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23870 E Smoky Hill Rd #15, Aurora, CO, 80016, United States
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112 reviews


"Parking is a bit spotty because it shares a lot with several eateries."

"My husband was talking to another associate(dont recall his name but very tall.)"

"The staff is top notch and the new location is great."

Juliwon1 year ago

Nice but soooo slow, came to pick up an online order and sheeeeesh, just yapping all day with the other customers instead of moving the line while maintaining good customer service

J Bray1 year ago

The store was clean and well organized. The staff was friendly and helpful. The store had a lot of products and had everything we were looking for in stock. Ended up purchasing a birthday gift and some extra games. The used games seemed to be pretty decently priced.

Brent Cassidyalmost 1 year ago

The staff was friendly but bound by poor management and questionable corporate policy. Not that they care, and I'm no one special, but I won't be ever stepping foot into this location or any other. I'd far prefer to support a small local business.

Peter Nguyenmore than 1 year ago

The staff is nice their. But the management team is actually quite bad at training their employees which makes their employees and store look bad. I Had the worse pre-order and midnight release experience. Was told 3 different things for the midnight release to get rejected for the release. Its just frustrating that I've been to these releases and know that we needed a grouping sticker. But was told 3 separate occasions that I wouldn't need it and just come in at 10. The worse is how the bigger gentlemen I believe he's the manager talks to his customers. Instead of taking accountability of his mistakes, he pushes his mistakes on his employees and customers. One customer said, "you guys never called me for the midnight release", and the big fella replied "I can show you the call log and prove that we did call you" , the customer then replies "yes I would love for you guys to show me that" for some reason those words riled the manager up and he told the customer, "hey you don't have to give me an attitude." I mean what kind of a reply did the manager expect since hes not taking accountability and telling him that he can show him the call logs to assure him that you guys called him. Really, what reply did he expect. You know you dropped the ball when you see a group of people that had the same problem as me that night, its okay to make mistakes, just take accountability and apologize. 馃槀

Gabriel Harmoush1 year ago

Be careful with this place, they're pretty scummy with customers. They chose to fight with the customer instead of helping them out. The managers especially. I'd say if you really need to go to a GameStop, go to a different location to avoid possibly dealing with rudeness and even disrespect towards customers.

Cutter Greenwoodalmost 1 year ago

This place sucks. Always has always will. It should go the way of Circuit City.

Alberto Martinezmore than 1 year ago

I just moved here from Colorado Springs less than 4 months ago and within these 4 months I have been at this store twice and Im convinced never again! This store along with management are the worst I have ever had to deal with most recently tonight with the "Modern Warfare 2" 10pm release. I had recieved a call and a voicemail from "Gamestop" (not this store specifically). The voicemail insured me to pick up my fully reserved copy of "MW2" the night before the release date. So I called ahead of time and was told I can pick up my fully paid Steelbook copy tonight between 10pm and 10:30pm. I get there at 10:13pm and the girl with red hair dye was rude at helping from the getgo. She cut me off while I had questions to this confusion they made and tried to close the door while telling me we can't do anything to help you. The Manager failed to inform anyone with fully reserved copys that even if your copy was fully payed for you could not recieve your copy tonight because of some special "yellow sticker" you needed. I informed them I have the steelbook fully reserved and the manager said he closed the drawer and either way he can't do anything... 10:13pm and 10:30PM are two different times. They were clearly trying to get out of there in a rush and not care that they messed up setting up and follow up on this simple "event". Management should be more on top of their store and game rather than slack off and close 15 mins early just because of miscommunication from a misinformed associate. Now if I recieved the wrong information from the misinformed associate on the phone hours before a big title game like "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2" is to be released it is the "Manager" who should make sure his associates are ready and are doing their job properly so theres no "miscommunication". This is one of MANY reasons why they get a "pay bump" and a shiny new "title" along with new responsibilities to make sure Gamestop events go according to GameStop standards. I will be retracting all of my other reservations I have at this specific store and go to Walmart. Pre Orders at Gamestop are getting worse every year and after tonight Management sealed the deal..smh.. GOODBYE!

Brandt Eberhardtmore than 1 year ago

Gotta tell ya, not a big gamestop guy myself. Prolly visit once a blue moon, and that's being generous. So when my pals decide to take a looky look inside, needless to say I wasn't expecting much. However, I am nothing if not a man of integrity. So when I was blessed with a story about the infamous "Bunny Mask Bandit", my perception was inexplicably changed for the better. Top tier establishment. I was wrong

B鈥檞ana Beast1 year ago

Will never go back to this store. management was horrible with no accountability and staff was confrontational.

Alex Scottalmost 5 years ago

Had three horrible experiences at this location and with the company in general. The sales associate is incredibly rude and consistently bashes on anyone who doesn鈥檛 pre order. She has no idea how her website work or how the point system works with the reward system. The only helpful thing she did was offer us the tablet, but only shrugged when it didn鈥檛 log us in. We did not have the incorrect password because we could log in on our phone. Go to Best Buy instead and save yourself from the terrible service and the 30% markup GameStop charges.



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