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Bank of the West

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215 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO, 80226, United States
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26 reviews


"We and a bunch of other cars just gave up and left."

"Friendly staff for a busy afternoon went above and beyond to help me out."

"Very very rude customer service."

Dina Bunny · 1 year ago

Never get help from Jasmine she’s the worst. Ask to be helped by anyone else but her. She’s absolutely horrible over the phone and in person she’s been the one “ helping “ for the past three weeks and still no results not surprising especially coming from her.

Bay · 9 months ago

Art the branch manager is rude. Had this bank for 15 years+ he could care less about customers and customer service .

Chris McFarland · almost 2 years ago

I hate this bank. We mobile deposited a pretty large check, the funds were made available to us the following day, two days after that the bank removed the funds from the account due to a signature "issue". Once we had the funds in our account we assumed check cleared and shredded check. We offered to come into the branch with id's to verify signatures but Bank of the West, being the lazy folks they are just said sorry, try and get another check. We have to wait for check issuer to send us a form to fill out, pay a fee to void the destroyed check and wait 10 business days to make sure Bank of the West doesn't clear the check still. At that point the check will be reissued within 30-60 days. Lesson learned on our end is to not bank with Bank of the West anymore and also wait a few weeks before shredding a mobile deposit even if funds are available and cleared.

Bobbi Stark · 3 years ago

Ive been with bank of the west since they were commercial federal and recently had to get a PPP loan through them. Not only have they been 100% unavailable to help me with applying for loan forgiveness, they also won't email me back or direct me to anyone who COULD be helpful. I've showed up to three different branches, waited on absolutely ridiculously long hold times averaging over an hour each time - and sent emails - all of which get me nowhere. I'm so disappointed I've trusted them for this long only to be let down by them so harshly during such a hard time. I'm waiting for this forgiveness to come through (if it ever does) and will be closing my accounts with them permanently.

Russell Schloemer · 3 years ago

I don't understand the negative reviews. Everyone here is friendly and polite (shoutout to Jorge and Michaella on helping me with forms) always take good care of me when I work with tellers, always make sure they offer helpful advice and take personal interest in how I'm doing. I have always felt like an important and valued customer, even if I know that my account balance is not always very big. I should note that they take COVID-19 seriously with facemasks (unless they are in closed offices), social distancing, glass dividers, and sometimes closing the interior of the building as a precaution to protect customers and staff.

Ari Sharp · almost 5 years ago

This is the second time I've had a problem with bank of the west in a year. They locked me out of my mobile account until I "verify my identity". So I went to the branch with my ID and they cant verify me in person.? I have to call a number, a number I have called every day this week and consistently has over an hour wait to talk to a rep. How does any of this make sense? How can you truly verify my identity over the phone? Completely unacceptable. I would not recomend using them.

Rachel · almost 4 years ago

Arrived at the bank with the front door locked and a sign saying to use the drive through instead. Could see a bunch of employees just inside the door, standing together chatting casually, not doing work. Got in line for the drive through and neither line moved for 10 minutes. We and a bunch of other cars just gave up and left. Terrible service, not representative of my normal BOW branch but based on the reviews (with the exception of the one 5 star review obviously written by the branch manager), bad service is the name of the game at this location.

Dave anders · 2 years ago

Wow! I love everybody here. They are all always helpful and super knowledgeable. Especially Jorge V. He always always makes time for us and answers an unending slew of questions sometimes. We will never leave this Bank and we go out of our way to make it to this branch!!! You guys rock!!!

Saul Sandoval · almost 3 years ago

Very upset at this branch even though I have banked at bank of the west for a long time. Long story short is that i had a chexk bounce on me because my name was spelled wrong, and after depositing the funds they pulled them back out a few days later and i didnt get a single clue of why until i called them. They say they would send the check back and after a couple times of me calling back and waiting in hold for hours they said that one of the staff members forgot to send it in the mail TWICE.. so a month and a half later i had to come in person to the branch to pick up the check .

Franks Towing · 11 years ago

After 10 years with this bank it's time to leave. Over the years several bank caused problems crossing accounts, and online banking which they admit is flawed. Attempted an online transfer which failed unknown to me until NSF fee's started snowballing. Although weight of evidence supports my claim (a consistent customer for over 10 years) the bank decided not to open it's greedy fist and delete the outrageous fees in order to keep a valued customer, although they have no problem spending millions on new customer campaigns. I have enough funds in my business account to cover the fees 20 times over yet they treated me like a beggar who needs to be punished for overspending. Yeah you really taught me a lesson alright: turn my back on your rip off big bank facade institution for good. Stay clear of this bank unless you like being treated like cattle


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