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6966 Dahlia St, Commerce City, CO, 80022, United States
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"Closest 7-11 location for six years so I've been in this store a lot."

"This store is suffering due to a few of its regular employees."

"Will not be stopping here anymore need my coffee."

nicole wages1 year ago

Worst customer service possible (short heavier set man black hair glasses drives a silver nessawn sadan) Came in after work and of course I was dirty I work on cars for a living so naturally I itwas covered in oil. Needed to go to the restroom bad as I had just got off work long story short gr said I couldn't use the bathroom but when I came in all clean and not dirt their was no issue with me using the bathroom . He was extremely rude and had yelled to a chack as tho he was sicking his dog on someone very unprofestional

Owner's response1 year ago

Hi, please help your local 7-Eleven store understand more about what happened when you stopped by. Please share the details by writing to

Tr3vaJoan (Tr3va)2 years ago

Closest 7-11 location for six years so I've been in this store a lot. They really strive to do right by their customers. They have a good crew currently too. The customers that they deal with are likely like anywhere, mostly rude and impatient, but the staff maintains professionalism. Even if there's two lines of customers, I'm in and out quickly. The store is always clean and stocked. Certain times they don't allow for public use of the bathroom, but the few times I've been in it, very clean and stocked.

Owner's response2 years ago

This just made our day! Thanks so much for sharing. Can鈥檛 wait to see you again soon!

Ricky Leyvamore than 2 years ago

This place seems to be ran by crooks. My wife stopped by here for gas and had to go back inside for something she forgot to get. When she went back outside to pump her gas it would not pump. After a few tries she went back inside to ask why. The clerk there who said he was a manager told her that she did not pump her gas within two minutes allotted. I have never heard of this rule anywhere else but it gets better. He then told her that since she did not pump the gas in due time she was SOL. NO GAS, NO REFUND... Being this was her last $20 and she still had no gas presented a problem. So began to plea with this so called manager and he was laughing at her because she did not have an additional $20 to put gas. My wife was very upset and so some random gentleman was nice enough to put what he said was his last $15 in for her. This is so unprofessional and unacceptable behavior from employees at 711 who are making the place and 711 as a whole look very bad. The clerk did say the money would go back on her card in 24 hours but what good does that do someone like her who needed gas at that moment. I'm extremely upset and they are lucky I wasn't there for this scenario.

Owner's response2 years ago

Your local 7-Eleven store is sorry to hear about your troubles during a recent visit. The store would be happy to take a look into this for you, please contact us at Thank you.

Drew Downsalmost 2 years ago

Been going there since opening, but last night I got a can of chili marked at 2.99 on shelf and it turned into 3.99 at the register, checked the price of pint of ice cream and it was more than a dollar charged above the price on the shelf. I won't be going back 馃憥

Owner's responsealmost 2 years ago

Your local 7-Eleven store always strives to provide a great experience. Let us know more about your experience by reaching out to We鈥檒l be sure to make your response available to your local 7-Eleven store to review.

Dion Cowdenalmost 2 years ago

Ray is the man amazing customer service and keeps the store well maintained pretty sure if he wasn't around this store would find itself in a rough patch he truly cares about his job and has a wonderful repore with customers

Owner's responsealmost 2 years ago

Thank you for the kind words! Your local 7-Eleven store will be glad to hear you had such an awesome experience. Can鈥檛 wait to see you again soon. P.S. Your local 7-Eleven store will be waiting with some hot taquitos and an ice-cold Slurpee!

Blvd H酶undmore than 2 years ago

Out of change. I don't appreciate the sentiment of me having to give you my extra coins because whatever reason you don't have any. I use my coins they spend just like paper so when I have to leave more currency than was required for the item I purchased it feels like I'm being doesn't help that I have the same problem with the blonde haired woman even when you guys have change she attempts to keep my coins Everytime I make a purchase then gives me verbal attitude when I have to ask for my coins. If it were dollar bills you would think of it differently so why would it be okay to keep somebody's coins?

Owner's responsemore than 2 years ago

To address your concerns, it would be helpful to have a little bit more information. Can you send any details to We will make your feedback available to your local 7-Eleven store. Thank you!

Jackalmost 9 years ago

After a couple months of regular visits due to this stores proximity to my work, I can say the following with confidence. This store is suffering due to a few of its regular employees. They often behave unprofessionally and are CONSISTENTLY dressed inappropriately. During their shifts the store is nearly always filthy, products are routinely under stocked, and they're constantly out of fresh coffee in particular, even during the morning hours. I can overlook a lot of things, but not burnt stale coffee at 8 am! When these individuals are not working, the store is usually of average / slightly below average quality.

MTN MAN903 years ago

I give this place 0 stars now use to be a good place to shop when the two ladies work there i work overnight close this 711 went ever night for last 8 months ever since the elder gentleman who is rude an completely ignores you while ur waiting at the counter final tonight ill never go bak i waited 8 min even said hello sir can u help me he flat out ignore me staring into space theres never any coffe any more pluse were ur MASK!! Or just take the thing off didnt know we need chen dippers

Owner's response3 years ago

Your local 7-Eleven store would like to look further into your comments. Please send us a note at [email protected] so that your local 7-Eleven store can follow up.

Micah cravenalmost 4 years ago

Friendly people. But dave. And the other staff. But especially dave. Im talking to you dave. Seriously. Wear your mask. Its not a hat. Or a chin diaper. Or an earring. Air can go around plexi glass ya know. Its not an impenetrable force field. Also wouldnt hurt ya to clean something every now and again. I always wear gloves when i see him workin. Well actually just sitting. I know he aint cleanin anything. Dude sittin doin nothin everytime i go in there. Wear the damn mask dave

Aalmost 4 years ago

The gal on the evening shift rocks. She is always going above and beyond to help customers. Very impressive she needs a raise definitely or at least a round of applause and a high 5



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