot of women and young girls being told similar things by the staff here, and these are just the few that have bothered to leave reviews. I've read that Plato's Closet has shifted their target demographic to juniors/teens, which is totally understandable and maybe even a good business decision on their part! But to cater to such a limited range of sizes and shapes, I wonder if management thinks teenage girl = skinny and short? Yikes! I won't be returning, and wouldn't recommend anyone spend their time or money at a store like this.

Jadyn Villani · 8 months ago

I have never left a review in my life but this was needed. I do not recommend selling to this plato’s, they did not go through any of my stuff and my box was the same as it was when i brought it in. The ladies helping me were not very nice either. They proceeded to tell me all my stuff was “outdated and to worn” even my new free people items with tags on, plus items i purchased from this location less than a month ago, unworn with there plato’s closet tags still on…they didn’t buy any of my stuff. Definitely doesn’t stick to their buying policy. I went to a different location and they bought about half my stuff after actually looking through it. 0/10 to this plato’s & my experience.

Mari M · 10 months ago

My sister came into the store and were looking for outfits for our niece. One of the staff members kept singling us out telling us they were going to close soon. Which I understand telling us once and we were trying to hurry but she was rude and she was singling us out. She never told this to any of the other shoppers there. Cute clothes but incredibly rude staff.

Saeda Quist · almost 1 year ago

If you’re a bigger girl DO NOT go here. There was one kind staff member but every other worker was SO mean and judgmental. I have never felt more judged in my life. As a formerly skinny girl I can tell you that’s not normal. They also didn’t go though my entire donation as I had multiple American eagle jeans that they didn’t take that still had tags. I sincerely hope that management fixes these issues because those girls were NOT IT.

Abbey Runyan · 9 months ago

Extremely outdated pricing system, borderline insulting? Just went in and they wanted to buy a pair of Madewell jeans (which were purchased for over $100), a never worn skirt, and shirt FOR $9. DIDNT EVEN BREAK $10 for good quality clothing and would rather donate to Goodwill ((:



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