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2842 Council Tree Ave #107, Fort Collins, CO, 80525, United States
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27 reviews


"Great deals and super nice staff"

"Extremely pushy salesman vibe."

"I love the products I buy, so much so that I set up automatic shipments."

Paris Landry · 1 year ago

Every time I go in there, Theresa is always making sure I know what deals they have and helped me sign up to be a pro which has saved me so much. She is so kind! I love the products I buy, so much so that I set up automatic shipments.

Brandon McPherson · almost 2 years ago

Went in looking for some specific items and was warm welcomed by Taylor. She was very helpful and explained to me in great detail every product that I asked her about. I ended up purchasing the Super Beet Chews and Taylor recommended the Greens Blend which I am excited to try. This GNC store only seems to hire the best!

Ryan Cates · almost 2 years ago

Went in looking shop around and read ingredients on multiple products. The sales people would bash every product besides the gnc brand. Extremely pushy salesman vibe. At checkout I had to repeatedly turn down their membership programs and other things they were trying to sell me on. Extremely unprofessional to bash products you sell at the store and only talk about how the store brand is superior. Will not be going back.

Joshua Hill · almost 2 years ago

When I had gone to GNC yesterday to buy products I was repeatedly pestered by the older sales woman who kept on telling me about how every product was bad, and attempted to get me to only buy GNC products. She then continued to get me to upgrade my membership after I repeatedly said no. She then yelled at me saying “ you’re not listening to me” as if she was an expert. She lied about her knowledge and continually used lies to push products off of which she would be getting commission from. I’m never going again, GNC continues to be a mediocre company who can’t even get the basics correct.

Rostyslav Sydorenko · more than 6 years ago

Agree! Night shift employer is very rude when you start to ask questions. When I asked which one protein is better for my need, he just make such face and sound like I’m really not welcomed though I member of GNC club. Honesty, first experience like that for me. I understand it was about 30 minutes till closing, but anyway, that’s not a reason to treat valued customers like that. Not sure if I will continue to support GNC like a brand anymore. I appreciate what management is doing, but you should keep eyes on employer which you’re hiring. Definitely will not recommend to my friends. Not sure if I will stay with this brand by myself. GNC is a brand , that loosing face with such people.

Tonya Heinzen · more than 5 years ago

So I’ve shopped GNC for longer than I’d like to admit to... I know what my husband and I like, and I usually know about where to find what I’m looking for... I walked into this one and had FANTASTIC customer service, best I’ve ever had at a GNC. The guy wasn’t too pushy, he knew his store and his products, knew the sales and actually saved me a tiny bit of money! Great experience! Definitely will be back!

Cam McQueen · more than 2 years ago

Whoever the older woman working at the Fort Collins location today was 100% why I HATE going to gnc. Only go to a gnc if I absolutely have to. The woman asked what I was in for, I said a product that was on the website and she immediately felt the need to tell me that they don’t carry that product and continued to let me know that even if she did have it she wouldn’t sell it to me because it’s not a good product. 1) it’s none of her business what I take and 2) it’s not professional to bash a product that you sell on your website. GNC is overpriced and trash anyways. Take your business to amazon/

Kyra Hansen · 2 years ago

The gentleman working actually explained the difference between the different brands of testosterone boosters, rather than letting my husband spend all kinds of money just to try all the different brands. He pointed us in the direction of the booster that works the best.

jessica bradley · 1 year ago

Denise was very knowledgeable about the product I will be shopping again

will anthony · almost 9 years ago

The employee working the evening shift was quite rude in explaining to me that they don't price match any of their items, which additionally is a pretty terrible policy considering its 2015, and that GNC loves to hike up their prices. I was in and out within a couple of minutes.



Retail chain selling health- & sports-related vitamins, supplements & herbs, plus drinks & snacks.

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