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Circle K

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201 W South Boulder Rd, Lafayette, CO, 80026, United States
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21 reviews


"Great people, great service."

"Ice comes from water that is fed into the machine separate from the syrup."

"This Group just stuck $5 cash in there pockets from my gas card."

Benson Whitney · almost 1 year ago

This Group just stuck $5 cash in there pockets from my gas card. You pay .10 less at the pump, but this group likes cash bonuses from customers who disagree with CROOKS and Fraudulent Cons like the USA

Mack The Knife · 1 year ago

Gas is reasonably priced. The clerks are rude except for a couple. They will simply ignore you while you stand at the counter, no wonder everybody shop lifts at this store !!

Nick B · 10 months ago

EDY left a positive and lasting impression upon me. This place is incredibly lucky to have such a bright and positive spirit at the helm. Thanks

Owner's response · 10 months ago

Hello We are glad to have you as our customer. Thank you for sharing your kind words with us. It means a lot to us and our entire Circle K team in Lafayette !

Tonya Walker · 1 year ago

I don't know who that self entitled chick is that works 2nd shift and wears glasses. But she is the worst CSR I've ever encountered. I've been a CSR for years at gas stations and I have NEVER put my phone before customers. She's rude and is in the wrong business. I'm to the point that I'll only go to this store when Aaron's working. It's sad too, because it's the closest station to my house

Kyler Knutson · 1 year ago

I had just pumped a full tank of gas and decided to tend to an important family matter on my phone before driving off. I was in my car for no more than 5 minutes and the clerk came out and tapped on my window asking if I was going to leave. He gave me a weird look as I drove off. Never coming to this gas station again.

Dre J Williams · almost 2 years ago

There was a brown haired larger White lady that was working as cashier today 9/28/22 at 3:45pm who was extremely rude to me. To start i couldnt pay at the pump, fine. i go inside. No one was at the counter in line, i walk up and ask for the amount on the pump i was at she cuts me off and says “i was helping her” and points to another customer (who is also white) still picking out chips and candy with her kids or grandkids. i said “it doesnt look like she is ready” and repeat the amount i want and on which pump and she ignores me and yells across to the other woman what does she want and what pump…the woman responds and the man that was with her looks worried and embarrassed because he sees what is happening. the employee continues to ignore me while looking dazed and high while having this attitude as if she didn’t intend on serving me in the first place (she also looked high on something) and i walked out. To the owner of this gas station you should be ashamed in how your employees are treating people and that you continue to allow it, while only responding to positive reviews SHAME ON YOU! And to the employee, do better your attitude is why you are working at a run down gas station and i hope thats as far as your career ever goes! Also i will be following up with corporate because i went to the next closest gas station and while chatting at the register she confirmed that other customers of color had similar experiences.

Kavin Erdmann · 10 months ago

Don't speak English, dobt carry regular smoke brands.

Eranga Edirimanne · 1 year ago

Edy was very professional and helpful. Highly recommend

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hello Thank you for the excellent feedback! Circle K appreciates your kind words and we hope to see you again soon.

Ian M · almost 5 years ago

Pitiful experience. I went in for a cup of ice only, should’ve been 35 cents, which I have only been properly charged for there one time out of three. The lady, who’s the only one who’s charge me for a cup of ice there at a beverage price was on her cellphone phone with her manager while ringing up customers, one customer walked out even though he had one person in front of him. Once I got to the front of the line I was rung up improperly as I expected and the lady “working” I told “hey, it’s supposed to be 35 cents because it’s just ice. She hands me the phone to talk to her manager, Gabby as it was written on the phone, and the manager said “well we need to charge ice as being a drink for inventories sake just like soda syrup.” Like really!?!? Ice comes from water that is fed into the machine separate from the syrup. Every other Circle K charges 35 cents for ice but not this one. Not coming back. The only reason I gave two stars and not one is because it’s a Circle K

Owner's response · almost 5 years ago

Hi there, thank you for letting us know and we are sorry about your experience. We have passed on your message to our local management team.

Tim Fode · more than 4 years ago

One time the cashier handed me back the wrong change and said "Close enough" and then shrugged. I really don't care, but I was blown away by how many f's that guy didn't give.


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