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Rainbow Shops

Juniors & plus-size women's clothing

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14200 E Alameda Ave, Aurora, CO, 80012, United States
Closed · Opens at 11 AM
11 AM - 8 PM
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123 reviews


"Heat place to shop completive the staff...."

"Great place to get cute little girl the clearance racks!"

"People like that do not belong in retail or customer service."

Ssethie · 1 year ago

I am absolutely sick and tired of the employees at this location! They are Rude, obnoxious, and vulgar. They open late. Close early. And, take lunch at any given time. But, today was just unacceptable!!! My Niece that had her items ready on the counter, was REJECTED TO BUY BECAUSE THEY WERE ALREADY CLOSING!! That was not true. They had friends or family in the store. They wanted to take us out to have the store to themselves. I am very disappointed. Our family will be celebrating a graduation ceremony tomorrow and my niece drove out of State. I am EMBARRASSED OF THE PROPLE YOU HIRE! I had children and my elderly mom with Us. Never coming back.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Please accept our apology for your recent experience at Rainbow. The way you felt when leaving our store is unacceptable. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. The district manager will be contacted so that appropriate action can be taken.

Traci Malone · 2 years ago

Just be sure to bag everything the customer bought. I did not like the fact when I came in the very next day with my receipt and items to let them know I was missing an item.the manager...I guess says "we normally pull the cameras". That was tacky. The employee that checked me out the day before don't remember nothing. Do better!

Jerica Jones · 3 years ago

The store is very cluttered. The representatives we're not professional. One of the ladies who seemed to be in charge gave me the wrong change. I was short 5 dollars. They fixed the mistake. If the store was more organized I believe that wouldn't have happened. The computers went down during my check process. It took over 15 minutes to check out! I was able to get some cute clothes but the experience was not pleasent.

Shayla Bunting · 3 years ago

Very discriminating! I’ve been shopping at this store for years and never had problems. I circle around clothes a couple times to make sure I don’t miss things and this short girl started following me and asking if I’m ok. Been doing this for years. I tried to bring it up to someone and they dismissed me. If you guys are having problems get security. Don’t accuse every customer that comes in there of stealing. I like this Rainbow over the one on Havana but it’s gone down hill. Lost a customer.

Michael Jimenez · 6 years ago

Worst professional working environment i have ever worked in. I have managed many retail mall outlets myself. I took the job before Christmas as a sales associate so i could be trained as a manager in the new year .I currently run my won business and work at a bar during the weekends so this job would be perfect to fit in between my prior engagements. As i started with my sleeves rolled up,determined and ready to change the stores obvious faults, I was surprised the store was run the way it was.The store was a wreck! (A under expressed statement) Trash on the racks, clothes on the floor, dirty floors and no engagement with employees or customers. After the busy holidays i was not scheduled for the next week bc " The manager forgot to schedule me" . I called repeatedly for the next two weeks and the same excuse was expressed. With me getting a $9 dollars an hour check for my hard work and dedication and then management telling me i was not needed any more I was baffled. I am more disappointing in myself as i turned down another offer as a manager at another retail opportunity. This company used me and abused my honest integrity. Awful management, customer service and i would be weary of bed bugs in there store. Worst way to start my 2018 year. I surely do not see them in business for much longer if this is what they call a business. In the aurora mall Rainbows is the laughing stock.

Chavanna Fluker · more than 3 years ago

The two managers are very unprofessional, yelling across the store, arguing with customers refusing to take a return on items you never wore. Huffing and puffing smacking their lips and rolling their eyes. I love Rainbow but will never shop at this location again. People like that do not belong in retail or customer service. They never ask if you need assistance, rude loud and unprofessional its sad to be honest.

Christine Stabile · almost 5 years ago

My first job was at a rainbow and i love it still. Their plus size section is amazing and their prices are low. Their bra section is so good too with low prices so i can get alot there. It's just overpacked and hard to move around. With a wheelchair or walker its impossible.

Andrea Duarte · more than 3 years ago

The workers are rude and very discrimanating don't seem to know anything and gossiping about their other employers not professional at all don't seem to know much always on the phone none of the workers there have people skills very ignorant and don't help customers very rude workers at this store in the Aurora Mall give people a hard time to return merchandise that is damaged and act like they don't seem to know much about there store this store needs better employers to work there !! Dissatisfied Customer

Candy · almost 7 years ago

The employees try to make it bearable but this store is G H E T T O. The air is never on which adds to the muggy hot atmosphere of the already packed store. The dressing room has rows and rows of rooms but only 3 of them are open while the rest are stuffed with hangers. Expect to wait in a long line to try on clothes or check out.

Angel Henry · 3 years ago

I went shopping in the sale racks and asked a girl that works there what the price of the rack i was looking at and she told me 3.99. I went to the register after I picked out 7 items to be told everything was regular priced and nothing was on sale. And when I told them an employee gave me those prices they denied it and the employee would even admit she told me that.



Apparel chain offering fashionable clothing for juniors & plus-size women, plus accessories.

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