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2154 E 88th Ave, Thornton, CO, 80229, United States
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167 reviews


"Same price as Amazon and super friendly and helpful customer service."

"Sends item to repair facility who wants to charge and arm and a leg."

"Service was extremely nice and welcoming!! fast and reliable in their work:)"

Briana Scoggins · 1 year ago

My Dyson needed a new roller brush and I was having a really hard time finding the part, both locally and online. I contacted More Than Vacuums and was told that the part had to be ordered, but would arrive the next day. The owner was a delight to work with. He was very communicative and installed the brush for me. He then spent time giving me a detailed rundown of how to clean and maintain for future use. I received a call a few hours after arriving home to let me know that he had forgotten to put the base plate back on my vacuum. He drove out of his way to drop the base plate off at my house! I have never received such amazing customer service. I could not recommend the shop more. Thank you.

Shannon Smith · 1 year ago

Could not say enough good things about our experience here. We had a broken shark that we were informed are one of the worst vacuums to have and repair. That is so helpful to know for the future. Learned a lot about vacuums. Sadly our shark was not repairable, but we got the information on next steps if we wanted to buy the parts to get it fixed. The technician worked on it for 90 minutes and charged us a very fair (and kind) price. Would recommend to anyone in the area for vacuum repair!

Mike Schweitzer · more than 1 year ago

It is absolutely wonderful to deal with a business whose owner is always there and ready to give a level of service exceeding all others. He got all the problems resolved with my very complicated Miele upright vacuum cleaner. His actions stand in stark contrast to the well-known shop (that has ads on the television) where I bought this vacuum cleaner. It turns out this well known shop doesn't service what they sell, instead passing me on to a repair shop in Erie that by their own admission knew nothing about repairing vacuum cleaners! All of this foolishness went on with my vacuum cleaner still being under warranty! I am so glad I have found More Than Vacuums, and I sure wish I had purchased my vacuum cleaner from them in the first place!!

Tone · 1 year ago

DONT TAKE YOUR TVs here The guys working in the stores seem to be doing the best they can (only reason for the second star). I think there's a break down in the actual service center if your appliance needs to get sent mine. I dropped off a TV about 6 months ago still have no ETA, just the same ol call you back routine. It would be much more honest to let people know that there's an unknown wait time on repairs of a certain degree. Instead of taking money and equipment.. and giving zero updates. I've had to reach out myself to get ones been proactive enough to reach out to me. It feels like I've been robbed. Do I have a small claims case since it's over 100..?? Idk At the moment during their current conditions I recommend caution when involving this business.

Cindy Hoehl-Rinker · more than 1 year ago

This guy is a liar (said he would take the vacuum belts back) but then refused! Said he could exchange for more over priced product in his store! And he’s a thief! Charged $16.00 for the same belts I should have picked up at Ace for $2.00. Considering this you should be careful with purchasing anything! He looked me in the eye and lied …. He will do the same to you!

Owner's response · more than 1 year ago

Hey there Cindy, we are a specialty store and we stock parts that most people would spend all day, driving all over town to find. We do charge for that convenience and expertise. We do have our exchange policy stated on our receipts and in our stores.

Deb B · almost 4 years ago

I took my stand mixer in to get a worm gear replaced. There was a $95 deposit just to begin the process, no mention of what the gear replacement would cost. Two weeks later I got a call to inform me that the repair would be $260 in addition to the $95 deposit. This mixer cost around $275 when I bought it, so I said no to the repair. They offered to charge me for parts only, Still $150 in addition to the deposit. Also, this mixer had never been serviced before and I stated that when it was dropped off. The guy calling with he price to repair it implied that it has been serviced because there was grease leaking. I had tried to dismantle the mixer when I bought the gear. I said that I did not want to continue with the work, and that they can keep the mixer. He said they would offer a store credit for the $95 deposit. I went to the store. They showed me a $500 mixer and another one for around $280 which he told me was inferior to the mixer I had brought in.. I said i didn't want those. We brainstormed about what I could buy with my store credit and he showed me a hardwood floor mop saying it was $100. Bona spray mop. I just looked up the mop is on sale at Target for $35!! So I basically paid $75 to have someone imply that I lied about whether the unit had been serviced and to surrender my mixer.

Aria · 3 years ago

I brought a Dyson stick vacuum and 6qt. kitchen aid mixer here in August 2020 for basic maintenance. Neither were broken. The mixer had a clicking noise. They replaced a transmission part and got it back to me in 2-3 weeks. It still makes the noise. My vacuum is a different story. They LOST it. After many phone calls and going to the store, I was told they don’t have my vacuum, in October they gave me some other Dyson vacuum. This is not mine. It is a different color and model. The one they gave me is a cheaper model that is louder and doesn’t work as well as my vacuum did. They did not reimburse any part of the service fee for them to lose my vacuum. Unless you want to roll the dice on getting your product back, I wouldn’t go here for anything. Update October 2020: updated one star. After more phone calls and discussions with the manager they finally took back the wrong vacuum and gave me a new simplicity. I’m very happy with this vacuum and satisfied with this response.

Doug Group · almost 2 years ago

Don is a lying fraud. Charged us $80 to clean our Oreck. Got it back with damaged cord and not working. He blamed us for damaging the cord and would charge us extra to get it running again. Lousy businessman. Avoid !!!!

David Mann · almost 5 years ago

Dropped off a vacuum on 7/2/19. The guy at the store said it would be 5-12 days to get repaired. Hadn’t heard from the store and went in the other day to drop off the loaner vacuum and he acted surprised the work order was still open. Sign on the wall says 5-10 days for vacuum repair. Today marks day 12 not including the 4th of July. If you want a fast and affordable repair do it yourself or take to a different shop. Update: Finally got my vacuum returned to me after having to pay $60 dollars more after the initial deposit. Took vacuum in to get cord replaced that had been chewed by a dog. When I dropped off the vacuum guy said we would get the cord replaced and belt and filters cleaned for $120. Called the actual place that does the repair to find out the actual price was going to be over $220 to repair everything. Argued with a guy on the phone about everything to have him basically tell me to kick rocks. When I picked up the vacuum the canister was a different color and missing attachments. If I could give Zero stars I would. I do not recommend this shop under any circumstances

James V · almost 3 years ago

I visited the store on Arapahoe Road last weekend. Caleb showed me different models and fine-tuned the exact vacuum best suited for my needs and price point. Friendly service, tidy store - highly recommend local business!

Owner's response · almost 3 years ago

Thanks so much for the review, James V! Feel free to text this number any time and we'll respond ASAP.


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