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Circle K

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605 S Emery St, Longmont, CO, 80501, United States
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65 reviews


"Very friendly staff, lots of stuff in Stock, good prices and clean bathrooms."

"Just to get denied service for not wearing a mask because I physically cannot."

"Horrible employees here Edit: coffee experience was fine today."

Super saiyan god super saiyan Mystic super saiyan 4 · almost 9 months ago

Racist establishment. I got stopped at the door immediately after walking in. Being told to leave my book bag on the floor by the door. They said it is company policy, yet i see other ppl (white ppl) in the building with book bags on. So i decided it was best to just leave instead of leaving my book bag on the dirty floor so that anyone can walk off with it while i get a cup of coffee.

Little Mz Manners · almost 10 months ago

SHADY BUSINESS!! They flash one price and the next second the price changes. And it goes back-and-forth just to get you in and hope you won’t notice. Won’t be back.

Doug Lane · more than 9 months ago

Went to get gas today and some jackass guy behind the counter was being disrespectful to everyone. Tried not giving my change back. I get better service from the ghetto loaf n jug on lashley st. Corporate better do something about this guy before he encounters the wrong guy and get hurt. Not being threatening. But thats how hes acting as an employee. Hes going to hurt himself

Robert Trevino · more than 8 months ago

Just left this location. CSR was upset because we walked in. The doors were open with keys in them in the inside of the door which no one can see unless you open the door. She said there’s a reason there’s keys on the door - rudely saying that we just broke through. ??? Really how would a customer know this? Super rude person there, no wonder they have a 2.5 star review.

Kay · more than 9 months ago

Sergio, one of the employees here, verbally abuses his customers! He refused to give multiple customers their change back, used profanities and foul language in front of children, refused service, and was calling customers stupid. This behavior is unacceptable and it’s sad that the manager, Brittany probably doesn’t care considering she also verbally abuses her customers here.

William Wagner-Ertz · 1 year ago

I used to enjoy this gas station, but they've decided to not provide milk for their coffee section. That was the main reason i went here. I would hope they reconsider. If not, free market dictates your customers will go elsewhere. Went back and they continue to not have milk or half and half for coffee and they put sweet creamer in the whole milk section. I bought the coffee subscription and the attendant still charged me for a coffee even tho I just bought the subscription. Horrible employees here Edit: coffee experience was fine today. I'll up the stars to 2 and will continue to update if/when they remedy the situation

Dale Putnam · almost 11 months ago

Yes I'm homeless staying at the shelter, I almost died a couple months ago and I've got no family to help, that's why I'm homeless. I'm a clean veteran 91B 98th ESB with PTSD. I didn't deserve to be treated like the tweakers who mess with you and your store. Not all homeless people are in that situation due to their own fault. Thankfully your other customers had.the heart to say a kind thing to me after you left cked me out for 'having an attitude '.

doom nipple · 1 year ago

2nd time: my how circle k has fallen. This circle k decided they just won't provide milk or one of the creamers anymore. I bought a subscription for this... They are just shirking their responsibility and management must step in. Regardless I'll never come back, per their request (via the clear message sent getting rid of coffee support). Bad coffee experience. Always out of whole milk in their coffee section. Today they put Irish creme in the whole milk section. I absolutely did not want Irish cream. DO NOT buy their coffee subscription as they won't actually provide what they agree to Edit: went back and milk was milk, giving another chance...upped to 2 stars Edit: went back and they are getting rid of milk and they never have half and half, didn't have anything but the pods today. Back to 1 star Whomever is responsible for stocking half and half for coffee is neglecting their duties and management needs to step in. I'd be happy to update this to 5 stars id they stock milk and creamer for 80% of the month. Pretty low standard; I doubt they'll meet it Management is completely unprofessional...I told them they put french vanilla in the whole milk section and the manager just argued with me about how they didnt. I know they did, I just got it and this ruined my day. Manager is incompetent and staff are incompetent. Can't stock their store and then take it out on the customer. Give them some training

john rogers · 11 months ago

Circle K goes 4 days without the French vanilla Creamer And I ask about French vanilla Creamer And the old bat behind the counter gives me a tongue lashing about we don't have it we aint had it in 3 days and if you get it out of the cooler and put it in your coffee at steeling. I just wish the Circle K clerk had the balls to say something like that to people who actually steal instead of a customer who's asking about a product

Christian Franklin · 1 year ago

When it comes to a large gas station and store, some stores are a five star store, others are a 4 star store. It's all about the employees on shift and other sites, the way some are greeted upon entering, is what makes a store. The complaints I hear about is restrooms and signs, or customer only issues. Other than that Circle k is a place of business, and everybody is extremely professional depending on days and people on shift, or who they work with.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hello We are glad to have you as our customer. Your satisfaction is our priority and we thank you for sharing your feedback with us. It means a lot and our entire Circle K team in Longmont !


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