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Centaur Food And Fuel

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1208 Centaur Village Dr, Lafayette, CO, 80026, United States
Open · Closes at 11 PM


6 AM - 11 PM
6 AM - 11 PM
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6 AM - 10 PM
6 AM - 10 PM
6 AM - 10 PM
6 AM - 10 PM


18 reviews


"$6 for 4 tacos is one of the best prices in town."

"Nice people work here though."

"Needed a place to wait for a few minutes for a ride."

Ashleena Jaso · more than 4 years ago

One of the workers called my friend stupid when my card got declined :(

Hermann Klotz · almost 1 year ago

For the longest time there were 2 guys who ran the counter. One was polite and nice every time I went in, the other always seemed mad to be there and was on his phone the whole time and never said a word to me while he rang me up. I only kept going back because of the nice clerk but now they have hired a new guy who barely speaks English, making it near impossible to get him to understand what cigarettes I need. Also, he is every bit as rude as the other guy and wont even look up from the book he is reading to tell you the total of your order. The last time I was there he literally threw my Gatorade into the bag onto of my muffin and chips and crushed everything. Brass Monkey is right down the street and has better selection of alcohol and much more friendly and helpful people running it. Also, it is right next to the King Soopers which has everything the convenience store side has for probably much cheaper. I am going to quit giving my business to people who act like they really don't want it.

Ruby Martinez · more than 1 year ago

they never give us receipts and they never put the prizes of anything. they are expensive the chips are 3 DOLLARS they need to lower down the price’s the waters are expensive to they will be 2 dollars instead of 99 cents or something .they only put prices on something’s and not the others like at the other gas stations the gas price will be mad HIGH it’s like 50 dollars or something like that.

Joe M · 3 years ago

New Ownership! The first time I’ve been in the store in over a year. They’ve made changes to the signs, gas pumps, reasonably low prices, and in-store Indian restaurant. Talk about convenience. Looks like a great family owned store helping add to the local community with variety and diversity. Reminds me of my go-to corner store back in Austin. The food at the restaurant is good too! Win-win for everyone.

Michael Edwards · 2 years ago

They never have receipt paper and when I ask if they can find it, they never can. This has happened twice now. I’ve lost $100 in fuel expenses because of this place. Please fix your receipt paper issues or find a better way to reprint receipts. They’ve lost my patronage.

Da We Music · 5 years ago

these guys have to deal with a unique situation that poses difficultly with location & communication, but their service is great and the food they make at the counter is a hidden treasure. Do not underestimate this Nepalese cuisine! Thanks for being consistent, generous, and polite, Everest cafe.

SBow3111 · more than 7 years ago

The store- Everything is way over priced. I guess they price gouge the highschool kids because of convenience. The restaurant - delicious food. $6 for 4 tacos is one of the best prices in town. Better than the Taco Wagon.

Tära B · almost 4 years ago

I loved this place so much when I would walk down here during lunch from school. Stocked with food. This place is nostalgia to me I swear. Although the prices a bit too much and the strict employees constantly hovering over us because of the annoying high school students always trying to steal from here.

Craig Talbert · 7 years ago

Needed a place to wait for a few minutes for a ride. But and apple and some water and the cashier was so nice and friendly to me. So good to have a place to stop and compose myself for a moment after some stress.

Phillip Lalonde · almost 8 years ago

Bathrooms need serious cleaning. nice people work here though.


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