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Pit stop for snacks, drinks & sundries

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841 Ken Pratt Blvd, Longmont, CO, 80501, United States
Open 24 hours


Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
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Open 24 hours


30 reviews


"Good variety of merchandise."

"No one was wearing a mask, not the employees and not the customers."

"Go to Circle K instead, it's across the street from these awful, awful people."

Rita Cayoualmost 1 year ago

My credit card was cloned at the pump 6/21/23! Last purchase I'll ever make at 7-11!!

Owner's responsealmost 1 year ago

Your local 7-Eleven store would like to look further into your comments. Please send us a note at so that your local 7-Eleven store can follow up.

david andrade1 year ago

Don't coming today 04/04/2023 the white guy is rude and if you have at $100 and spend $25 dollars 馃挼 this guy Don't sold anything is a racist I asking his name and he say no

Owner's response1 year ago

Your local 7-Eleven store always strives to provide a great experience. Let us know more about your experience by reaching out to We鈥檒l be sure to make your response available to your local 7-Eleven store to review.

Nicholas Cuccaromore than 1 year ago

-15 degrees outside and my wife and I were in need of a couple drinks to go. We had just been shooed away from the Conoco directly across the street for being in the parking lot for 2 minutes. On many occasions the clerk at 7-11 has been kind and respectful. We much prefer the customer service and simple shopping experience at this location. To the clerk and other employees that work at this location. Thank you for being reasonable and kind human beings as opposed to your neighbors across the street at Conoco.

Owner's response1 year ago

Thanks for sharing! Your local 7-Eleven store is so happy to hear that. See you on your next 7-Eleven run!

Christopher Mathies (Skysphere)3 years ago

Place was way better with its prior ownership. They eye everyone like everyone is a thief, and I have not seen a new face working there in the past three years. It used to feel more welcoming, and a treat to go grab a Slurpee, or stock up on snacks, but now... Safeway or bust. Don't go here anymore, its far from what it used to be.

Alexander PowerPlaysalmost 2 years ago

They have pretty good stuff and i like to go there to buy pullback cars but i bought some bananas that turned REALLY BROWN in just a few hours

Owner's responsealmost 2 years ago

Your local 7-Eleven store always strives to provide a great experience. Let us know more about your experience by reaching out to We鈥檒l be sure to make your response available to your local 7-Eleven store to review.

TJ Darling2 years ago

I got off the bus from school. I needed to use the restroom really badly. They yelled at me and said if I wasn't buying anything then get out. Go to Circle K instead, it's across the street from these awful, awful people.

Owner's response2 years ago

To address your concerns, it would be helpful to have a little bit more information. Can you send any details to We will make your feedback available to your local 7-Eleven store. Thank you!

Crystal Meadowsalmost 7 years ago

Hi I am a mother of two young children and am currently working and on food assistance to get my Young family through the months while I work my way to independents. I went here at 4:00pm on fourth of July. Well there is a picture on the store's front window saying " big gulp" iced coffee .99 cents. I went in there just wanting one of those so I got one . I'm at the front counter and the cashier tried to charge me 1.99, you have to watch those people because they with try to over you.

Globalwarriors gowa6 years ago

One of the workers at the store was crazy yelling at two boys calling them names and using very vulgar language saying they were stealing. The whole thing was a giant screaming fest. I don't what was going on but I feel the lady who was yelling was in the wrong and should have handled it with better care and less aggressive behavior.

Jim Martinez3 years ago

I stopped here to fill with gas and get a drink on April 14th. I noticed that not one employee was wearing a mask. Not one! I asked the girl ringing me up if anyone there wears masks, and she told me no!

Owner's response3 years ago

Hi, please help your local 7-Eleven store understand more about what happened when you stopped by. Please share the details by writing to [email protected].

Karen KT3 years ago

Their doughnuts are always old and hard :( Can you throw them away if they are old and get fresh ones .. Trying to save money by leaving old doughnuts out.

Owner's response3 years ago

Hello! Thank you for rating us. Please share your ideas on how your local 7-Eleven store can improve for future visits by writing us at [email protected].



Convenience chain offering grab-&-go bites & beverages, plus assorted newsstand items.

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