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Bank of the West

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4290 W 10th St, Greeley, CO, 80634, United States
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30 reviews


"The quality of employees and treatment of customers is unacceptable."

"Mediocre service, unreliable hours and severely understaffed."

"Staff has no idea what they are doing"

David Thompson · 2 years ago

I have banked with BOTW for many years. I am waiting for a call back from the manager to settle a dispute. I hope he will call so that we can get the issue settled. I re-called the manager this afternoon and we had a pleasant conversation. He is looking into the situation and will call me back tomorrow. I am hopeful. He called back and did the research he said he would. While I am not 100% satisfied with his final decision, I think he did what he could to help. I think my beef may be with the banking industry in general more than this branch specifically.

Brunza LaBore · more than 5 years ago

The people here are great and I have done business with bank of the west for 10 years. We had a false charge for $300 from a credit union that financed our auto loan, done through the dealership or I would have picked a different lender, after the loan was paid off. My wife and I called BOW and they tracked the transaction numbers, Trace numbers and provided us with everything we needed to get our $300 back.

Josh Hall · more than 1 year ago

Would give zero stars if possible. Worst branch of one of the worst banking institutions. After a fraudulent check was cashed, I went into to meet with them to make sure my account would not be closed. After talking to them as well as the fraud department, I was assured that my account would remain open. I was told the Greeley branch would contact my “home branch” back in Conifer and tell them the issue is resolved. Fast forward a few weeks and both my checking and savings were closed. The only correspondence I was given was a letter which was sent BEFORE I went to talk to the Greeley branch. After calling Conifer, I was told that Greeley never notified the Conifer branch about ANYTHING that was discussed when I talked with them and the fraud department. If I could have just switched my “home branch” to Greeley, none of this would have happened. But your home branch has to be where the account was first opened, which is in a town I no longer live anywhere near. Ridiculous!! Who decided that?! As of now, I am still waiting on a cashier check that has every dollar to my name. I was told it was originally mailed out the 4th of November, which turned out also to not be true. This bank, and branch in particular, are absolutely the worst banking institutions around. Steer clear!! You are much better off keeping your money in your mattress instead of using Bank of the West.

Erin “Motomomma” · almost 10 months ago

This is the best bank ever! Always get the best service!

Yggy Drasil · almost 2 years ago

Reordered transactions to charge an overdraft fee even though there wasn't a negative balance. Just like in the class action lawsuit that was brought against the company in 2012. Very sketchy bank

Patricia Mondragon · 6 years ago

I've been with this bank for a very long time! I love everyone I've met. The staff is very helpful and very professional, I have told friends and family about this amazing bank!! I never thought I'd be recommending a bank but with all the trouble I've had with my accounts and how quickly they fixed things was awesome! I've had many people tell me about their experiences with their own banks similar troubles but no help. I love my bank!!!!

Matthew Gallegos · more than 3 years ago

So it’s 10:55 on a Saturday and the only lane open in the drive through is the commercial lane. Tell me how this makes sense?? There is a hug line as well. So now they don’t schedule enough people to work? They already take they’re sweet time when doing any kind of transition. The Loveland branch is so much more better! Plus, you can actually go in, and they are fast!! This Greeley branch gets worse by the week. Now the line is almost to the street where you turn in for the drive through. Pathetic!

Toni Smith · almost 7 years ago

If I could give less of a star I would. This bank has been hard to deal with since day one. I got a loan several years ago. It has been an incentive to get the loan paid off so I don't have to deal with them any more. There are many fine banks out there. Please do not waste your time and money with this one. 8/9 still waiting on a payoff statement. Started requesting it July 25. Called and talked to a supervisor yesterday. He was very rude (even though he admitted that they were at fault). Lack of producing this statement is delaying my closing on my refi. Please, please, please beware of this bank. In my opinion, they are the worst.

James Chiu · almost 7 years ago

I've banked with BOW for 9+ years and the Greeley locations for 7 years. While I agree with some reviewers that it is unfortunate that they closed all their branches in Greeley except one, I can definitely say that I have always encountered exceptional service at the Greeley branches. They were the only ones who knew of a special trust account that I needed to open and set it up perfectly. I have highly recommended them to my friends and family.

Amber Sigg · 2 years ago

The customer service is dead. They don’t care about your longevity with the bank, they hold deposits at their whim, I have moved on with a bank that still remembers that they are in the business of customer service.


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