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Freedom Auto Wash - Longmont North

    1900 Terry St, Longmont, CO, 80501, United States
    Open 24 hours


    Open 24 hours
    Open 24 hours
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    Open 24 hours
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    125 reviews


    "Good place to visit and meat people good people to"

    "Too pricey, soap setting didnt work"

    "I was emailed a code for one free car wash, so I decided to check it out."

    Gerardo Escamilla1 year ago

    Have used this car was twice and every time I use there soap or there clear coat soap it stained my soft to of my jeep green and it stained my bed cover green so instead of cleaning my car it made it worse and made it permanent and I鈥檝e also had to throw away shoes and clothes because the soap got on it and it wouldn鈥檛 come out if you care about your car and your things I would recommend using another car wash

    Owner's response1 year ago

    Gerardo, I would ask for you to contact us at 720-798-6077, either by phone or by text. My apologies for this experience, and I strive to ensure that my customers issues are addressed directly. Thank you

    Mike Newberry1 year ago

    Great wash. Dryer does start before the wash is done but besides that you get a clean car everytime

    Felipe Reyes1 year ago

    Easy to understand the auto wash and fairly price, many cleaning choices and tough enough to get the magnesium chloride out. Will be back soon.

    Carri F1 year ago

    This place just renovated and is even better then before. the whole place is lit up, on camera and very visible which leave it feeling safer then most of the car washes around. You find clean little car wash where everything actually met expectations. The whole lot was super clean they had anything i might need on site and being a block away from multiple stores they are in a perfect location. Its wide open so it feels safe and welcomes anyone to use. I love it and since it is always empty i highly recommend this car wash for your car cleaning needs.

    Owner's response1 year ago

    Carri, Thank you so much for the review. One of the most important things for us at any of our locations is the safety of our customers. That is why, 24/7, our locations are lit up with LED lights, and monitored with Cameras throughout the property. If there is ever an issue, I encourage our customers to call us (our phone number is convieniently located on every single sign that is on the property, as well as on every piece of equipment). Again, thank you for your review.

    Melissa Thornton1 year ago

    2 of 3 of my last visits had equipment issues. All issues resolved quickly. Customer service is excellent!

    Owner's response1 year ago

    Melissa, Thank you for leaving the review. While we continue to try to improve the equipment (sometime newly installed stuff has a few bugs to work out), we will always take the time to ensure that our customers are shown that they are valued. Thank you for being an amazing customer, and working with us while we continue to improve.

    Melody Cefalo1 year ago

    The touchless wash was really slick, and the $15 wash did a good job on the accumulated salt, dirt and snow yuck from the last few storms. I know the foam is just colored but the kid inside me just loves it anyway.

    Owner's response1 year ago

    Melody, Thank you so much for the review! We are very happy with the new equipment (both the serlf serves and the automatics), they do such a good job at cleaning the vehicles. All of our Foams (Tripple Foam and the Fire Foam) both have very important features that we use to clean and shine the vehicle. The Triple Foam (the "Rainbow foam") is actually a clear coat conditioner that is used to make the clear coat shine, and the Fire Bath (Red "Waterfall") is used as a protectant in conjunction with the ceramic wax. However, it doesnt hurt that the truely do look pretty cool while being applied.

    Tara Hulen1 year ago

    Great new owner. Great car wash. Free first wash with sign up of their app.

    Owner's response1 year ago

    Tara, thank you for taking the time to review our Car Wash. We hope you enjoyed your free wash, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Jessica Kelseymore than 1 year ago

    Don't use this car wash. If you like your paint job. They just remodeled it and what ever there using in there soap is not good for your paint job. Use a different car wash for sure. Very rude owner kicking a homeless guy in a rain storm trying to stay dry. It was raining nobody was washing there car.

    Owner's responsemore than 1 year ago

    Jessica, Unfortunately, the chemicals that we use are not damaging to the paint on vehicles, as they are not concentrated enough to penetrate deep enough into the clear coat to cause any such damage. As for the other part of the review. There are only two reasons that I will ever ask anyone to leave my property. 1.) doing something illegal, such as drugs. I will always ensure that my property is drug free, whether it is a customer or someone who is passing by. 2.) Someone being disrespectful to my customers, my employees, or to the property. The reason for these, is that we put alot of work into ensuring that our properties are a safe, clean, and welcoming place for anyone to come and enjoy cleaning their vehicle. Both of the above reasons hinder our customers ability to feel safe using our property. As for the situation mentioned in your post. There was 2 gentleman who were walking through the property, both taking shelter in the bays from the rain. I asked both how they were doing, and asked 鈥渢rying to stay dry?鈥 And they proceeded to ask me for money, which I do not carry while on the properties. The last indivual who I spoke to, was a woman who was very clearly smoking Marijuana in her car, in the Self serve bay, which was clearly marked as 鈥淥ut of Order鈥 due to the renovations that are currently being done. This was for 2 reasons: the safety of the individual parked in a bay under construction and the use of drugs on the property. As always, if you experience anything at the Car Wash鈥檚 that you are not happy with, please feel free to contact us. We strive to ensure that our customers are happy with their experience.

    LA RAZAalmost 1 year ago

    Great detail washing my vehicle looks great! 馃憤馃従

    Torrey Williams2 years ago

    I pulled up and immediately someone came to assist. After having issues with my credit card, the employee grabbed two tokens and paid for the wash. Extremely friendly and generous! Car looks great too!



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