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Bank of America ATM

    8735 Wadsworth Blvd, Westminster, CO, 80003, United States
    Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours


    15 reviews


    "It just super inconvenient for people like me who live in Loveland area."

    "Solid little ATM located in the parking lot."

    "If was ever in service would be the best."

    Daydree Wilson · 5 years ago

    Always out of service always. And i don’t know why i keep thinking the next time I’ll go I’ll get any different. If was ever in service would be the best.

    Daniel Perea · almost 7 years ago

    On Googlemaps and on the BoA app, the location of the ATM is shown to be located on the inside of O'Reilly's auto store. And it's not. It's actually located in the parking lot, facing Wadsworth Blvd, just past 88th Ave as you're heading south.

    Anthoni Mcmillan · 6 years ago

    Ok so only two problems i have sometimes its a little dirty inside they should check and clean it more often and also if its COLD out don't bother going in because the scanner for the door will freeze up and does not scan your card in cold whether but other then that the atm has a lot of options u can do almost anything almost

    Colton Kunzeman · almost 2 years ago

    Had a perfectly fine experience. Clean and open late.

    Matthew Hellebrand · almost 8 years ago

    This is a real Bank of America atm! It's in its own little glass unit in the middle of the parking lot right in front of the dominos.

    Alexander Stewart · 6 years ago

    Solid little ATM located in the parking lot. It has cameras everywhere. The locking door is a nice feature to ensure you feel safe. Grabbed cash on the go. I wish there were one of these every 5 blocks.

    Maggie Ma · 6 years ago

    I moved from LA where BOA is everywhere. And I have moved to Colorado for 3 years. Only found this ATM and the BOA in Boulder area, That is it. It just super inconvenient for people like me who live in Loveland area. Unfortunately, the ATM here cann't deposit any cash today. So I just drive for nothing. But most of time, this ATM still works.I probably will go to other banks in the future because of this inconvenience.

    icky vicky819 · more than 7 years ago

    Only BoA atm around. Get inside by sliding your debit card through the slot in the door.

    Kevin Heuberger · 4 years ago

    ATM is always out of service. Save yourself a head ache and go to the other one.

    Anna Bryant · 2 years ago

    This ATM is permanently? or always closed/broken.



    Wheelchair-accessible car park
    Wheelchair-accessible entrance


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