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O'Reilly Auto Parts

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8134 S Kipling Pkwy, Littleton, CO, 80127, United States
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258 reviews


"Friendly service and plenty of staff to minimize wait time."

"Quality parts at good prices."

"Great customer service and really good people"

Katie · almost 1 year ago

Shout-out to the tall, dark haired person who helped me today (6/15) at about 5:45pm. I was so stressed when I was nearly home after 3.5hrs of driving and my tire went flat right after I passed O'Reilly and it turned out that my compact spare was also flat. I pulled over into the townhouses behind O'Reilly and was concerned about being towed from an owners parking space while I walked over to O'Reilly to get an air compressor to fill the spare. The employee who spoke to me on the phone was so kind while I was walking there freaking out a little bit. They confirmed that they had air compressors I'd be able to use so I could get home. Once I arrived at the store, they helped me find the air compressor to get my compact spare filled so I could make it the rest of the way home. They also ensured I knew how to use the compressor before I left, which I appreciated. Thank you so much for your kindness and help! I wish I knew your name so I could be more specific. You were so wonderful to me.

Mark Squire · 1 year ago

Very nice parts store with a good inventory, helpful people at the counter and fair prices. You can get most of their inventory online for a slightly better price but sometimes it's worth paying the difference to be able to talk to a pro and actually see what you are buying first. Pretty easy to return items here as well.

Brittany Bazan · almost 11 months ago

I want to thank Dominic for his help today, and going the extra step in making sure I was okay while I was having a bad day. Human compassion is huge, so thank you for offering that even though it wasn't part of your job.

Emily Meyers · 1 year ago

I needed to buy DEF for my new deisel truck and Adam went above and beyond in helping me with this! My old truck was a Dodge Ram 1500 and I'm new to the deisel world. He was kind and didn't make me feel like an idiot. He also helped me carry a 2nd jug out AND THEN helped me fill the tank because I was fumbling with the boxes. Thanks so much, I'll be buying from you when I can. And Adam is incredible he deserves a raise

Chris Meals · 2 years ago

Robert was very helpful in finding and securing a Blue Top Optima deep cycle battery. This store is the most helpful of all the auto stores around and the manager is there to help. There is always an an autostore nearby and it is best to keep them in business especially this one. If you want help go here or call.

Mark S. Thomas · 1 year ago

They installed my wiper blades for me! I was in a cast and could not come inside. Thank you for your service.

Adam Smith · 1 year ago

Tom, the store manager is absolutely on point. Probably one of the best parts guys I’ve ever met. I’ve been all over Carquest when they existed, Autozone, Napa, etc. he’s extremely helpful labels parts for you before he puts them in the cart so you can’t get them confused etc. He’s just all-around a rockstar. I walk in and I can tell the store is run well it’s clean and organized and the staff is also on point. Glad to know my neighborhood store is in such capable hands :-) keep up the good work, Tom.

Cody Schlueter · 10 months ago

The staff here is clueless. Do yourself a favor and order of rockauto or literally anywhere else

Christina Bright-Vernon · almost 2 years ago

I use them allot. Took in my battery and guy didn't want to check my battery first, saying, if you think it is, let's just grab one. The phone rang, and another guy comes up. Tests immediately, and the battery is fine. Almost bought one that I don't need. Always things like this. Not very knowledgeable.

Jeanette Sancomb · almost 2 years ago

Francis is amazing! It has been a very long time since I have had such a wonderful customer service experience! He was helpful and went above and beyond. Good job!


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