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Chase Bank

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2614 Main St, Longmont, CO, 80504, United States
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39 reviews


"Their drive thru area is spacious and easy to navigate."

"Staff are non-existent, you will walk in and it's empty."

"The ATM never works so why is this location even here?"

Patrick Dolbeare · 1 year ago

Absolutely no identification on website or on doors that say “we don’t cash checks” they were short with me when I asked why and they said “we’re the location that doesn't cash checks” will not be using them again for anything banking related and I’m considering switching banks after this insane inconvenience. I needed cash to buy a baby bed and now it’s looking like I won’t be doing that. Thanks guys super helpful!

Kelly Trojovsky · 1 year ago

I understand if an atm is empty and can't dispense cash, but an atm that can't TAKE cash is ridiculous. Sure, I could just go inside and see a teller, oh wait, I forgot there's no tellers either. This branch is completely useless.

Brian Metz · 2 years ago

This Bank is a joke. The bank has removed ALL tellers, none inside or drive thru. This was not how this branch operated in past. This is a poor decision. There is only an updated ATM inside and a few staff members but can only help with banking products. NO Cash available unless you use the ATM. Need specific dollar amounts, it will be unavailable. I ask staff if I could provide feedback and have a member of chase follow up with me about the feedback. Shocker no one contacted me. When I find an opportune time to change banks I will be doing so!

Marco Deluca · more than 2 years ago

1 ATM, won’t let me withdraw more than 3k. NO TELLERS and the staff was not helpful. I was even told to move aside so the customer behind could go while I was getting the fraud alert text from chase because they were denying my transaction from their ATM. At that point I just left. I will not be returning to this location and pretty disappointed in Chase as well, one ATM for this huge location and no tellers?

John Burrage · almost 2 years ago

This location is pointless and should be closed and raised.My card isn't working, so I went to use the drive through and it was closed. So I went inside to see the tellers and they were replaced by machines that need your card. The people that are still in the building are feckless and can't get you cash. Just knock the building down, and leave the ATM and plant some trees in this banks place.

Dwight Patrick (Mr. Dwight) · 4 years ago

I am very happy with this Branch. I am been doing business with them on and off for a few years. Now I am very happy with one of their Associates who runs the teller line. Kassie Miller She is wonderful to talk to she is very friendly. And always makes my day. The staff are always try to address my issues. The banker Thomas who I work with is very nice and professional. I have no complaints at all. About Chase Bank or the staff at this branch.

MM A · almost 3 years ago

This was my first time to this branch and will be my last. Though the personal banker was friendly, he deposited my check into my savings account instead of my checking account. He did not even have me compete a deposit ticket which I thought had to be done for regulatory purposes. I told him specifically I wanted it placed in my checking account. So due to his ineptness, he as in Johan, my check was placed in the wrong account. So keep in mind now for me to transfer it back, that will be counted as one of 6 transactions allowed per cycle period so affects me and I had paid a bill that now the money was not there to cover it due to this employee's mistake. Please get actual tellers here so that you minimize this type of errors.

Linda Valon · 9 years ago

In the lobby, at quiet times you walk back to be assisted by the drive-up-window staff. At a really busy time, once I was singled out as a non-business-banking customer with only a few checks to deposit. A friendly manager took my deposit and five minutes later--not fifty minutes later--my banking was finished! Today I used one of the drive-through lanes which are well designed, allowing me to to view my banking associate on screen from the car. The canister is well-stocked with slips and PEN. You have a nice weekend, too, Sunshine, and I'll return the pen Monday.

Joseph Rettinghouse · almost 5 years ago

The facility is clean inside and out. Their drive thru area is spacious and easy to navigate. The parking is a little limited, but there is generally a few spots available. The staff is always very professional, friendly, and eager to assist in any way they can. I have always had great experiences in my dealings with Chase, and have been banking with them for a very long time. Their service in person, over the phone, and on the internet is the reason why I continued to bank with them even when their nearest branch/ATM was over 250 miles away from me for the last 8 years. Though I am very happy to once again be living somewhere where there is an actual Chase bank near by.

Raven Cleveland · 10 years ago

I am shocked by all of the negative reviews! Every one of my visits to Chase has been a good experience. The employees are not only personable but very helpful, and they do their best to remember everyone. Though my favorite bankers (Milton (last name) and Paul Omolo) were promoted and relocated, everyone has been very friendly with me. I was even surprised to receive a call wishing my fiance a happy birthday after I had briefly mentioned when it was one visit, and he doesn't even have an account! They are very patient with me, and I believe that the negative comments must have simply come from very impatient people, as this is the best bank I have ever been to.


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