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"Quality service knowledgable staff"

"Great tires at an amazing price.. very cool Firestone location 2 thumbs up 👍👍"

"Walk in oil n tire rotation very nice people."

Anthony Snow · almost 10 months ago

I’ve taken my Jeep/challenger here multiple times for multiple different things. They have always been awesome about keeping me up to date on what’s happening and even inviting me into the shop to look at it with my own eyes and patiently explaining what the problem is. I definitely recommend this shop!

Owner's response · almost 10 months ago

Hello Anthony, we appreciate your 5-star review! We're happy to know our team always takes great care of you and your vehicle! Thanks for choosing Firestone, and hope you have a great day! ^Nicholas

Kathleen Divine · 1 year ago

We have over 10 vehicles that we brought to you over the years but will for sure find new people to work on our vehicles. My husbands had his brakes worked on and when he got his van back the window wouldn't roll down, so he brought it back to see why. He was told it was just the switch and that you would replace the switch and not charge labor. So he brought it in for you to install and when you did, the window would only roll half way down. So instead of fixing it you TAPED my husbands van window, covered in plastic half way down, in the snow in 30 degree weather and sent him on his way. What kind of company does this??? He drives I25 every day and this is not a professional way to leave his vehicle or run your company. The guy that worked with him is rude and frankly always has been. The only person worth talking to there is Dennis, he was always helpful. But this is just ridiculous. Oh! They also lost on of my husbands truck hubcaps when they worked on it. Great company! We won't be back. We have spent about $3,000.00 there in the last 2 months to be treated like this is absolutely not ok.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hi Kathleen, your satisfaction is important to us and we'd like to investigate any service concerns that you may have. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] with full details, the store, and your contact information. We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Firestone. ^Bryan

Michael Palomares · almost 2 years ago

Went in for a window regulator repair. The job took several hours longer than expected. I was told it'd be serviced at 11AM, but it took until 4 for them to work on it. While the vehicle was in, we asked them to replace the cabin air filter that I already purchased and they said they would look. They didn't do it because they didn't have the tool to cut off the plastic bar that covers the air filter door. When I got the car back, the window worked but I noticed a wooshing coming from my glove box, where the cabin air filter is. Flash forward a few weeks, I had the time to do the cabin air filter myself. After opening the glove box, it was clear to me that two 8 mm bolts were missing, the Philips screws were in the wrong holes (one fell out as soon as I removed the glove box because it was in the wrong hole), and the plastic bar had been cut. Additionally, it seems the cabin air filter door had been broken, which is causing the whooshing due to an improper seal. I had to place something inside of the glove box to keep pressure on it so it wouldn't make that sound and actually filter correctly. They put the screws in the wrong holes and even kept some of them for their own safekeeping after leaving my vehicle in worse shape than we brought it to them in. That all being said, I don't even want to know what parts are missing inside my door after the window regulator replacement if this is the quality and integrity of their work. Last time I trust them with my vehicle.

Whitewidow · 9 months ago

they make it right, took my MK7 GTI in for a tire rotation as i dont have access to my garage at the moment, one of the newer techs very very very slightly scraped my wheel against the lift (dont worry about it bro stuff happens), they didnt try to hide it at all, told me immediately about the problem and replaced all 4 of my tires. ill gladly take a small blemish in a wheel for some fresh rubber. excellent customer service. ive taken my previous vehicles here before and theyre always upfront and honest about the status of the vehicle.

Sarah Silva · 1 year ago

DO NOT USE THIS LOCATION. My first experience, I scheduled an appointment to get my tire patched up. Took them 5 hours to tell me it’s ready, weirdly enough my car was in the same spot as when I dropped it off. Come to find out, I get stranded because the tire was NOT fixed or patched or even touched. Second time using this location. I schedule an appointment on a Wednesday for a drop off Oil Change Saturday. They call me Thursday to tell me that they can’t do the time I scheduled and if we could drop off the car at 7am. I did what they ask to accommodate them, since I told them I would need the car back at 10:30am, they agreed. By 7:30am they emailed me an invoice letting me know I owe $80 (they were quick to this considering my car wasn’t touched). Very bold of them. At 10am, I call to check on the car and they tell me that it will take another hour. Then lied and said they called us and spoke to one of us. Then said they were still working on last nights cars (even though I scheduled my appointment ahead of time). Then the manager did not care to hear my concern when I asked them why they would lie to me . A formal complaint will be filed against the manager and his team. This location needs improvement. I have used Firestone for almost 10 years now and have NEVER experienced rude and unprofessional people. It does not take more than 3 hours for an oil change. I will be reporting this location to the BBB since they are taking your money and not doing the service. Firestone lost 4 customers in a 5 hour span. HORRIBLE!!

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hello, Sarah. We are truly saddened that your experience was not as great as we would have liked. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. We take negative experiences very seriously, and we would like to ensure that your concerns are addressed by the management team. Please email us at [email protected] with the details of your visit, any related invoice numbers, and your full contact information. We value your business, and thank you for choosing Firestone. ^ Mariah

junior estrada · almost 9 months ago

Transmission oil change & filter. 2011 Ford Expedition Limited EL. Dennis was great to work with. Thanks to everyone in the shop!

Reen F-D · 1 year ago

I stopped by this location after discovering a nail in my tire. They were booked for the day (totally ok, I came by at like 4:30 pm) but they were super helpful in marking where the nail was & filling up my tire and so I could make it over to the Firestone in Greeley.

Larna Bailey · 9 months ago

This store is the best place I’ve ever been and I have my car to worked on. Kudos to Tammy and the crew would recommend any going to come there.

Owner's response · 9 months ago

Thank you for choosing Firestone Larna! We appreciate your 5-star review and we look forward to working with you again. ^Mariah

Oscar Solis · 1 year ago

Went in to get tires rotated as part of my service package. When I got the vehicle back, the TPMS system showed the tires pressures reversed from what they are supposed to be. I manually checked and they were reversed from what was shown on the dash. Went into the service shop and told them about it. They said it takes times to correct and they saw their “guy” do it. Basically, it was performed and don’t worry. Drove around town and it still wasn’t correct. Went back to the shop but everyone was busy and did not attend to me when I walked in. I left and drove home. I had to look up the relearn procedure and perform it myself in -14 degree weather. Not a good experience to do a service that was included.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hello Oscar, we apologize for the negative experience you may have had at one of our stores with the services you received, and we'd be happy to address your concerns. Please email us at [email protected] with the complete details, store's full address, your contact information, and any applicable invoice numbers. You are a valued Firestone customer, and we look forward to hearing from you. ^Shonya

J E · 11 months ago

Great prices & fast service when you make an appointment. They always tell us what we will need for the next appointment which means no surprise charges.



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